Suntour XCC Fork Service – Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble

I show how to tear down, clean, lubricate and rebuild SR Suntour XCC forks/shocks. Periodic maintenance will help prolong the life of the fork and maintain performance. Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen.

How To Make An Extra Long Hex Socket Tool:

* Use grease made for forks. I use Slickoleum which is also sold under the name Slick Honey. You can also use SRAM Butter or Judy Butter. If the fork uses oil, use the proper fork oil. Use of a grease/oil not made specifically for forks can damage the plastic/polyurethane parts, or otherwise leave the fork not working properly.

Slickoleum 15oz:

Slickoleum 4oz:

Suntour fork cap tools:


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Hey viewers when I got this bike it was In really rough shape uh it had been Abused left outside for years and so I’ve been working on cleaning it up but I have not done the forks yet there’s Sr Suntour xcc Forks they move but I don’t Know the condition on the inside so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take them Apart clean them put them all back Together I’m going to show you the Health process today I’m gonna start off by removing the Front wheel And then I need to remove the brakes Here get those out of the way All right So now I want to remove these adjuster Caps here and I have a Suntour adjuster Cap tool Um that I got like from the local bike Shop but you can get some of these like Off of eBay or Amazon or variations There’s like third-party ones that you Can find and so I’m gonna use this to Unscrew the adjuster cap and it’s just Going to unscrew kind of clockwise Okay so there’s one cap out it came out With a spring Do this one And this one also came out with a spring It’s now ready to remove the lures uh to Do this down is Tubes at the bottom there’s a five Millimeter bolt that I need to remove

It’s in a recessed hole deep down in There so normally I would use like an Extra long hex socket extension to reach Down and through that hole into the the Bolt unfortunately this is not long Enough this is about five inch of blade Length and it won’t reach through the Hole down and hit the bolt so I had to Make a new tool an extra long socket Extension so this one has about a little Almost a seven inch blade length so that Can reach down into that hole hit that Bolt and then uh screw it I made a video Of making this tool and I’ll include a Link in the description so what I’m Going to do Is put this onto my wrench here So I’m gonna reach down there Get through the hole Get it engaged with the bolt Get my wrench on here And then Unscrew this Bolt Once I got it broken loose I could Probably just manually turn this thing Here to get it unscrewed It only feels pretty loose then it’s Probably It’s probably loose in there And then do this side here [Music] Okay so that one feels like it’s Probably unscrewed let’s see if we can Slide these off

And got them off And then this boot here Let’s slide this off here So now I’m ready to push these little Plungers up and out Here Like this So these are the parts that I pulled out Of there to show why I needed the extra Long hex socket is I had to go down Through these small holes in the top go Down and reach this uh bolt down in the Bottom so this is the one that I had in My kit it’s got about a five inch blade Length if I put this on here it’s just Too short to reach that bolt you know so It just goes there and with this turned Because it can’t reach that bolt down There So this is the one that I made it’s it’s Longer it can go down and reach that Bolt go down through there and hit that Bolt and unscrew it down there now some People have you know suggested that I Could have used like an extra extension It wouldn’t have made any difference I Have to go down through this small hole There that’s why I needed a longer shaft Hex socket and so I made one and that Solved the problem Okay well I have the fork taken apart There’s actually not a lot to it it’s Basically just Springs a damper on one Side uh the parts are kind of dirty uh

There’s some dirt on here there’s a Little bit of rust over on this one but I think I could clean this up and soak In the vapor rust clean it off see what It looks like but I think it’ll be okay But I’m gonna scrub everything down with Soap and water and a scrub brush and Then get ready to put it back together Again I finished cleaning up these parts like I said I just used warm water just soap And scrub brushes and it cleaned up Really nice this part after kind of Cleaning all the grease and stuff off of There I soaked it in a vapor rust uh Like overnight scrubbing on occasionally With a wire brush the rust was just kind Of on the surface so it’s a bit rough But the piece is still solid so it’ll Work fine so now I’m going to start Putting this stuff all back together Again And as always if you’re going to be Working on suspension forks use a Grease Made for suspension forks like slick Oleum also known as slic honey use Judy Butter I use the Slick olium it’s a Little cheaper but if you don’t use the Right grease it can damage the forks or You’re not going to get Optimum Performance so anyway I’m gonna use a Little bit of this and I’m going to coat These uh plungers here just with a thin Coating of Grease

Foreign [Laughter] These little Parts here I’m going to Slide these on here you want the flat Side facing down And then I’m gonna slide on these little Rubber bushings below those Like this and then I could put a little Bit of grease on to these as well Like that And then take this the screws and drop The screw down In there on each one I may have to push them all the way down Through so they fall through there There we go and so now I’m ready to drop These down into the uppers and you can Kind of tap them down so that they can Fall through they don’t fall through Like that And then let’s take these rubber boots Here and I’m going to slide these up Up the uppers and I cleaned these up Pretty well as well And you want this kind of wide open part Facing down And put those all the way to the top Like that And so there’s these dust seals these Were kind of on the top of the lowers I Kind of just kind of popped them off Actually one was still on there one to Come off with the boot but I popped the Other one off and cleaned those up I’m

Going to slide these up into place for Right now Just like this And then I’m going to put a thin coating Of grease on these upper tubes here And so now I put just a little bit of a Blue thread Locker onto the threads of These screws down here Just like that And now I want to put a little bit of Grease on the bushings in the lowers Here there’s a bushing at the top here And then maybe about three four inches Down there’s another bushing down there So I can easily reach the top one just With my finger I just put a coating of Grease around the bushing there And the lower one’s a little hard to Reach so I’m just going to use uh put a Little bit of Grease onto one Stick and Rub it around down in there If you look down in the fork you can see The bushing down there so And so now I’m ready to slide the lowers On I want to make sure that the brake Posts are facing forward And then I’ll slide these up into Position and just slide them up And so now I want to tighten those bolts Down into the bottom of the lowers there So I have my five millimeter extra long Hex socket there on my extension and so I’ll reach this down in there Try to get that screw engaged

And then start tightening it in and it Feels like I got it so Use my wrench here Tighten it there Okay I got one And do this side Okay start by hand first until I start Feeling tension [Music] Okay then and pull that out So now I want to install the stash Before I do that I’m going to push these Down so they’re at the bottom down And then I want to put some grease on The stack and rub them around down there And kind of on the spring get into the Uh the damper on the inside there And the stack with the damper went on The non-drive side so I’m gonna stay with that okay I noticed Down in the lower that there was uh Something a little bit uh different down There on this side than it was on the Other side so I’m gonna go ahead and Screw this in Foreign To begin with make sure that it’s not Cross threaded And then use the little adapter or the Cap tool here kind of tighten that down But it doesn’t need to be super tight Because you want to strip out those Threads and then I have to Spring from The other side here kind of uh rub this

Around a little bit A little bit grease on this side And then get this down in there And screw it in Then use the cap tool here Tighten this on Like that and then this dust seal here It’s going to snap onto the top of the Lower there it’s going to push it around So it snaps into place and then push the Boot down over that it should kind of Lock into place over the dust seal I like that And same thing on this side get the dust Seal snapped along the top of the lower There kind of work it around And then push the boot down over the Dust seal Like that And then I want to remount the brakes I Gotta get this pin down this little hole Down here [Music] Same thing on this side get the pin and The hole Remount the front wheel Foreign They definitely feel better more Responsive down there uh but they’re Definitely cleaner better lubed in there So that is how to take apart clean lube And reassemble these Sr Centaur xcc Forks what do you guys think so let me Know in the comments hopefully you found

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