How To Straighten/Align A Bent Derailleur Hanger

I noticed the derailleur seemed to be sitting at different angle than the cogs on the cassette. Looking closer, it looked like the derailleur hanger was bent. So I used my Park Tool DAG 2.2 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge to straighten the hanger. I show the process.

The Park Tool DAG 2.2 is a really nice tool, but it is kind of expensive. So I have a video shwoing how to make a cheaper home made version of of the tool here – How To Make A Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge Tool:

But if you want, the Park Tool DAG 2.2 is here:


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Hey viewers I just started working on This bike and I think I noticed an issue With the derailleur Now I looked at the derailleur cage here It looks like it’s kind of angled in a Little bit and it’s also kind of angled This way a little bit but I don’t think The issue is the derailleur itself I Think it’s the hanger So now if you look at the hanger here it Looks like the bottom part is bent in a Little bit it’s not a straight line and Also if you look at the part of the Derailleur here where it attaches to the Hanger this seems to be an angled in Relative to the cogs it should be in the Same plane but it looks like it’s angled In so I’m pretty sure it’s the hanger That’s bent now it’s a replaceable Hanger if it was seriously bent I’d go Ahead and just replace it but it looks Like it’s just a little bit bent so I Think I can straighten it so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try to straighten This hanger I’m going to show you the Process of doing that So now I’m going to need to remove the Derailleur from The Hanger so just get It in here with a hex wrench on this One’s five millimeter And get that off So now to straighten the derailleur Hanger I’m going to be using this tool Here it’s a Park Tool dag 2.2 derailleur

Hanger alignment gauge it’s an awesome Tool I’ve got a ton of use out of it but It’s kind of pricey so probably most People don’t want to spend the kind of Money on this kind of tool so I do have A video where I make a cheaper version Of this tool and I’ll post that in the Description but if you can use the Actual thing it’s it’s really nice So now to use this tool I’m going to Screw this in where the derailleur Normally screws onto the hanger Be careful not to cross thread it There we go So now what we want is this little Feeler gauge here to be the same Distance from the rim all the way around And as you can see here it’s real close To the rim down there but it’s still far Away from the uh Rim up here so what I’m Going to do is I’m gonna go ahead and Just kind of bend it in a little bit Like this because that will bend this Out and so I’ll kind of get a Preliminary check there that looks much Closer so now as I start getting you Know close what I want to do is I want To pick one point on the rim in this Case where the valve stem is and I’m Going to do the checks all the way Around on the part of the rim where the Valve stem is that way if the wheel is Out of true which this one is really Untrue

Um it doesn’t matter because I’m going To be using the same place on the rim All the way around so what I’m going to Do is move this little feeler gauge in To where it kind of just uh is real Close to the rim it’s a few millimeters Away and so then I’m going to move this Down Here and I can actually slide this up Here And it’s closer down there so I still Want to kind of Bend this out a little Bit from down here And so that’s pretty close let me bring This back up here And That’s actually really close Um it’s real close to rim there and it’s Real close to the room down there so I Think that’s about it for this way but I Also want to check At other points of the rim as well to Make sure that the hanger Is Not Bent This way or that way so what I’ll do is I’ll bring this over here And bring that and it’s uh a few Millimeters away there and they should Bring this around down here And I can bend this out just a little Bit just a touch It’s pretty close And that’s pretty close there and then Go back over here check That’s about right double check up and

Down That’s pretty close And open this out just a little bit Foreign Back up here again and that looks pretty Good now you’re not going to get it Absolutely perfect you just want to get It as close as you can and that should Be generally good enough Um I’ll go ahead and pull this tool off Again but I think the hanger now is Pretty straight It looks much straighter there So now I can remount the derailleur to The hanger to screw it back on And there were little washers between The derailleur and the hanger I don’t Know why but I’m not reinstalling those They may have been using those to help Maybe fix the problem with the uh Ben Hanger I don’t know but I didn’t Reinstall those Well everything is looking way better Than it did before the cage is in line With the chain the trailer looks like It’s on the same plane as the cogs on The cassette if you have a bent Hanger and your a grayler is out of Alignment it can really mess up your Shipping so straightening a bent Derailleur hanger could really make Improvements on your shifting but anyway So now they have that done I can go on

And work on all the rest of stuff that This bike needs which quite a bit but Anyway that is how to straighten a bent Trailer hanger hopefully you found this Video useful or interesting if you did Please give my video a thumbs up if You’re not subscribed my channel click That subscribe button down there be sure To click the Bell so you get notified When new videos come out I’m over on Facebook RJ the bike guys go over there Like that page I posted a lot of stuff Over there it’s a lot of fun anyway Thank you guys very much for watching

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