Introduction to suspension swap. Some things to look out for before buying shocks. Let’s go!

Introduction to suspension swap. Here are some things to look out for before buying shocks.

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Foreign [Music] It’s going to be a re installing this on A newer I think it’s a 2021 or 22 Specialized stump jumper who placed in The fork it’s got a rock shock 35 and It’s a Fusion Pro going to be replacing That with a Fox Float DPS Factory And this is a fox 36 we got the tapered Steer tube single Crown Front bracing It’s got the blow-off valves in the back Here a 110 boost so make sure that Matches your bike matches your Hub it’s Going to be a 15 millimeter thickness Diameter that’s going through your fork Going through your your hub for the rear Shock you definitely want to make sure That your your travel is correct or your Length you’re measuring eyelet so Center Of hole to center of hole and you could Do that you can walk up to your bike as It’s sitting not compressed not sitting On it or you can get your specs online We just want to make sure that we have The correct one we don’t want to get one That’s too short and you’re either it’s Not going to fit or you’re hyper Extending or it’s too long and maybe You’re not utilizing the shock to its Full potential since it is specialized They do proprietary stuff they got their I’ll call this a yoke but it’s basically It’s like a y so that connects to your Your shock a particular way they made it

More friendly where before you had to Have a very specific shock to match this But now they redesign it so this can fit Your standard connection of a shock so This guy comes in This is just going to slide out of here And then a Bolt’s going to run through The top something like that so we want To make sure we get the correct when This mounts to the new Shock we want to make sure we get the Right torque maybe there’s a little bit Of thread Locker we don’t want this Coming loose on you and having to take This apart down the road as far as your Fork goes if you’re buying brand new Then your whole steer tube is going to Come long there’s a standard length that Comes from the factory so you can cut it To measure your bike so we can always Leave a little bit long if you need to Play with your stack height for your Stem do you want your stem high or low You want to leave give yourself a little Bit of room to play with maybe add a few Spacers like this one has here If you’re buying a used Fork make sure That they didn’t cut too short and it’s Not going to fit your bike so if they Had a small or medium bike they probably Went very short very low length and then If you have a medium Or large bike your frame is going to get Longer so then you may not have enough

Material here so double check that [Music] What’s up

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