Rattan LM 750W Folding Fat-Tire Electric Bike Review

BikeFolded reviewed the Rattan LM 750W Folding Fat-Tire Electric Bike.
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Buying a bicycle has never been an easy Decision And it becomes more difficult if you Plan to get an e-bike Nowadays people use ebuy not just for Recreational purposes But also as the primary mode of Transportation A fat tire e-bike is faster Eco-friendlier and more comfortable than Ever But it is still a huge investment for Many people The rattan lm 750w Has a price tag of 12.99 And we’re going to find out if it’s Really worth it My first impression with the rotten E-bike Was really good from the moment i took It out of the box They use liquid foam packaging process For the bike So it is well protected during shipment Once removing all the foam I can see the bar in perfect condition There is not a single scratch Another huge advantage Is that the rattan came nearly 100 Assembled I just needed to attack the handlebar And unfold the bike I even didn’t have to install the front Wheel seat post or pedals

Then i just checked the brakes fully Recharge the battery And get it ready for the first ride Overall i have no complaint during the Unboxing and assembling process The bike feels quite sturdy And it has a good design overall Although it’s quite heavy at nearly 65 Pounds The foldable design makes it more Portable I can fold down the handlebar and fold The frame in half Then the whole bike could easily fit in My car chunk It’s just a little difficult When you need to carry it down or Absence Or take it to your car fortunately it Includes the handles on the frame to Make lifting the bike easier The design puts a lot of pressure on the Folding frame hinge But it holds up pretty well My only complaint is that there is a Patch wedded to the main tube and it Looks a little ugly I really love that the rattan is Equipped with all essential accessories Like front and rear led lights An lcd display Fenders and a rear rack It even has a back seat that is good Enough to carry your kit around

The lcd display so important info Like battery level Current speed Electric mode And autometer The bike has a similar design as many Flat tire device It includes an external battery Placed behind the seat post It might not look as clean as some other E-bikes But is so convenient to recharge the Battery You can either plug the charger directly To the bike Or remove and recharge the battery Anywhere The rattan is powered by a 750 watt rear Hub model You can use it in pedal assist or full Throttle mode The motor is quite powerful And i can easily ride it in full Throttle mode for my whole chip Its maximum speed could reach 20 miles Per hour Without any pedaling I’m really impressed with battery life As it could easily reach 50 to 60 miles On a single charge It could even last longer if you pedal More often Similar to other budget e-bikes The rattan

Lm750 Uses a cadence sensor That means the motor will kick in As soon as i start pedaling However i really hate the sudden speed Boost Because it might be dangerous If you can’t control it When you start pedaling You should always keep hands on your Brake levels And look around carefully to avoid Approaching vehicles On the other hand the rotten is really Comfortable As is equipped with fat tiles And a fun suspension fork I could ride the bike for a few hours Without any discomfort To conclude here are pros and cons of The e-bike Pros Great packaging Almost fully assembled Sturdy built Long battery life Powerful model Comfortable riding Cons External battery design Sudden speed boost The rotten lm 750 watt has a lot of Impressive features Including great battery and model

This is a good budget e-bike And i’d highly recommend it if its price Drops below one thousand dollars You

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