What is a Runaway Tire Bead and How to Solve It During Tire Installation

In this quick tire installation bite, we’re going to look at stopping a ”runaway tire bead” during tire installation. What is a runaway bead? That’s when you are inserting one end of the tire bead and the other end pops out from the rim. This is especially true for mounting difficult or tight bike tires on difficult rims. Easy solution: Use a zip tie, or, as I do, use a couple of pedal toe straps we use to use before clip on pedals (available through Ebay for a few dollars).
1. As you are inserting one bead you get to the point where the opposite bead is coming out, attach your zip tie or as I prefer an reusable toes strap around the tire and tube (if it’s a clincher). Insert the strap under the spring and in front of the teeth. Fasten it down.
2. Then continue to insert the bead.
3. Some individuals will use more than one zip or toes strap by placing another where you just inserted the bead.
Quick easy solution that may help you out when you install a bicycle tire, especially for a tight bicycle tire with a really stiff bead or a difficult tire / rim combination.

In music and speeches when we take a Small clip we call it a sound bite Well this is going to be our tire Installation bite in which we look at Something called a runaway bead and how To solve it We use the term runaway b We’re trying to insert The last part of our Tire onto our rim the bead seems to pop Out at the other end The other end Now normally We would hold the other end with one Hand Use this hand To get that tire bead over the rim But on a difficult tire With a difficult rim is i want to use Both hands so here’s what i do one could Use a zip tie i like to use an old Pedal strap that we used to have before We had clipless pedals You can pick these up on ebay for a Couple of dollars and reusable And we’ll go ahead and take Our strap At one end We’ll bring the End of the strap Under the roller And Before the clip part If you pull down

It will hold this nice and tight Now i can go back to the other Part Of the Tire And using both hands now I have this secure so it’s not going to Pop out I can get that Bead up And over And with a little bit of patience and Time We can get that bead over the rim Some suggest you use more than one strap Or zip tie Around the tire as you move to get that Last portion of the bead onto the rim If you’ve used this trick or have other Maintenance or repair quick bites please Comment below so we can share them with Our other viewers subscribe to keep up With our latest videos this is tony of 2010 speed safe cycling

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