Setting a star nut in a threadless steerer tube using the Park Tool TSN-4.

Setting a star nut in a threadless steerer tube using the Park Tool TSN-4.

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So they are giving us the star nut And they’re giving us a little cable Housing clamp along with the screw but This guy right here is going to get Pounded in it’s like a one-way fish fish Hook fish Barb Start it’s going to be installed this Way it’s kind of sitting like that we Want like a bowl sitting upward this is Upright that’s what we want it’s going To get forced down you can have a very Hard time coming up it’s going to lock Itself in it will not come up the Pressure we’re putting here with the Screw their top cap screw it’s very low Pressure it’s always by feel we’re doing An adjustment taking play out of the Headset so we’re not putting a lot of Pressure if there was a number for a Torque reading it’d be like 1.5 to if That I’m going to use the newer part Tool this is a star nut setter So looks like a cool hand grip I don’t Know the number on this I’ll have to get It but I’m basically we’re hitting the Top here this will set it to a perfect Depth we need this to drive in and it’s Going to be roughly Inch and three quarters or something Like that but this will drive it in Perfectly you could do this with the Fork off the bike or on the bike if it Allows this one I may be hitting my stem So this is going to screw in

I’m going to mount this inside Screw that just to a gentle finger Tightness Then this is going to drop in the sleeve Is going to go over your steer tube Keeping a nice guide if you are going to Do this on your bike so I don’t have Enough stem showing here I don’t want my Tool to hit the stem whatsoever we don’t Want to Mar anything up or just discolor Anything but I could use the bike as a Stabilizer if you don’t want to hold it In your hand So what I’m going to do is I’m going to Take out a couple spacers Actually about three three five Millimeter spacers I’m going to put my stem back on So this might help you kind of stabilize Everything otherwise if you’re doing This without not in the bike you’re Holding the fork in your hand while You’re pounding this could be difficult For some Let’s tighten this guy back up and I Will go ahead and tighten both bolts Just because we’re doing some I might have a little more extra Pressure on here don’t want to lose our Fork And these bolts are typically four or Five newton meters Of course check with the manufacturer That can change

So now I have a little more tubing here So I already have my star nut in place This is going to sit on top and my slide Sleeve is going to slide over Just like that so now I have room I’m Nowhere near my stems got plenty of room Here all I’m going to do is brace the Frame or base the bottom of the fork I’m Going to smack this top here and for This I’m going to use a good size Hammer With some weight I’m not going to use a Soft Mallet I want some some little bit Of weight behind it so I’m going to Brace from the bottom here always Pushing up Make sure the bike’s secure in the Repair stand nothing’s loose And then we’re just going to pound this So there’s a gap here that’s going to Drive itself down it’s going to Disappear and it’s going to drive the Star nut into a certain spot And it will stop for me You can hear that tone change then You’re going to unscrew this guy Releasing it from the Star nut And that looks good This here so I just got all the Looseness out with fingertips now I’m Just going to give it a gentle snugging Maybe a half turn feel a little bit of Resistance that’s you know you’re Touching your bearings good chance you Took a good majority if not all your

Your play out you still want to be Moving give it a little turn Still spinning nice and smooth like Butter so everything went well

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