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The Pedego Avenue review covers all the important aspects of this e-bike, including motor performance, belt drive and gearing, battery range, braking, components, the warranty, handling and our overall experience test riding this e-bike nearly 200 miles.

Our in-depth article lists the advantages of owning and riding this e-bike, including data obtained through our careful testing and evaluation. We cover all the key areas of e-bike performance, such as average speeds in all of the pedal assistance modes, top speed, brake safety, hill climbing ability, handling and control, and using the various components while riding.

When you are done watching our video on the Pedego Avenue, you will have enough insight to help you make an informed decision before buying. We are confident that our review will answer many questions you have about this e-bike. You can also post your comments and questions at the bottom of the written review, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and watching, and please remember to always ride safe!

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Greetings friends forced woman the four Man here with electric bike report to Talk to you today about the new Pedigo Avenue we’ve got the 17-inch commuter Bike here and the 19-inch classic Commuter bike here and they’re going to Talk about some of the great features so How it’s lightweight easy to maneuver And it’s got that great five-year Warranty that Pedigo offers so stay Tuned and we’ll tell you more [Music] Thank you Thank you [Music] [Music] You know sometimes I’m asked some people Come to me and they say hey forward Where can I get a commuter e-bike that Can get me to where I want to go but It’s also lightweight and reliable and Pedigo has that they in the new Avenue Model and it comes in two size frames This one the step through model is a 17 Inch for your shorter Riders and this One is the classic for a 19 inch for Folks are a little bit taller who want To ride on a commuter bike and as you Can see there’s some different options On both of these models and we’re going To kind of go over some of those details In a couple of minutes here but the Important thing to note too with the Pedigo is they’ve got a five year

Warranty on the motor and on the battery Which is really good for this industry And also if you want to go check out a One of these bikes in person there’s Over 200 dealerships Nationwide you can Go there test ride it talk to the dealer Check the bike out in person and if you Need service you can take your bike There too so next up we’ll talk about Some of these details Okay I’m going to go over the specs now In the Pedego Avenue As you can see both bikes are Class 2 E-bikes meaning they get power assist up To 20 miles per hour both bikes also Have the same patented 500 watt motor And I say patent it because that’s how Pedagogue can offer The Five-Year Warranty it’s not a warranty on somebody Else’s motor it’s the one that they Designed and it’s patented and the same Goes with the batteries on the underside Here you got the nice Sleek design that Tucks away their battery this is these Are a 48 volt 10.4 amp hour batteries That come stock those are also patented And those are also items that are Covered on the five-year warranty Um moving along you’ve got both bikes Have 28 inch by two inch wheels which Offer good traction good control The brakes are mechanical and on the Brake test we’ll talk a little bit more About that they’re Bengal mechanical

Brakes which a lot of the pedagos have These brakes and they’re good reliable Mechanical brakes if you’re you know Have a brake problem out in the boonies Somewhere it’s easier to deal with Adjusting and fixing the mechanical Brakes in than trying to bleed or Service hydraulic brakes but we’ll get a Little bit more into detail on that in a Couple of minutes about the mechanical Brakes Um you’ve got micro shift seven speed Shifters here Um and also we’ve got uh their trigger Shift and also for sizing on the bike It’s kind of a nice feature that they Have they have the longer stem here on The handlebars and it just takes a five At five millimeter hex wrench they offer The tools with the bike too so it’s Pretty easy to adjust those handlebars With the rails on your seat and the Quick adjusts on your seat post to get The right fitting that you want both Bikes that I tested were were fitted for Somebody else it wasn’t my size but I Was able to to make a quick adjustment And get sized just right so these both Of these bikes worked good for me in the 70 plus miles that I did test rides for Them The Saddles these Sports Saddles Historically these kind of seats don’t Bode well with my behind and so we’ll

Talk about that in the options part too You can get a more comfy seat if you so Desire but if you’re a lighter weight Rider and you don’t have problems with These kind of seats they’ll probably do You just fine now talking about Accessories there’s a host of them that Pedego offers with both of these bikes And so you can really customize to meet Your needs whatever they might be first Off as you can see this bike here has The mag rims on them and one of the Things that Pedigo mentions when it Comes to weight rating this bike here Because it’s got the spoke wheels only Has a maximum weight rating of 250 Pounds but this bike here with the mag Rims it UPS that weight rating up to 400 Pounds and so you can see here they’ve Matched up the racks with these mag Wheels to show just how much utility Function you can get out of this bike so It’s a really great feature I think Personally mag wheels are probably going To become more the in thing with e-bikes Because they are a little bit heavier Than regular bikes and it seems that More and more people want to have some Kind of cargo capacity with their e-bike So I wouldn’t be surprised if we start To see these mag wheels on more of a Regular thing Next up on the list over here is we have The sun tour front suspension forks

These are coil spring Forks on the 17 Inch frame here the travel is 50 Millimeters if you get the Suntour Suspension forks for the classic frame Those are going to be 60 millimeters and Of course the specs and details on that As well as anything else that I might Have missed in this video be sure to Click that link at the end of this video That takes you to our website that gets In more details on that moving along we Talked about the forks we talked about The racks on this bike here you see You’ve got a front headlight and that’s Just a reflector no tail light but Headlight and taillight are additional Options that you can have added on I Think it’s a really good feature if you Think you’re going to be doing some Early morning riding or some nighttime Riding definitely good safe bet and the Thing that I found I added some lights On to the Pedigo model that my wife and I bought And like all the other options that they Have they are pretty affordable so I Mentioned a minute ago about the seats That my tush is usually not very Comfortable in seats like this and that I like something that’s got a little More cushion and so the Pedego dealer Had a couple of options of more Comfortable seats and so I was able to Swap these out Swap this out and get a

More comfortable seat for my bike and You can do that too for your bike if you Want something that’s got more cushion On it other options as you can see this Bike here has got fenders you can add Those on if you think you’re going to be Riding an area where you’re going to be Picking up some slight mud or water and You don’t want them to get on your Clothes a really good idea if you’re Going to be commuting to work and you May be wear a nicer suit or dress or Outfit or something that you definitely Don’t want to get some smudge from the Roadway on so that’s a very reasonable Option that they have that you can have Added on that and of course the parts Are available at your local pedegoat Dealer Um These have the stock Kickstands they offer one that mounts Down here that’s like a motorcycle style Kickstand so you can actually kick it up On there and your rear wheel can move And I I like those personally because if I wanted to test something out on the Wheel or just inspect it see I’ve got Some thorns in it it’s a great thing Additional feature to have as opposed to Just the standard kickstand And also Besides these being stock I forgot to Mention a moment ago that Pedigo also

Throws in a tool kit that pretty much Features All the items that you would need to do A basic repair or adjustment on your Pedico bike and I kind of like to see in That because it kind of reminded me of The old days the old motorcycles in the 1970s used to offer tool kits like that You’ve had a little convenient place to Store them and it was nice that pedigo’s Got kind of the same Spirit they gave You something to make you a little bit More independent so if you need to do an Adjustment or a quick repair on the go Pedigo looks at us like well here’s the Tools you can do it so a real good Attitude there within the company that I Like that too the bottom line with all These accessories and options Pedigo Showing that you can really customize The avenue to suit your needs there’s a Lot of different features So best bet is if you’re interested in More like I said click the link at the End of this video that takes you to our Website and gives you more details [Music] Okay next up I’m going to talk about the Brake test here with the Pedego Avenue And as you can see both of these bikes Here have 180 millimeter rotors which is Pretty standard for this type and size Of bike but what’s different is this Bike has mechanical brakes as opposed to

Hydraulic brakes now when we do the Stopping test we run it multiple times At least three times and then we average Out those results how long it took the Bike to go from 20 miles per hour to a Complete stop and we measure the Distance and the average we came out on This bike was 22 feet and four inches so When you compare that to other results Of other bikes that we did brake tests On that’s a pretty good measure this This bike stopped pretty well and and Measured pretty well compared to both Hydraulic and mechanical brakes of Course if you want to see more details On that go ahead and click the link to Our website at the end of this video but At the end of the day this thing did a Good job of stopping and if you decided You wanted to add hydraulic brakes to Them Just go ahead and pay a visit to your Pedego dealer and tell them you want to Put hydraulic brakes on there and they Can do that for you and certainly I’m Sure the brakes would probably stop even Better Okay next up I’m going to talk about the Circuit test now the circuit test is Something that EBR designed it’s a Course that’s one mile long has four Right turns and about a 30 foot section It’s a gradual uphill and we use the Same course for all the bikes we test so

There’s a consistency in the results That we can compare one bike to the Other First reason why we do this test is we Want to see how well does the motor Engage when it’s providing assistance to The rider next thing that we want to Test and check on it is how much Assistance does the motor provide what Level of assistance and then the next Thing is how well is the Cadence Sensor Clicking in to help with this process And the last part has to do with Handling at the different speeds okay on The six laps that I did around the Course on the first lap I did no power Assistance and average 12 miles per hour And it was a lightweight bike and I felt Like like it wasn’t difficult at all to Do that that one mile lap on the second Lap I clicked at the level one just got A slightly noticeable contribution from The motor and that was mostly on the Uphill part that I was riding on and Levels two and three is kind of the same Thing not much of a noticeable Contribution from the motor helping me Do the pedaling Could be because I tend to ride a little Bit faster slower Riders May notice it More and appreciate it more Um it was at level four and five that I Really started to notice the Contribution from the emotor I do have

To say that the handling and control the Whole time I felt it was consistent the Bike handled well the motor seemed to Respond well in the sense that I could Predict when it was going to start to Kick in and so for that part I was Generally happy with the performance of The motor Okay next up I’m going to talk about the Range test now what is the range test Range test is designed to find out how Many miles I can go maximum with one Battery charge using two different Settings the first setting we did was The minimum Pas that is the minimal Amount of motor assistance to help us With our pedaling to reach our Destination And in that test was we averaged 10 Miles per hour and were able to reach 62 Miles on One battery charge now mind you That’s a slow rate of speed and uh the Rider who did that test it was somebody Other than myself I was riding at a Speed that was probably slightly slower Than what you would want to pedal on Average but we were really trying to see If if minimal pedaling and minimal Assistance from the motor what’s the Maximum distance we could get out of That 62 miles is a pretty good result Now the second test had to do with the Maximum pns setting and I did that right At Max

Pas5 and so I did the minimal amount of Pedaling but pas5 and I was able to do 32.6 miles Which is a good distance also because You think about it if you’ve uh need to Write somewhere and you maybe you’re Tired or you don’t really want to get Sweaty Um 32.6 miles is a really good distance I think for this kind of bike and this Kind of battery I was comfortable in the Riding process Grips handlebar the whole posture the Ergonomics felt good my only problem Like I mentioned before is the seat was A little too tough for my tush but you Know with a with a aftermarket seat or a Seat from the dealer That can resolve that issue other folks May not bother them as much but overall I was happy with the results that we got In the range test Okay next up I’m going to talk about the Hill test now the hill test is a hill Located north of here 12 grade and it’s Probably a steeper Hill than most Riders Will encounter but we picked it because Of its way of testing a bike and how Much power it really has and the ability To climb Hills and so we did two tests One is throttle only and the other is Pedal with maximum pas And we measured the time and the average Speed for both of them

The ability just to make it to the top Is of itself is a great accomplishment And I’m happy to see that the Pedigo Avenue was able to make it to the top of The hill The throttle only test we averaged at Nine miles per hour and we made it to The top of the hill in two minutes and One second which is a little bit slower Than the average but on the pas5 test That is the pas5 setting and limited Pedaling we’re able to make it to the Top of the hill in one minute and 12 Seconds at an average speed of 15.1 Seconds which was about middle of the Pack so again like I said the ability of This bike to even make it to the top is An accomplishment of its in it of itself And something to appreciate so yeah this Bike definitely has hill climbing Ability and past our test [Music] Okay so in conclusion the Pedigo Avenue I found is a very exceptional bike it’s Got good overall light weight it’s got a Good Sleek design it’s got the Components that work well like I said The brakes I would have liked to have Hydraulic brakes would have maybe like To have an eighth or ninth gear but all In all the whole package they put Together makes it a good bike Also the value when it comes to buying The bike you’ve got the five-year

Warranty which you don’t see that with Most other bike companies and you got 200 plus dealerships around the country That you can go to if you need work done On your bike you can have it worked on Or if you just want to see a pedago in Person and test ride it before deciding Whether to buy it You have that option too which is really Helpful so all in all this is bike I Would recommend if you were to come to Me and say where can I get a commuter Bike that’s light and there’s an e-bike And it’s got decent power I think the Pedego is a good bike so if you found This video helpful please click like and Please subscribe to our YouTube channel And in the video description below There’s going to be two links one to the Detailed article about this bike and the Other is to the current pricing on the Bike too so with that all said this is Forest woman the four man with electric Bike report reminding you to keep your Hands on your bars your feet on your Pedals and rise on the road and we’ll See you next time [Music] Foreign [Music]

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