How to fit a thru axle & end cap, from Rock Shox 35 to Fox 36 Fork.

How to fit a thru axle & end cap, from Rock 35 Shox to Fox 36 Fork.

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Foreign Fork We have a smallish opening this round is Right here That’s a smaller opening than what is Shown on my stock original Hub on my Ends the cap ends let’s take a look This whole diameter is much too big Bigger than the open I just showed you On the fork so this needs to come off We’re going to see if it comes off these Do kind of they’re kind of free-floating They are end caps they’re going to pull That off see if we can it’ll adapt to The to the fork I can’t get it with finger oh there we Go These might need an adapter so I’m Seeing bearing right there we might need Another cap style cap look at that This axle is ready to slide right out so I found the kit I’ll get you the name And stuff off this kit but It’s from specialized and it allows you To go from that bigger end cap it’s like A It’s very wide it’s this wide guy we’re Going to this a little narrower This guy here which will fit inside your Fork so difference between that rock Shock I don’t know if all rock shocks Are like that size but Fox is running Smaller So we’re going to look something like

This Boom Let me give this a push And it looks like the whole thing’s Sliding out Cool so internally there’s a sleeve that Sleeve may be not following the whole of Your bearing so if I try to shove this Back in there I’m hitting that sleeve That just it’s kind of free-floating in The center it’s you got two bearings on The sides and then a sleeve in the Middle and that sleeve is allow when you Push these bearings in it hits that Sleeve it hits that sleeve so we’re not Over pushing Supposed to balance them out But it just kind of dropped a little So we just got to use something to kind Of Get it back up there we go so that Center sleeve is moving Yeah just like that so just got it Centered back and then we can get this Guy back in there [Applause] So yeah maybe you don’t slide this one Out all the way use this as a guide you Use the new one slide it in this guy’s Getting pushed out well this guy’s Sliding in the new guy that way you keep That whole alignment And so got our new end cap right here Go ahead and put the other end cap on

And the flange portion is going to go Inwards going to lie against the Hub And then that’s it

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