How To Make An Extra Long Hex Socket Tool

I show how to make a really extra long hex socket tool. I was working on overhauling a Suntour XCC fork, and to remove the lowers, I needed to remove a 5mm hex bolt that is deeply recessed in a hole. I normally use on of my Tekton extra long hex sockets, but in this case, it wasn’t long enough. The blade length was about 5 inches, and I needed a tool with maybe 6 1/2” to 7” blade length. I looked around online to see if I could find one. I couldn’t. So I made an extra long hex socket tool. I bought a Klein 5mm T handle Hex Wrench on Amazon for about $7. I had some cheap 5mm sockets, but didn’t like them as they didn’t lock on well. So I bought a Craftsman 5mm socket for about $4 a the local hardware store. With these and a bit of JB Weld, I made my tool.

So if you need a tool and don’t have it, and can’t buy it, look at making the tool you need. Yeah, I spent around $11 to make the tool, but now I will be able to do my fork overhaul, and will still have the tool if I need it again.

No, using a longer extension would not have helped. The 5mm bolt was in a deeply recessed hole.

Yes, I could have left the shaft longer, but the longer the shaft, the more it will twist under torque. So I only made it a little longer than I knew I would need.

Tekton Extra Long Socket Set:

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Hey viewers I was working on we’re Hauling these forks and I ran into a Problem down inside the fork at the Bottom there’s a five millimeter bolt That I need to remove in order to remove The lowers and it’s in a recessed little Hole uh normally I would use this extra Long hex socket to reach down inside the Hole to remove the bolts unfortunately In this case this extra long hex socket Is not long enough it’s about five Inches long and I need one that’s Probably about six and a half seven Inches long in order to reach down Inside that hole I tried to find one Online was not able to so I am going to Make a tool with a longer uh shank so I Can remove those bolts and I’m going to Show you the process of making that tool So now to make my tool I needed a five Millimeter hex wrench with a extra long Shaft here I found this T wrench on Amazon and so this has got about a nine Inch blade light so this will work Perfect for making my tool and then I Needed a five millimeter socket so I had Some cheap five millimeter sockets here And they’re like Chinese made but the Problem with these is that they don’t Lock onto my tool at all they just slide Right off I didn’t like that so I ended Up spending uh four dollars at the Hardware store I bought a Craftsman uh Socket and so this actually locks on

Much better and so that’s what I’m going To use So what I want to do is I want to cut up About a seven inch uh length of this hex Shaft off here and so I get my uh tape Measure here measure about seven inches Mark right on there And that’s where I’m going to cut right There So now to cut this I have different Options I can use a hacksaw I can use an Angle grinder or I can use bolt cutters Which is what I’m going to do Like that so now the bolt cutter is fast But it leaves a kind of a rough cut at The end of the chap there so I’m gonna Clean this up on a bench grinder There much cleaner So now to assemble my tool I’m going to Have it like this here like this with The socket on the end of the shaft there But I want to have it permanently Attached so I I mixed up some JB Weld Epoxy here which is like super strong so I’m going to put a little bit of this Onto the end of the shaft where I’m Going to have the socket Get on there And then stick the socket onto the into The shaft like that and this should set In about six minutes and uh permanently You know fully cured about four to six Hours so now we’ll just go ahead and we Have to wait

So here’s my extra extra long hex socket That I made compared to the extra long Socket that came from the set you see How much longer the shaft is one Difference is this came with a 3 8 inch Drive and I’m my homemade one here I Have a quarter inch drive because it’s Kind of hard to find 3 8 inch drive five Millimeter sockets so that’s not a Problem I go ahead and use an adapter But let’s go ahead and see if this will Work Okay let’s try this tool out so I have a 3 8 inch Drive Extension here with a Quarter inch adapter snap my new tool on There Fit this down inside the fork [Applause] And I can feel it engaging with the Screw there so let’s go ahead and try to Remove this thing And the screw is coming loose in there So my new tool works so if you don’t Have the tool you need can’t find the Tool you need look at ways to see if There’s a way that you can make the tool You need there’s usually a way that you Can do something anyway I hope you found This video useful or interesting if you Did please give my video a thumbs up if You’re not subscribed to my channel Click the Subscribe button down there be Sure to click the Bell to get notified When new videos come out I’m over on

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