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Here we’re reviewing the Mokwheel Basalt, a fat bike built with 4-in. tires, a 750W motor that produces a very respectable 90Nm of torque, and a ginormous 960Wh battery. It is spec’d with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a suspension fork that can make rough roads seem like new pavement.

In our testing, we look at the e-bike’s range, how it climbs and brakes, as well as how well the controller differentiates the pedal-assist levels.

In our Mokwheel Basalt review we also take a look at how the 960Wh battery can be used as a power source with the addition of Mokwheel’s power inverter. Whether someone is touring, car camping or suffering a natural disaster, the combination of a sizable battery and an inverter opens up intriguing possibilities.

This is an e-bike with both a powerful motor and a powerful battery to back it up. Click through to find out how the Mokwheel Basalt performed in our review.

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4:50 Circuit Test
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10:13 Motor / Hill Test
11:35 MokWheel Basalt Conclusion

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Hey everybody Griffin Hills with Electric bike report here and today I’m Bringing you our review of the mock Wheel Basalt a fat tire e-bike that was Recently released just a couple of Months ago and it is a very intriguing Option for three main reasons it comes With a massive 960 watt hour battery and 750 watt motor it is a very rough and Rugged bike Larger than Life with a 50 Inch wheelbase and a payload capacity of 400 pounds and then of course it has one Of the most intriguing add-on options That we’ve ever actually seen compared With an e-bike and really excited to Showcase what this bike can do on its Own as well as the accessories we’ve got Included with it today and jump into the Review and show you what it’s all about [Music] Thank you [Music] Now satire bikes have been around Actually for quite a while but they’ve Really caught on popularity over the Last few years that largely thinks due To e-bike Motors being equipped on fat Tire bikes before e-bike Motors were There they were just not super practical They were very big heavy sluggish to Pedal just not a very pleasant Experience but throw a 750 watt motor on There give it a lot of juice and a lot Of power and actually becomes a very fun

And very versatile ride That’s largely thanks in part to the Fact that with that extra width in the Tire it feels a little bit more stable You feel a little bit more planted and Secure it’s easier to hop on And if you pair that with a good chunky Tread pattern it becomes much easier to Navigate things like sand and dirt and Snow So with all of that coming together mock Wheel has even gone a step further to Make this just a more interesting Experience on the basalt with a lot of Affordable Fat Tire e-bikes and we Consider affordable to be around that Two thousand dollar price point usually I think of them as first and foremost Something meant for pavement that has Off-road versatility but mock wheel’s Actually been able to kind of convince Me here the basalt is equal parts Off-roader and paved it’s whatever you Need it to be it’ll handle both equally Well now how they’ve been able to Convince me of that comes down to three Main points first not all 750 watt Motors are created equal what I mean by That is the controller here on the Basalt has been opened up a little bit To allow you to achieve really high Speeds which are great for getting over Any sort of hill or obstacle that comes In your path be it unpaved or be it on

Dirt roads now not only that but these Tires in particular are actually just a Blast these are 26 by 4 inch Chow Yang Hippo skin tires now the name hippo skin Kind of evokes something of thicker skin And that’s exactly what you get here on The mock wheel Basalt I’ve spent a lot Of time riding this out in the desert Typically when I do that I come home not Uncommon to have a flat I’ve got a fix And all the miles I put on this and you Have to have to fix a flat so the tires Really are burly enough and rugged Enough to handle almost any type of Off-roading you want to do on it and Then the third thing that is such a cool Trick and feature that I’ve been dying To talk about it is you can actually Pair the mock wheel Basalt with a power Inverter and solar panel array To have with your bike it is such a cool And unique feature that I have never Seen anybody else offer now right over Here is where the inverter is located in This pouch that they give you that Attaches to the bike and then here on That rear rack I have The solar panel array which as you can See There’s a lot of solar panels going on There I find this to be such a cool Add-on accessory that you can pair with Your e-bike that I’ve just been kind of

Geeking out about it from the second it Showed up it absolutely makes me want to Go camping just throw on a backpack Head out there and just enjoy nature Knowing that I have a way of actually Charging my e-bike battery with me now If you opt to get just the power Inverter and not the solar panels it Actually does turn the basalt into a Roving power pack as well you can use it To power the inverter which will then Charge any of your devices if you have Lights or a phone or a laptop you’re Taking with you you have a spare battery Thanks to your e-bike right there it’s Just such a cool and imaginative feature That I don’t think anyone else has Offered yet so kudos to mock wheel for Coming up with something that is truly Unique and again it just begs to be Taken Outdoors this is going to be the E-bike I’m going to recommend to anybody Who is serious about camping rving Hiking any of those things this will be A great way to get out there and enjoy The trails Now I’ve geeked out a lot about an Accessory and feature but I do want to Talk about the bike I think that the Mock wheel assault is a great value at Around two thousand dollars it’s very Competitive with some of the other bikes That we’ve seen out there so let’s dive A little bit more into our testing and

Review process to show you what it’s Really all about the mock wheel Basalt Is a class 3 e-bike meaning it is Capable of 28 mile per hour pedal assist Speeds and 20 mile per hour throttle Speeds that is of course provided here By the 750 watt rear hub motor that is Also capable of 90 newton meters of Torque it’s all overall pretty fast and Pretty good hill climber and we’re going To be talking about that more later on Now one of the biggest things that I Noticed when I was first looking through The spec sheet was that battery again It’s a 960 watt hour battery integrated Into the down tube of the frame now a Lot of we’ve tested out a lot of Fat Tire e-bikes in that two thousand dollar Price category 960 Watt hours is the Biggest battery spec on a bike around That price that I can remember testing So that’s actually pretty exciting to See a company that’s trying to give you The absolute absolute most mileage out On an e-bike Now in addition to that we also have up Here in the cockpit area on the either Side there are faux leather grips there Is the twist grip for the throttle on The right hand side as well as the Over The Bar thumb shifter which connects to The Shimano Tourney derailleur system Here in the back It’s an okay setup I don’t mind it it’s

Good on more budgety bikes the only Thing I don’t love is it’s not as good Off-road reason being if you’re off-road And you’re going to reach your thumb up To shift on the Fly it’s just a little Bit hard if you’re on jarring roads you Can kind of imagine if you take a 5 or 10 pound weight in your hand and you Grip your thumb around it shake it Around it probably feels secure in your Hand but if you move your thumb to the Top of it and shake it around it doesn’t Fully feel like you’re going to be able To keep that weight in your hand I get a Similar sensation kind of with this Setup having to click up on the fly on Jarring roads not my favorite now that Being said I bring that up not as a Reason I think this bike is overly Flawed again massive battery not my Favorite Over the Bar shifter I’ll take The battery over the shifter any day I Think it’s an okay compromise to make Now in the center here is a bright Colorful LCD display I like it in terms Of how bright things are it does however I have on the side a bar readout Um that slowly dwindles down I’m not a Big fan of the bar readouts personally I Don’t feel they’re as helpful or as Predictive as a percentage-based readout But it’s okay it’s clear enough to see How many bars you’re at along with the Handlebar setup again it’s pretty

Comfortable overall ride it’s very big And large and you feel big and large out On the roads which is a feeling I Appreciate it is again a 50 inch Wheelbase it should be able to Accommodate Riders about five foot four Up to six foot four we of course have The high step frame here but mock wheel Does offer a step through frame on the Basalt as well in the front there is a Fork with 110 millimeters of travel Helps keep things a little bit more Cushy a little bit more nice and overall I think the spec package that they are Putting on here is a good value and that Is without me forgetting to mention the Brake setup which is tektro HD E350 Hydraulic disc brakes on 180 millimeter Rotors we’re going to take this whole Package and really put it through the Ringer as we put it out through our Tests so let’s go ahead and dive into Our testing process now [Music] Now for our first test we have the brake Test here at EBR what we do is we bring The bike up to 20 miles per hour and Then we come to a stop as quickly and Safely as possible we run this test Multiple times so that we can take an Average to gauge the stopping distance Of the mock wheel Basalt here now Overall we had an average of 23 feet and Three inches of stopping on this bike

It’s a little on the longer side for the Results but I don’t think it’s bad by Any means it’s worth noting of course That this bike is heavier than most Bikes even heavier than most other Fat Tire e-bikes as it comes in just a hair Under 80 pounds pair that with me who’s Performing the brake test at 230 pounds That’s actually not bad overall stopping Distance again those tectro hydraulic Disc brakes are brakes that we are Comfortable and familiar with they are Tried and true there are certainly Better higher end ones but again this is Coming to you on a value driven bike and I think it actually fits the bike Overall pretty happy with how they Performed let’s move on to our next test [Music] To get a better sense of the speed Profile and motor engagement we put each Bike we review on our circuit test here At EBR the circuit is a one mile Loop Consisting of four right hand turns and A small 30 foot climb we do this in each Level of pedal assistance as well as one Time with the motor completely off to Really see what that motor does for you In terms of speed now on my first Attempt with no motor help I got 11 and A half miles per hour and then it jumped Up from there to 12.1 miles per hour With the motor on increasing in each Level up to 23.8 miles per hour on the

Top end now I was pretty happy with how The controller is set up here on the Basalt first of all again Fat Tire E-bikes are not particularly fun to ride Around without any help from the motor They’re very sluggish and it’s just hard To Pedal but even a little bit of a Motor assistance goes a long way I’ve Tested a lot of bikes that didn’t give You anything in pas1 but this bike does With that speed profile you kind of end Up having two slower speeds a good Medium and then two faster higher end Ones I think that’s really good it Allows people to find their comfort in Their cruising speed and it is Definitely capable of reaching those Like 28 miles per hour very fast e-bike Speeds that a lot of people enjoy in Terms of motor engagement I think it Comes on pretty quickly usually within a Pedalished pedal stroker or so that Motor will kick on even on the throttle It’s got good acceleration without being Head snapping kind of eases you into it And then it definitely ramps up from There overall I think it’s a pretty fun Motor and very quick [Music] Now I’ve already said how I’m a big fan Of the value that you’re getting with This 960 watt hour battery but we of Course put it through our range test to See what type of real world miles that

Would give you now here at EBR we always Do our range test two different times Once in the maximum pedal assist setting And once in the minimum pedalus is Setting as well this helps establish a Floor and ceiling value so you can Understand better the type of ride times You’re going to be able to get on the Basalt pretty happy overall with the Results especially considering mock Wheels claim mock wheel said that they Can get usually between 60 and 80 miles Out of the basalt and we were able to Confirm that on the minimum assist test We saw 85 miles at a little over a 10 Mile per hour pace and then using Max Motor assistance we got 32 miles at a Blazing fast 21 and a half mile per hour Pace now a couple of thoughts I have Overall about the test results number One 32 miles being the floor is Phenomenal when you consider how fast I Was moving this is a bike that does not Hold back very much it will allow you to Charge hard on Hills anything that gets In your path it will give you full bore All the time to get 32 miles is pretty Impressive and then of course on the Other end 85 miles allows you to ride This bike for days at a time without Having to worry about charging and then Again if you are worried about charging You have an inverter and solar panel you Can take with you even if you’re caught

Away from a power source you can just Use the sun overall very happy with the Battery test results let’s go ahead and Move on to the next test Of course one of the main reasons anyone Looks at buying an e-bike is for having A little bit of help on hills and we Went ahead and put the basalt on our Hill test here at EBR our Hill test is Done at hell hole which is a third of a Mile long and an average 12 grade this Is a very extreme Hill that we chose Specifically because we want to see what The motors are capable of when pushed to Their absolute limit and I’m pretty Happy with the type of results we got Here this is a test we do two times once On throttle and once on max assist in The throttle result we had a minute a Time of one minute 29 seconds at 12.2 Mile per hour pace and then on the max Pas we saw times of 109 add a 15.7 mile Per hour Pace now both of those are Actually some of our better performers It puts them in the upper tier in both Categories again this motor it’s a 750 Watt motor with 90 newton meters of Torque and 1100 Watt peak It goes without saying this bike does Not hold back and it lets you charge Hard on the Hills if you’re someone who Is very Hill conscious you have a lot of Hills on your daily commute this is Actually a very good choice it’s also

Very fun for taking it off-road because Again you get good grip from the tires And you know that even if you’re going Up something a little bit loose it has The juice to really power you to the top Now the only slight trade off there is With having something that is so power Intensive is sometimes it will drain Battery quicker but as we already saw in The battery results it’s such a large Battery it almost doesn’t matter you’ve Got a lot of juice in the tank to ride Around with confidence overall I’m Pretty happy with the hill climbing Powers of the basalt and I think a lot Of people out there will enjoy it as Well [Music] Foreign Thoughts for the mock wheel Basalt are This I think that they have in so many Ways nailed what a lot of people hope to See from a fat tire e-bike it is fun it Is versatile it’s got power for days Both on hills and just in terms of sheer Battery life I know how vital those are To many e-bike buyers they’re among the Top questions we get asked now that does Not make it a perfect Bike by any means There are a couple of things I would Change or at least add to my wish list I Wouldn’t be mad at having an eighth gear Or maybe a different shifter but at the End of the day those are pretty minor

Gripes considering that this is around a Two thousand dollar package that Delivers in spades on battery life and Hill climbing power Not only that but mock wheel is going to Take home the award for offering the Most unique and cool add-on I have seen To date finding a power inverter that Pairs with the battery on the bike as Well as having a solar panel charging Array that you can all add on at Checkout is something truly unique that I’ve yet to see anyone else come up with I can see this being very popular for People who are campers and just love Going into the outdoors it’s a bike I Would want to take there not only that But these tires are actually something Rugged enough that you could play around In the dirt nearly full time and I think They’d hold up for you well they are a Little bit thicker rubber than most and Like I said after logging many miles in The desert I’m still yet to fix a flat So when it comes right down to it I do Think that people looking at a good fat Tire e-bike would be pretty happy with The overall package in terms of the bike And in terms of the things you can equip The basalt with if you found this review Helpful consider giving us a like down Below if you haven’t yet subscribe to The electric bike report Channel and Then we’ll leave links down in the

Description below for the full written Review as well as links to current Pricing again I’m Griffin Hales from Electric bike report we’ll see you on The next review [Music] Thank you

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