Overhaul/Rebuild Bottom Bracket With Sealed Cartridge Bearings

I show how to overhaul a bottom bracket with new sealed cartridge bearings. The bottom bracket was rough moving, and a little stiff. So I disassembled the bottom bracket, and replaced the old worn bearings with new bearings. The sealed cartridge bearings are part number 163110-2RS or (16mm ID, 31mm OD, 10mm width, and the 2RS stands for two rubber seals). The sockets I used were 5/8, and 7/8, but you can use what you have that fits. The grease I used was marine grease.

The replacement bearings cost $6.69 + tax for a total of $7.23 for a four pack on Amazon. They are probably Chinese made, but most of the bearings I was seeing seemed to be made in China. I would have liked to have gotten some nice made in Japan bearings, but I was not finding any in this size. I am sure they are out there.

Not all bottom brackets have sealed cartridge bearings. Here is a rebuild of a bottom bracket that has ball bearings:


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Hey viewers I was working on a bike and I found that the bottom bracket was Really rough so I pulled it off but the Cool thing is that bottom brackets like This that have Shield cartridge bearings Can be rebuilt with brand new bearings So I’m going to show you how to do that Now on a lot of bottom brackets the Drive side and the ondrive side are Different lengths the spindle is Asymmetrical I want to remember which Side of the spindle when on the drive Side so I’m going to mark it Uh push the mark over here with a Sharpie and it may wipe off but Hopefully it’ll stay there but just in Case uh it looks like the non-drive side Here is longer than the drive side so I’ll also have that to remember it by so What I’m going to do is I’ll pull this Part off here Here’s one of the cartridge bearings Right here there’s another bearing under This part here so I want to do is pull This part off but that part’s pressed on So to pull this part off I’m going to Use a vise and so I’m going to do is I’m Going to have uh this part sit with this Lip right on top of the Jaws there and Just I’m not going to clamp it down but I just wanted enough so that these are Resting right on the edge of the tops of The Jaws there and so what I’m going to Do is use a wooden Mallet you can use a

Regular hammer and a piece of wood and I’m going to tap down on the spindle to Push this part off Foreign Off here And so here is the other sealed Cartridge bearing right there Now with the drive side cap off is it’s Easier to see what we have here uh one You can see the non-drive side part of The spindle is longer than the drive Side part of the spindle it’s pretty Easy to see that but this is a fairly Long spindle it’s uh like 121.5 Millimeters on a shorter spindle it Might not be as easy to tell and some Spindles are symmetrical so they’re Going to be the same side of both sides So that’s kind of why I recommend Marking the drive side just so you can Remember which side is the drive side Now we have the the two sealed bearings And there’s a sleeve to sit in between Them but it’s just kind of uh sitting in There the cap normally kind of holds it Centered in there but so now we can kind Of push it out of the way and these two Bearings are pressed on so we’re gonna Have to push uh these bearings off of The spindle He had not necessary step but to help These bearings slide off a little easier I’m gonna go ahead and hit them with a Little bit of a penetrating oil and let

That soak in for a little bit just to Help them slide off a little bit easier And then I’ll let that soak in for a few Minutes So again let me use the Vise to help Push these uh bearings off of the Spindle and so I can’t get under both Sides of the first bearing but I can get One edge of the bearing sitting on the The jaw there and then I’m just going to Kind of close this I’m not going to Clamp it down and so what I’m going to Do is get that edge of the bearing on Sitting on the the jaw of the Vise I’m Going to use my Mallet to kind of tap Down and I’m not too worried about Damaging the bearing because I’m going To be replacing these so Foreign [Music] And got one bearing off And then I’m going to set this little Sleeve aside And so now for the other bearing I can Put both sides of the bearing on top of The jaw and then tap this out And I have that bearing off and so now I Have the spindle So these are the two steel cartridge Bearings that I pulled out of there uh This one turns nice and smoothly this One with the rust on it this is the one That turns rough on there but I’m going To be replacing both of them anyway now

The part number on these is 16 31 10-2 RS the uh first number is the size so It’s a 16 millimeter inner diameter 31 Millimeter outer diameter and 10 Millimeter width the 2rs simply means Two rubber seals meaning it’s sealed on Both sides I’ve looked at some other Bottom brackets and they all have the Same size of bearing on there so if you Want to order new bearings that’s Probably the size that you want to order But you can check the part number on Yours anyway So I have two brand new bearings here That I’m going to press on uh before I Do that I want to put like a light coat In grease on the spindle where the Bearings will be pressed on that’ll just Make it easier for them to go on and I Don’t need a ton of Grease just a very Light coating just to help them slide on Like that and so then I I just take the Bearing and slide it off into place here But I need to press it on to do that I have a couple sockets these are both 5 8 inch sockets the reason I chose these 5 8 inch sockets is that they can fit Over here and they’re going to push Against this inner ring of the bearing That’s where I want to push against when I push them on if I push on the outer Bearing here it’s going to put a lot of Stress on the bearings inside there so I Want to push against the inside there

And what I’m going to use Is I have a big C clamp here so Loosen this here get this on And tighten this down I could use a vise but I don’t have a Vise with wide knock Jaws for this Get this lined up in here And this will start pushing that bearing Onto the spindle And I think this socket’s only going to Push it on so far And then I’m gonna have to go to that Deeper socket here I went with the shorter one because it Just wouldn’t fit into the jaws of the C-clamp here And so this bearing is now pushed all Our way against this little part here so Where to where it stopped So now I’m ready to put the next bearing On but before I do that I want to go Ahead and install the sleeve on here and I’m just going to orientate it the way That it had been on there before uh it’s Not critical but might as well and then I just slide this bearing on here like This And so get this ready here and I’m going To use the Deep socket there And Get my C-clamp Foreign This on here and start pressing this guy

On Foreign Press it on until it hits the the bottom There And then I can remove the C-clamp and so Now they’re on there and the spindle is Turning nice and smoothly So now I’m ready to press on the drive Side cup here I’m going to put a thin Coating of grease on the inside here Just to help it slide on a little easier Now this is going to be pressing against The outside part of the bearing which I’d rather not do but I kind of have to But fortunately it’s not going to use as Much uh pressure as pushing the the Bearing onto the spindle so I’m going to Slide this on here like this and I Grabbed the socket this is a 7 8 inch Socket and I chose this because this is Going to fit in here like this and it’s Going to push against this inside part Of the cup there and I don’t know if This is going to work for the entire Push on I might have to Grab another longer deeper socket Okay And start pushing this on and I want to Get this sleeve lined up because this Needs to slide over this sleeve And See if it’s all the way on And yeah that looks like it’s all the Way on so that socket worked nicely and

So now this part this just slides right On there like that and so now I have a Nice smooth moving bottom bracket and so Anyway that is how to rebuild one of These sealed cartridge bearing bottom Brackets hope you found this useful or Interesting if you did please give it a Thumbs up if you’re not subscribing my Channel click that subscribe button down There be sure to click the Bell so you Get notified when new videos come out I’m over on Facebook RJ the bike guy go Over there like that page I post a lot Of stuff over there anyway thank you Guys very much for watching wee

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