Lectric XP 3.0 Review | Electric Folding Fat Bike (2023)

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The Lectric XP 3.0 is Lectric Bikes’ update to their super-popular XP 2.0. Building on the brand’s reputation for providing a good-quality e-bike for around $1000, the XP 3.0 leaves few specs from the XP 2.0 unimproved.

Lectric’s XP 3.0 features a motor with more torque, a battery with greater capacity, a drivetrain with more high end, brakes with more power, a rear rack that is strong enough to support a child, a suspension fork with more travel, the inclusion of a suspension seatpost and even a new saddle.

The XP 3.0 is, in short, an e-bike that is more comfortable, easier to control, climbs hills better, stops faster and goes farther. The overhaul is so complete the only real question is how the XP 3.0 can sell for the same price as the XP 2.0. The answer to that question is volume.

Our in-depth review details the many changes that have taken a terrific e-bike—the XP 2.0—and given it enough upgrades to make the XP 3.0 an e-bike that’s easy to recommend.

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Hey everybody Griffin Hills a little Electric bike report here and today I’m Bringing you a review of the brand new Electric XP 3.0 now this bike already Had a reputation for being arguably the Best dollar for dollar e-bike in the Business and it is a fan favorite thanks To the fact that only costs around a Thousand dollars but it’s still feature Packed now on its third iteration Electric has added even more features And more value while keeping the price The same as the last generation this Time around you get more motor power you Get a little bit more versatile usage Thanks to a welded on rear rack that’s Ready for passengers small and grown and They’ve increased the safety with larger Rotors giving you better stopping power From the brakes now of course we’re Going to test out all these new features And more let’s go ahead and dive into Our review [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Now when I first heard that electric Would be revamping the XP I found myself Wondering is it going to be small Incremental changes in an effort to keep Costs low for the consumer or do we see

More substantial improvements at the Expense of well more expense and making Things a little bit more costly I’m Happy to say that it is all of the good And none of the bad with the XP 3.0 they Have packed in a lot more to the Features on this bike but at least as of This taping it is at the same cost as What the 2.0 was you’re just getting More bang for your buck which is pretty Impressive considering the XP 2.0 was Still kind of setting the standard for Affordable e-bikes it’s such a Feature-rich bike at not very much money That it was really easy to recommend to Just about anybody regardless of Background or circumstance there’s a fun Bike you could have without spending a Lot of money now let’s take a closer Look at what has improved specifically From the 2.0 to the 3.0 we’ll of course Start with the motor it is still a rear Hub motor with 500 watt capacity but This time around it has a thousand watt Peak versus an 850 watt Peak before and Of course they’ve increased the torque Here as well it’s now up to 55 newton Meters where it was 35 Newton years Before that does make a pretty big Difference on Hills stay tuned for our Pill test out at hell hole where you Will see that result Now the gearing has been switched up as Well here in the back it has been

Expanded from a 14 to 28 T to an 11 to 28 tooth now what that means is you’re Going to have a little bit more purpose In your pedal when you’re out there Riding around especially in low to mid Pedal assist you can actually feel Yourself contributing and helping to Ride the bike instead of letting the Bike do all the work for you it does Make it a substantially better Experience now safety has been improved As well it’s still mechanical disc Brakes but this time around the rotor Has been increased from 160 millimeters To 180 millimeters we actually saw a Drastic improvement in what that does on Our brake test which we’ll show you Later on and then of course Comfort is Always key and we still have a Suspension Fork here in front it’s been Increased from 40 millimeters to 55 Millimeters of travel just makes it a Little bit more smooth if you’re riding On paved roads with some potholes or Bumps and of course if you take it Off-road at all it’ll help absorb any Rocks or uneven Terrain Now overall they also made small Incremental improvements I redesigned Saddle the grips are a little bit softer This time around and they’ve really Focused in on making it the most Comfortable ride possible now something Else that I noticed with the

Announcement of the XB 3.0 was the Battery actually increased just slightly Or rather it went back to what it used To be with the original xpu it was a 10.4 amp hour battery that went down to 9.6 amp hours with a 2.0 but we’re back To 10.4 here on the 3.0 in fact it was One of our few complaints with the XB 2.0 was seeing the battery move in the Wrong direction people always want more Battery life not less and we’re seeing That here with the standard battery However if that still doesn’t sound like Enough for you electric does have the Option of upgrading the battery at Checkout for a few hundred dollars more You can upgrade that to a 14 amp hour Battery providing you with roughly 25 More battery life which is really good To see especially if you have any range Anxiety or just want to ride for longer Distances at a time Now the last thing I want to talk about Of the 3.0 in comparison of the 2.0 is This rear rack it is actually a Substantial Improvement this time around It is a welded on integrated rack that Attaches to the frame the reason why This is a big deal is the old bolt-on Rack of the 2.0 could only carry up to 75 pounds and it wasn’t ideal for Bringing other Riders along what I mean By that is this one would be compatible With a Thule child seat but you can also

Put a full-grown adult back here if You’d like as well electric offers a Passenger package where you can get a Padded seat handlebars and foot pegs to Bring someone along with you that’s Great for couples or great for parents Who have maybe some older kids who just Kind of want to hop on and cruise Together not only that but electric has A programming mode on this this time Around that would limit the speed to 10 Miles per hour for added safety if you Are carrying someone with you it’s a Really cool feature an accessory option They offer but electric didn’t stop There they really thought through Different ways in which people would Want to use these bikes and they given Different packages one that they sent us Here that you can see featured is the Comfort commuter package comes with a Thicker more plush saddle compared to The stock one a suspension seat post and A larger headlight and folding lock You can of course if you’re a pet person They have a pet trailer that you can tow Behind you and there is also something That was made with food careers in mind It’s a larger platform an insulated bag That could store several pizza boxes in It the truth is with e-bikes people want To use them in diverse ways they have Different purposes in buying them and How they’re going to use them and to see

A company think through all of those Different options and then accommodate It is so cool to see now that is just Scratching the surface there’s a whole Bunch more to talk about but I will just Leave links in the description below Where you can navigate to the electric Website to check them out for yourself Or you can of course head to the EBR Website where we’ll we will detail that A little bit more on the written review Now for now I’ve talked a whole bunch About the 2.0 versus the 3.0 but let’s Talk specifically more about the 3.0 and How it handles and feels out on the Roads Now again just for clarity let’s talk Specifically the specs of the XP 3.0 What you’re getting here is a 500 watt Rear hub motor a 500 watt hour battery Integrated into the frame it is Removable you can take that out to Charge it off the bike or just to cut The weight down if you’re hauling it Around somewhere and that you do that by When it folds down which we’ll show you Here a little later on Now the drivetrain is provided by a Seven-speed Shimano Over the Bar thumb Shifter with pretty good gearing range As we’ve talked about and then of course This is all riding on 20 by 3 inch tires Now I really like these tires a lot they Are pretty versatile with three inches

That’s what we would consider a fat tire E-bike so it’s not particularly fun to Ride around without any motor assistance But it is great in that it provides a Cush and pretty Pleasant ride I’d say The Wider footprint gives you a little Bit more stability and it feels pretty Good as you’re turning and taking Corners as well not only that but the Tread pattern is a little bit more Aggressive and it is capable of doing Some lighter off-road work we actually Rode around a lot out in the desert here Near our offices and it held up really Well across the rocky terrain and the Bumps in the road and not only that but Electric packs in even more value by Providing pre-slimed tubes on these Tires that kind of just helps things if You catch a thorn or two it should help Keep your tires inflated and keep it Going a little bit longer that’s really Great to see it’s one of those really Nice little bonus features that this Feels put in there to make it a better Experience Now the bike overall does come in the Two frames that you see here a standard Frame and then a step through variant me Personally I love the step through Frames on a bike like this it’s just Easier to get on and off without having To worry about it and of course it is a Versatile bike in that it can

Accommodate a whole bunch of different Riders electric claims that it can Accommodate Riders from five from four Foot ten up to six foot five of course Those on the margins will not feel a Perfect fit but still overall you can Definitely get a lot of different people On this thanks to the telescoping Handlebars and seat posts as well Now it is a folding Fat Tire e-bike it Can really be used in so many different Ways it can be used for commuting it can Be used for cruising there’s really no Person who could not ride this Comfortably and have a good and Enjoyable time from a purely spec Standpoint I still think that the value Being offered here on the XP is Tremendous U-bikes will give you this many features And be this versatile in this price Point now I want to talk a little bit Just about the handlebar in the cockpit Area overall because that is where two Of my three complaints with the XP Reside now the grips electric claims They are softer rubber this time around Which I do think is true compared to the 2.0 they are softer still not what I Would consider like very soft and great Grips but those are easily replaceable You have a Twist grip throttle on the Right hand side if you want to throttle Around and then in the center of course

Is the black and white LCD display now This display is something we see on more Value driven bikes I don’t love it for One particular reason and that is the Bar readout up top as you’re out there Riding around in instances where you are Using a lot of motor power you will kind Of see that bar jump around a little bit It’ll move maybe two points at a time as It’s trying to reflect your current Usage so I appreciate that’s trying to Like let me know I’m using too much Motor but it’s still just less accurate Than a percentage-based breed out now Again it’s kind of what I would expect For something that costs around a Thousand dollars so it’s not the biggest Deal in the world but the display and The grips Could be improved I think on the 4.0 Model to come somewhere down the line Now the only other thing that I don’t Particularly love about the XP and this Is the third year in a row we’re asking Electric to change this so hopefully That change does come soon you can’t Operate the bike without the battery Earth without the key inserted below the Frame where it goes into the battery you Do have to have that in there at all Times it’s really not the end of the World but it is just slightly I don’t know concerning I guess you Could say that there’s a key under there

And I just feel like it’s going to fall Out to be fair across three different XP Series it never has but it’s just Something we hope to see change in the Future Now again this value overall is just Hard absolutely hard to beat it’s such a Good and compelling package that I think A lot of people will be interested in Taking a look and what the 3.0 can do For them Now bikes like the XP have a lot of Appeal because of the fact that you can Fold It Down makes it really convenient And easy to store and transport as well So I want to demonstrate just really Quickly how you can fold down the Electric XP here start by Lowering the seat post all the way down And then starting with the handlebars Where you just engage this latch here Fold that down and then pull apart the Frame patch there you can also bring This pedal in which shaves off another Inch or so as you go to put that in Either the trunk of your car or your SUV Folds at the hinge here just like this And then it does stand on that little Bit of metal they have there at the Bottom now what’s really great about This is you can actually fit this into The trunk of a sedan I was even even Able to get both of the XPS we have in The back of my SUV as well makes it

Really easy for taking it around if you Don’t have a bike rack which is just Really nice Of course when you have it folded you Have access to the battery you can take That out to shave some weight which Might not be a bad idea actually the one Thing about this bike is it does weigh Over 60 pounds so when you go to lift it Up by grabbing the handle that’s on the Frame here just be aware that it is Still a little bit heavier As you move It there is no built-in solution for Keeping the bike folded together you Could mitigate that with just a bungee Really quick so but overall it is nice To have it shrink down like that good For keeping it in the apartment in the House or in your car wherever it is you Want to be taking it [Music] Now electric still features mechanical Disc brakes here on the XP but they have Increased the rotor size this time Around they have spec it with 180 Millimeter rotors instead of 160s like They used to in the past now this should Give better braking power as it gives You more leverage against the brake and Of course larger rotors help dissipate The heat as well making it more Efficient so to test this out we put it On our brake test here at EBR the brake Test is where we bring these bikes up to

20 miles per hour before performing a Stop as quickly and under control as Much as possible Now we do this multiple times that we Can take an overall average braking Distance and really gauge those results Now I’m very happy with what we got on The 3.0 it had an average stopping Distance of 22 feet and 10 inches the Reason I say I’m very happy is I also Tested out the old XB 2.0 since we’ve Kind of changed how we’ve done our Braking tests versus the past now as I Rode that one around I got just a hair Under 27 feet on that so from 27 feet Down to around 23 feet an improvement of Four feet is really awesome to see that Larger rotor does make a difference it Provides a safer stop it’s also a little Bit more in line we’re starting to form Our average as we’ve changed our braking Test we’re seeing a lot of results Between 20 and 22 feet is kind of the Average we’re working with right now and It’s right around that so very happy With how electric has increased the Safety here on the XP series [Music] For our next test we put the XP 3.0 on The EBR circuit now the point of circuit Test is to get a better understanding of The speeds achievable on the motor at Each different uh setting of pedal Assist this really helps kind of

Showcase if they have dialed the motor In and tuned it correctly and to show to People looking at buying this bike Whether or not they’ll feel safe and Comfortable at different miles per hour Now at the EBR circuit it is a one mile Loop consisting of four right hand turns And a small 30 foot climb we will do This test a total of six times we do it Once without any motor power and then Once in each level pedal assist and we Take our average speeds now starting Things out I got about 13 miles per hour With no motor help and then there was a Very small jump in pas1 more substantial In PS2 and then pretty good increments From there now a couple of things worth Noting number one again this is a fat Tire e-bike it is not particularly fun To Pedal around without any motor help Great for exercise a little less great If you’re planning on riding without Uh battery I don’t recommend it but With A Little Help from the motor it does go A long way it makes it a very pleasant And enjoyable experience to ride around On now also with the circuit test I’m Really looking at motor engagement it is A Cadence Sensor actuated e-bike meaning That it will sense as you move the Pedals around I think it comes on pretty Quickly feels like within a half pedal Stroke or so and the acceleration isn’t Overly jarring it can definitely be a

Little bit Snappy when you hit the Throttle and really push it but overall I think it’s actually fairly easy for Anyone to pick up and just get used to Right away Now not only that but I want to give Credit where credit is due on the Circuit test what I’ve noticed when it Comes to the relationship between the Gearing and the motor is that with a lot Of Hub driven e-bikes with cadence Sensors usually by the time I hit pedal Assist three four and five I’m just in The largest gear typically I’ll ride Around in the seventh gear and just kind Of like let the motor do its thing Because I know it’s going to push me Where electric did bother to expand the Freewheel here in the rear it does give You a little bit more power as you are Pedaling out there around makes it so You can actually feel a difference and Use different gears if you want to help Out the battery and not let drain the Battery by having the motor do all of The work it’s something that I really Like and really appreciate it’s Something we’ve noticed as we’ve done More e-bikes between a thousand and two Thousand dollars is the gearing doesn’t Always feel quite right and so to see a Commitment to improving the overall Experience even for people who like to Pedal it’s something I really

Appreciated and enjoyed Now anyone looking to buy an e-bike Wants to know how far that motor is Going to go and how much battery life You can expect so here at EBR we perform A range test we do this test two Different times we do it once on the Maximum level of pedal assistance and Once on the lowest level of pedal Assistance where you can actually feel Some constant help from the motor in This case that was pedal assist level Two Now we got some pretty good results we Saw between 23 and 33 miles of range Which is pretty decent considering the Battery size again that’s a 500 watt Hour battery paired to that 500 watt Motor you should expect about an hour or So of ride time which is really Great to see it’s also worth noting that I performed that 23 Mile test and it was Better than I was expecting electric Projected between 17 and 45 miles so to See a little bit higher results on the Low end was great even if the long range Test was a little shorter in projections Still I think most people will be happy With 20 miles of range in a day that’s Going to accommodate most Riders out There and it’ll be great for taking your Bike with you and if you want to bust it Out of the back of the trunk and just go And explore you can definitely do that

With XP 3.0 For our last but certainly not least Test we have our Hill test here at EBR With each bike we review we take it out To hell hole which is about a third of a Mile long and a 12 average grade now we Chose this hill specifically because It’s an extremely steep hill and we Don’t expect every bike we review to Actually make it up but we want to put Motors to their absolute limit and see What they’re capable of Now we do this test two different times We do it once using only throttle power And then we do it again with maximum Pedal assistance and of course giving The help of our legs to the bike Now we were pretty happy with the Results we got because it proved Electric’s claim electric claimed that They had improved the motor by giving it A higher Peak output as well as more Torque now the times that we got on our Tests in throttle we saw a time of 134 With an average 11.5 miles per hour and Then when we did it again in pedal Assist we saw a time of 117 with a 14.1 Mile per hour average now both of these Were improvements over our last Go-around with the XP 2.0 we saw 12 Seconds better on throttle and four Seconds better on pedal assist not only That but it really feels like electric Is just kind of dialed in the motor

Overall not only does it climb Hills Better but it just feels better it’s I Don’t know if I want to attribute that To the drivetrain or if we just Attribute it to the fact that electrics Clearly put some thought and effort into How they’re putting these motors on the Bike but it is a markedly better Experience it feels like an improvement Overall The electric XP Series has long been a Bike that we’ve recommended here at EBR And that will remain the case with the XP 3.0 reason being is it is just so Easy to see so many different people Finding something to love with this E-bike if you’re somebody who doesn’t Want to spend a lot of money it’s Relatively affordable and it still comes Feature packed if you have not been Cycling in a while or you’re getting Back into it for the first time in years This it delivers on that fun e-bike Experience your friends and family have Been telling you about and if you’re Someone who you know you want on e-bike But you don’t necessarily know what you Want to do with it yet you can kind of Buy it today and figure it out later it Folds it’s got fat tires it’s a good Commuter that accommodates a bunch of Different heights really you can figure It out as you go but you’ll have fun in The figuring it out process now

This will remain one of the best value Bang for your buck buys on the market I’d still think that if it were one or Two hundred dollars more but it’s still Right around that thousand dollar price Point and you’re getting so much more Than you did in the previous model more Comfort more motor power better braking Better use with that welded on rear rack It’s amazing what Electric’s been able To do and give you here with the 3.0 now I realize I’m kind of gushing about this Bike and I never want to review to sound Like some sort of Love Letter so there Are of course some improvements I would Love to see down the road with the 4.0 If the battery readout were a little bit Uh more consistent and accurate I’d be Very happy the grips could be a little Bit better and of course I’m still Waiting to not have to have that key in When I’m riding around The only other thing I could think to Improve would be when it’s folded it can Be a little bit cumbersome to move Around as there’s no mechanism that Locks it in place when it is folded down It is still pretty heavy bike to move Around so you do have to be cognizant of Keeping fingers out of the way in case It swings closed but in all honesty if Those are the worst things I have to say About a bike like this that is this Affordable you know it is a good value

And it’s going to be very appealing to So many different people out there on The e-bike market Now if you found this review helpful Please give this video a like if you Haven’t yet subscribe to the electric Bike report Channel and we will leave Links in the description below for Current pricing as well as our full Detailed written review where we have Some of our test data that you can take A look at again I’m Griffin Hills with Electric bike report and we’ll see you On the next review Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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