Replace Shift Cable In Shimano EF-50 Trigger Shifters

I show how to replace the shift cable in Shimano ST EF50 shifters. I install a new cable into the left shifter in the video, but the right shifter is done pretty much the same way. The cable head sits in the hole slightly different on the right shifter.


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Hey viewers today I’m going to show you How to replace the shift cable in a Shimano ef50 shifter as you see the old Cable is Just Junk there so I’m going to Put a new cable in now unlike a lot of Shifters they have a hole inside where You push the old cable out and push new Cable in the Shimano ef50 is not like That you actually have to remove the the Top of this to ax the cable inside Now to remove the top you need to loosen These two screws right there you can Remove them or usually what I’ll do is I’ll just loosen them and I can pull the Top off with leaving the screws in place But there are small Phillips head screw So you’re going to use a real small Phillips head screwdriver be careful not To strip out the screw heads because if You do uh then it’s going to make uh Replacing the cable very difficult Because you won’t be able to get the Screws out Then once you have the screws loosened You should be able to just uh carefully Lift the top out I don’t know if this This one already And be careful not to loose the screws It’s right there Now you want to repeatedly uh press the Small lever here so that the cable is Fully released uh on this shifter here This is the left shifter you see the Head of the cable right there the right

Shifter is going to be very similar uh How you replace the cable on that one uh On this one you can just easily push the Uh cable out here it comes out on the Right hand shifter I believe it kind of Snaps a little bit you might have to Help it out a little bit uh so anyway I’m just going to push this cable out Like this And then I have a brand new shift cable I’m going to push it back into the hole Where that one came out of and so just Very carefully get it lined up and then It’s going to go out through this hole Over here and out through the barrel Adjuster and sometimes it helps to kind Of rotate the cable a little bit and Then it goes throughout there so go Ahead pull the cable all the way through Till the uh the head of cable is fully Seated in there And then I go ahead and put the top back On into place and tighten these screws Again Foreign Be careful not to over tighten them you Don’t want to strip them out don’t strip Out the screw head itself where the Screwdriver goes in So now I have that in place and I have a Brand new cable So that is how to replace the ship Cable In a Shimano ef50 shifter hopefully you Found that useful or interesting if you

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