How To Keep Bike Handlebar Grip Ends From Ripping

A simple trick costing only 10 cents can help protect your handlebar grip ends from getting torn up. I show you the ”nickel trick” that helps protect the rubber grip ends from being cut by the open end of the handlebars. What causes this tearing is usually something like the bike falling over and the end of the handlebar cutting into the rubber like a chisel. This helps cover up the sharp ends of the handlebars, and protect the rubber grip ends. It’s a cheap trick, but if you replace your grips, don’t be in a rush and forget to get your nickelback.
I had never heard of this, but a viewer turned me onto it. After some research found it was a thing. So I tried it, and thought it was a great idea. Still learning new stuff after all these years.


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Hey viewers do your handlebar grips look Like this the ends just all chewed up What causes this is your bike falls over And the exposed end of The Handlebar Cuts into your the rubber on the Handlebar grips like a chisel but a Simple trick costing just 10 cents could Prevented this let me show you how So what you’re going to do is before you Install your grip you’re going to take a Nickel Slide the nickel in have it go All the way to the bottom of the grip And then push it down because you want It nice and flat in the bottom of the Grip now you’re ready to install the Grip and how I install them is I take a Little bit of rubbing alcohol isopropyl Alcohol here and squirt it in shake it Around so it coats the inside of the Grip and that allows the grip to slide Right on as the alcohol evaporates You’ll be on there nice and solid now You have a nickel in there protecting The rubber from the sharp edges of The Handlebar now some handlebars will Already have like a plastic plug in There you don’t need to do this but for Those like this one that don’t have that That nickel trick will do wonders for Protecting your grips do that on both Sides it’s 10 cents and your grips are Protected It’s that easy anyway hope you found This video useful or interesting if you

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