Lifting Bike onto a Bike Hook: The Easy Way

In a previous video we showed you how to install bike hooks to hang bikes from the ceiling of your cellar or garage for bicycle storage as one of our bike storage ideas (A do-it-yourself project). But to hang bikes from ceiling (vertical storage) with a heavy duty bike hook there is a technique to lift the bike even if your ceiling is up to 9 feet tall. It’s all in the hands. Grab the top tube with one hand for stabilization and the seat tube with the other hand. Pivot the bike so the back wheel rotates up and lift upward with the hand that’s on the seat tube. Most of the weight is on the hand on the seat tube and you should be able to push the rear bicycle wheel upward onto the hook. The front bike wheel is a little more tricky since the hand on the down tube must also grab the front wheel to keep it in line. The garage hooks and hangers are sturdy and installation is easy. Hanging a bicycle by the front or back bicycle wheel put less stress on the wheel and bicycle then when riding on the road or trail. But one must use a heavy duty bike hook, rubberized or with a non-slip surface and at least 7 inches in length such as that found on Amazon, garage hooks and hangers.

One of our viewers of how to hang a Bicycle from bike club said he had a Garage with a nine foot ceiling and said How do I lift a bike that high well it’s All in how you position your hands To raise the back wheel Place your hand on the top two The other hand On the down tube and you’re going to Stabilize with your left hand and your Right hand you’re going to Pivot and Push For the front wheel You’ll need to place your hand as far Down as you can on the seat post You’ll stabilize the wheel And the down tube you’re going to Pivot And push with your right hand Under my deck 7.9 feet rear wheel Lower off the hook using the same Technique Front wheel Now let’s see if we can raise it nine Feet if I was able to hang a hook at That point Now I’m only five feet four inches tall And this is a steel bite weighing about 23 pounds So if I could do this so could you If you have any easier ways or Suggestions please comment below this is Tony of tone 10 speed safe cycling

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