Overlooked Bike Maintenance: Greasing Freehub & Quick Release Skewer or Thru Axle

Forgotten Maintenance: Did you forget to grease —?
Freehub. Whenever you replace a worn bicycle cassette (or periodically to prevent seizure and dirt built up):
1. Remove the cassette. We’ll use a Shimano freehub removal tool (such as the Park FR-5.2 cassette lockring tool which also works for SRAM), a crescent (adjustable) wrench and chain whip. If you’ve never removed or replaced a cassette cluster, check our video in the upper right. When removing the cassette, check for any spacers between the cassette and hub and place aside – you’ll need it for re-assembly.
2. Wipe down the freehub with clean cloth.
3. Now some say to leave the freehub dry before re-assembly. I disagree. I always lubricate where metal meets metal to prevent rust & corrosion and increase performance. Lubricate freehub surface with just a little lubricant such as Park Polylube 1000 or grease of your choice.
4. In this case, we will be replacing the bike cassette.
5. Add any spacer you found (or you will have a loose cassette with cassette play or cassette wobble) on the freehub and then install bike casssette. Lubricate lockring threads. Tighten the cassette lockring with the freehub tool hand tight.
6. To torque lockring, start with the crescent wrench at the 3 o’clock position, pull down. Pull firmly ‘till tight but don’t use gorilla force or you’ll never get the lockring back on.
And don’t forget to clean and lubricate quick release skewers / lubricate through axles:
1. Clean and apply a light coat of grease or lubricant to the surface of the quick release skewer or lubricate thru axle.
2. Then reassemble.
3. I suggest cleaning and light lubrication when ever you replace tires or at yearly bicycle maintenance.

Did you forget to grease Freehub Whenever you’re removing Either for service or to install a new Cassette Loosen the lock ring Remove the cassette Make sure to check and see if there are Any spacers between the cassette and the Free Hub because you’ll need to replace That before you install a new cassette Wipe the surface of the freehub with a Clean cloth move any residual grease Dirt and grime And then I use A lubricant Such as spark tools PL ppl2 And lightly lubricate The outer surface Of the freehub Now some people disagree with that and Say Leave it dry my feeling is whenever you Have metal against metal You should use a light coating of grease To prevent corrosion rust and increased Performance As well as longevity in this case we’re Going to replace the cassette with a Single body SRAM we use single body Because it’s less likely to do damage to The splines of the Freehub Will line up with the smallest spline

Towards the top And then we’ll go ahead and reassemble Don’t forget to put a little Lubrication Grease Or other Lube On the lock ring Tighten firmly as possible with your Lock ring tool That is hand tightened And then using your adjustable wrench or Other device This at about the three o’clock position And we’re going to pull firmly down At least to about the six o’clock maybe A little bit more until we feel it nice And firm you don’t need to use super Gorilla for so you never get this off But it should be firm to prevent any Movement or wobbling another forgotten Maintenance tip Don’t forget to clean and lubricate the Quick release or if you’re using a Through axle the through axle get all The dirt and grime off using the same Lubricant we’ll go ahead and lightly Grease The Quick release or through axle what this Does is it’ll prevent any rust corrosion And will also decrease any chance of any Noise that sometimes comes from a Completely dry Any other areas I might have missed that We should be greasing when we do our

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