How to not cross thread a bolt or screw on a Fox 36 suspension fork. Lets go!

How to not cross thread a bolt or screw on a Fox36 suspension fork. Lets go!

Some tips on how to align a unruly screw on a fox fork 36 brake line guide.

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See so they gave us a new one give us a New little plastic clamp It’s going to be a little square area And that’s like a little rubber pad or Foam pad Actually they changed it used to be a Foam pad with an adhesive but that would Fall off over time so now they just gave Us a piece of plastic with a square Orientation it’s going to fit in there It’s going to match it up And this little bolt has a little bit of White or yellowish material and it’s Just a splash Anytime you see some type of paint on Your threads it’s most likely a thread Locker Smaller the bolt the less torque we use Which means it could also work its way Free so the thread Locker is going to Keep Those screws from vibrating free it’s Going to stop them from moving So this guy is offering a little bit of A challenge got the plastic piece that Actually wants to stay open but we need The screw to run through here All the way through so it can make Contact with your fork so we need to Squeeze that closed get enough screw Purchase to come through so we can get It started here without screwing up our Threads in the fork So I’m also trying to keep this Fork

From flopping around so either you have A handlebar holder which I do but I Refuse to use it at this moment I think I’m going to wind up here So I’m just trying to push some pressure Keeping a straight line And this is where some feel comes in you Want to feel if you’re starting to cross Thread or not And of course getting your straighten Your alignment correctly the alignment Is typically the hardest thing you think You’re in a straight line And you’re not yep super tough when in Doubt take your bolt out I’m going to separate it from this Plastic and we’re going to try this all By itself Just to you’re going to get the idea of What angle what line you need to take Coming in Yeah see like right there I got it That engaged right there And another small little detail so the Paint the thread Locker they put on There they did a good job because they Put it more or less in the middle they Left me two three threads of free no Paint on it so that means I can have a Good shot of getting in here cleanly Rather than hitting a thread Locker Right off the bat so I can kind of get An idea of what line I need that’s That’s my straight line so I could be

Off this way I could be off this way This way or And now that I know that now I gotta Fight the plastic as well as this Hydraulic line But I know my threads are good and I Know it everything fits in there I just Have to work it So I’m going to get this back through so That sandwich always wants to come open If I could somehow squeeze it closed Push The screw through expose my threads then Focus on a straight line Easier said than done Foreign Pressure Sweet got it And I’m going to do this nice and snug Two fingertips As soon as you feel it hit stop we’re Going to go just a little extra boom

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