Intro to Santa Cruz Hightower hybrid Shimano, Sram Axs drivetrain swap. Let’s go!

Intro to Santa Cruz Hightower hybrid Shimano, Sram Axs drivetrain swap.

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This is personalized hands on bicycle mechanic training classes taught in a small setting meant for the beginner or advanced person. Typically one on one, a maximum of three persons occasionally. You are welcome to bring your bike to class to diagnose, repair or build. All tools and materials (including shop bikes) are provided to you.
Also offering certificates for the 40 and 70 hour class. for those seeking employment in the industry. Flexible start times to meet your schedule.

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We are going to replace some drivetrain So this is the Santa Cruz Hightower CC We’re going to replace the cassette We’re going from SRAM to Shimano so Going from XD rear hub driver to a micro Spline Shimano we’re going to be going To a cassette which is a Shimano XT so Basically we’re running a partial Drivetrain we’re doing a hybrid we’re Sticking with a SRAM axis rear Derailleur or Wireless along with the Wireless shifter but everything else Would be Shimano so understanding is we Will be able to Pedal a little harder Under pressure and make a gear change Usually we’re lighting off on gear pedal Pressure when we do a gear change Usually recommended the electronic Shifting may allow you to apply a little More shifting pressure or pedaling Pressure but then upgrading to this Shimano cassette along with Shimano Chain Shimano drivetrain in the front so We’re going crank set and chainring that Electronic axis shifting should allow us To have maybe crispier shifts and under Pressure and stress so that’s the idea We’re going to do it test it see what we Got assistant

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