Himiway Big Dog Review | Fat Tire Electric Cargo Bike (2022)

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The Himiway Big Dog is a cargo e-bike with the capacity to carry a 400-lb. payload. Thanks to an oversize frame, cast aluminum wheels and an overbuilt rear rack, the Big Dog can handle a payload of exceptional size. Our Himiway Big Dog review will take a deep dive on this cargo e-bike.

Himiway has built a reputation for selling e-bikes with fat tires, powerful motors and large batteries and the Big Dog does not veer from that formula. It features a 750W motor producing 85Nm of torque, a 960Wh battery for sizable range and 4-in.-wide tires for a comfortable ride whether on pavement or dirt.

The rear rack is stout enough to carry a child and can be configured to carry other loads as needed. The motorcycle-style kickstand also eases loading.

The Big Dog features a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, disc brakes, and includes front and rear lights as well as front and rear fenders, making it a very complete e-bike.

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Hey everybody and welcome back to Another review here at electric bike Report I’m Griffin Hales and today I Have with me the Hemingway big dog I’m Pretty excited to tell you all about This bike as it has a lot going on for It and of course because the styling of This bike is kind of that moped or mini Moto look to it that a lot of people ask Us about and a lot of people are Clamoring for now Hemingway actually Builds this as a cargo bike that’s Thanks in part to the rear rack here With a very wide platform and a very Generous 400 pound payload capacity and No hemi Hemingway bike would be complete Without a powerful motor and all-day Battery life which this bike has in Spades I’m excited to show you Everything that’s capable of so let’s go Ahead and dive into our testing and Review Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Now as I mentioned in the intro this is A bike with a very signature look and Style moped style e-bikes like this Absolutely have a market so much so in Fact that certain brands operate Exclusively with this type of frame they Offer multiple bikes with just this kind Of look and feel to it now Hemingway

This is actually their second time Making a moped style e-bike they also Have the Hemingway Escape which we Tested out a little over a year ago and It had a lot that we liked on it Especially for kind of like a first Attempt at this style most notably it Had a really cool rear coil suspension System that we like the alloy wheels Just fit the overall aesthetic and it Was pretty good for just kind of like Hopping on and if you didn’t really want To Pedal very much it was just so Friendly to hitting that throttle and Going now it did have some drawbacks Though some things that I wasn’t in love With most notably it had a kind of a Smaller battery you couldn’t adjust the Seat height at all so it wasn’t very Friendly for Riders of different sizes And then the rear rack on it was very Short and not very useful able now with The big dog here it is largely specked To be the upgraded version of the Hemingway escape and they addressed a Lot of those things I didn’t like from Last time obviously you can see here That this seat does adjust up and down The rear rack in the back is very wide It’s very easy to put different crates Or containers on here makes it very Helpful for carrying cargo and then of Course the most notable thing is the Battery housed in the down tube here is

Massive it’s 960 Watt hours it’s very Large and we’re going to tell you all About how it holds up in our range test A little bit later on Now interestingly while is kind of that Moped or mini modal look to it Hemingway Builds this bike is a cargo e-bike which At first a little confused about but it Made more sense as I spent more time on This bike again you have the wide rear Rack 400 pound payload capacity but the Style of it just lends itself to being a Pretty good Cargo Carrier overall it has Wider tires it’s a little bit of a Heavier bike for that lower center of Gravity helps you feel planted and Secure not like you’re gonna jostle Things around too much and it makes it Just pretty good ride I think it’s very Capable on the cargo front not only that But I think overall this is a very Capable commuter this can be the thing That you use to ditch your car the Reason I say that is because if you are The type who wants to just hop on and Throttle it you can you can of course Pedal it too and then you can take take Just about anything with you that you Need to all adds up pretty well now the Big dog like all bikes of course does Have a few different drawbacks to it and A few things I wouldn’t mind changing in The future most notably you can adjust The angle a little bit of the handlebars

But I do wish it had a little bit more Of a sweep a little bit more of a rise To it to help it feel even more Comfortable for me at least with my six Foot one height also there’s the Drivetrain set up on this we’ll dive Into that a little bit more later on it Is a Shimano 7 speed I did find that the Gearing on it with the 46 tooth chain Ring in the front and the 14 to 28 tee In the rear was just a little perhaps Undersized because around 17 18 miles Per hour the pedals start to feel a Little bit spinny and then by 20 miles Per hour you’re kind of full on ghost Pedaling but it’s not bad overall Because you do have the ability to get To that 20 mile per hour limit which This bike is capable of and then the Only other thing that I was a little bit Sad to see is it doesn’t have the same Rear coil suspension that the Hemingway Escape did it was something that I liked Almost for the look as much as the Function they dropped that off here Which of course that does kind of help Save money overall and shave a little Bit of weight and where they’re actually Trying to make this a cargo bike that Might not be the worst thing that they Took rear suspension off because there’s A r argument for not having rear Suspension on cargo bikes now all of That aside and even with some of the

Drawbacks that I have here it’s still a Very compelling package for around two Thousand dollars that this is going for Right now and what helps Fuel and drive That for me is just the utility the Really large battery and the really fun Motor now we’re going to go ahead and Dive into the specs a little bit more in Detail so that we can get a clearer Picture of what you’re getting with the Money that you’re paying here so let’s Go ahead and take a look at that [Music] So starting off some of the more notable Spec on the Hemingway big dog as I Mentioned before this is an e-bike Capable of 20 mile per hour or Class 2 E-bike speeds and that is provided by The rear hub motor here it’s a 750 watt Buffang Hub motor capable of 86 newton Meters of torque a Hallmark of Hemingway E-bikes is that they are very powerful And very fast that’s going to prove true Uh stay tuned for that in our circuit And Hill tests later on I mentioned Already but just again very large 960 Watt hour battery that’s the type of Battery you want with such a large and Powerful motor it’s going to provide you With all-day battery life over on The Handlebar area here now this is where It’s kind of a little bit basic in Bare Bones Hemingway I think put the value in Some of the other things like the

Electrical components The Handlebar is Just kind of it’s a little bit basic you Have some some faux leather grips on Either side it’s got a above the bar Shimano seven speed shifter and then it Of course has the half twist grip Throttle there ordinarily I love lever Throttle but it absolutely just kind of Fits what this bike is going for with That twist grip and it’s been very Responsive In the middle here is this LCD display It is a black and white fairly Utilitarian display it’ll show you your Battery life your miles per hour and Your odometer and things like that it’s Not very fancy or high-tech but again I Don’t think it really needs to be this Bike is all about kind of look feel and Just The flow when you’re out there on the Roads and that I think it largely Achieves in Spades now Hemingway says That this bike will fit Riders from five Foot all the way to six foot two as a Six foot one Rider I think I was okay Overall it wasn’t the most comfortable Bike I do wish that I could move the Handlebars up and down a little bit but It does let you rotate them closer Towards you to kind of help with comfort In that regards all the other contact Points such as the seat are they’re okay And you do get a front fork up here that

Helps provide a little bit of help on The roads as it absorbs some of that Chatter it does have a lockout option With it as well Now this bike overall weighs about 79 Pounds that’s pretty heavy even by E-bike standards but as I mentioned Before I think it actually kind of works For what this bike’s trying to achieve It feels good out there on the roads you Feel very planted and secure that’s Largely thanks to these very large 20 Inch by four inch wide Kinder Crusade Tires I like these tires they’ve been Rolling pretty well for me do a good job Of holding speed and they’ve got a Little bit of a tread pattern here so You can probably hit some compact dirt And things like that now I’ve hit I Think enough of the major specs that Most people will care about if there is Anything that I have left out though I’ll leave a link down in the Description below that will take you Back to the electric bike Report website Where we will detail all the specs of This bike there but for right now let’s Go ahead and get into our testing to Show you how these components performed In the real world [Music] Now thanks to e-bikes Motors e-bikes are Capable of going at very fun and fast Speeds but it’s important to have the

Counterbalance in place to bring all That speed to a stop so we put the Hemingway big dug through a brake test Now here at EBR for our brake test what We do is we take this bike out bring it Up to 20 miles per hour and come to a Complete stop as quickly and safely as We can and we do this multiple times so That we can get an overall average Stopping distance to help paint the Picture a little bit of how this bike Does so in our official test results the Hemingway big dog got an average Stopping distance of 22 feet and 4 Inches overall it’s a pretty okay result If you’ve been following the channel for A while you know that we recently Altered how we did our brake test we Used to do full-blown panic stops where We were getting out of the saddle Throwing all of our weight back and Coming to a stop now we do something a Little more realistic where we just stay Seated and squeezed Hard as we can while keeping the bike Square and like I said it’s an okay Result Um I did kind of hope that it would have Had hydraulic disc brakes on here for a Couple of different reasons again it’s Starting weight of nearly 80 pounds is Pretty heavy for any bike and where this Has the appeal of 400 pounds of payload Capacity if you’re a larger Rider or if

You do plan on putting a lot of cargo on Here and adding to that weight a little Bit better braking power would have been Nice as for right now it’s an okay Result it’s it’s on that kind of like Okay to good border right there but if In the future they upgrade the brakes I’ll be very happy with it so in the Meantime let’s move on to our next test [Music] Now as we’re testing out Motors on E-bikes we like to get a sense of Whether or not a rider can dial in their Preferred speed so what we do is we put It on a circuit test now here at EBR the Circuit is a one mile Loop consisting of Four right hand turns and a small 30 Foot climb we will do this in each of The e-bikes pedal assist settings and One time with the motor completely off So we can see how well it rolls with Just Rider power versus motor power now I was pretty happy with the results that We got here without any motor assistance At all I got about 11.6 miles per hour And as soon as I put it in pas1 we saw It jump up to 13.1 mile per hour Averages from there I kept making jumps Of two to three mile per hour increments Up till four and five which were Actually identical surprisingly I Actually love to see this that two or Three mile per hour jump uh always makes Me very happy as writers who feel safer

At different speeds can kind of like Dial that in and find the speed they Feel most comfortable at and overall I Think the motor engage is great it’s got A good acceleration it doesn’t it’s not Jarring or doesn’t kick your head back In any unpleasant way but it is also Worth noting that on this bike it’s the Type of bike you always want to make Sure you have motor power on make sure Those batteries are fully charged it was Not very fun to Pedal without any motor Because of the 80 pound weight and of Course the four inch wide tires but with Some motor assistance it’s actually a Very fun ride I think it handles speed Well handles cornering quite nicely with The wider tires and overall it’s pretty Good as I mentioned before the gearing I Think could be a little bit larger it Gets a little spinning around 17 18 Miles per hour hardly a deal breaker Though since it’s a Cadence Sensor E-bike that motor will still kick in if Your ghost pedaling a little bit but Overall very comfortable motor I’m very Happy with the speed performance on this Bike [Music] Now one of the number one questions from Any e-bike buyer is how far will a given E-bike go on its battery and that’s the Question we set out to solve by doing a Range test so here at EBR we do this

Test two different times we get the bike Fully charged up and we take it out once Using only the maximum amount of motor Assistance to establish our floor and Once using the minimum amount of motor Assistance to establish our ceiling this Will kind of give you real world values And an idea of what range you can expect So with the big dog we got between 37 Miles and 47 miles now the 47 miles does Have a couple of notes on it we did have The tires start leaking a little bit During that range test so we had to stop And refill them a couple of different Times there towards the end since we Have limited time with the bike we Weren’t able to redo it on this one but I’d say that 47 miles is definitely on The conservative side I can easily see This bike getting 50 miles or more just Kind of given some of those variables Not only that but we actually the route We were on for that one had more elevate Asian than usual usually we get Somewhere between 800 to 1000 feet of Elevation on this particular one we got Over two thousand so it’s a lot of Testament to the battery on this that it Held up through a lot of miles and some Pretty steep climbs now not only that But it is worth noting uh I performed The 37 mile test and I noticed that this Bike really up till the end gives it its All a lot of bikes will kind of start

Slowing down speed as you get down to That last remaining bar in like a Noticeable way this one I felt was Giving it 100 right up until it actually Died on me so I was really happy to see That I think that people looking at the Big dog can feel comfortable knowing That they’re going to have very very Good battery life the type that will Take you days and days at a time between Having to recharge For our final test we have our Hill test Here at EBR we take all the bikes we Review out to hell hole which is about a Third of a mile long with a 12 average Grade this is a very Steep and extreme Case of the Hill very few Riders are Going to have something like this on Their daily commute but we do this Because we want to see what those Motors Can do when they’re pushed to their Absolute limit now we do this test two Different times we do it once using Throttle only and then once pedaling With maximum motor assistance we do this Gonna get speed in the overall times Just to help us get a clearer picture of What this thing can do on the hills and I am very pleasantly surprised with the Results that we had on this bike our Throttle time was a time of one minute 17 seconds with a 14.1 mile per hour Average and then on Max Pas we saw a Time of one minute seven seconds with

16.2 miles per hour now again that is Great great results it’s actually in the Upper tier for both throttle and PAs Tests right around the top 10 actually So it was a little surprising again just Considering the a few different factors On this bike be it the 20 inch by four Inch tires or the fact that it is a Little bit limited on the gearing for The Pas but it just really speaks volume To the fact that Hemingway has dialed This one in to help you get to the top Of the hills that motor is absolutely Going to push it opens up and we’ll make Sure you get to the top of almost any Reasonable Hill not only that but where Hemingway has built this as a cargo E-bike I actually like to see a little Bit of that extra motor power you’re not Always going to be riding around on the Highest level of assist but it’s good to Know that if you are carrying something And your legs are just not able to get To the top of the hill the motor is Absolutely going to do the job all by Its own if you need it to so I see this Being a lot of fun for a lot of Different people for anyone swinging a Leg over the Hemingway big dog you’re Gonna enjoy the motor [Music] My biggest takeaway from my time on the Hemingway big dog would be this this Bike has a signature aesthetic to it

That a lot of people are clamoring for And with a bike with certain looks like This one has there’s a certain Expectation for the type of ride quality And performance and I think Hemingway is Able to deliver on that here it is a Bike that’s so easy to just swing a leg Over with that low step over height hop On the saddle and then just Cruise Ordinarily I like to Pedal a lot on E-bikes but the styling of this one just Kind of lends itself to leaning into That throttle and thanks to the very big 960 watt hour battery you can ride Around on throttle and get a lot of Miles on this knowing that the battery’s Going to be able to take you places Now there’s a lot of this a lot more That I feel this bike did well that Motor was a hill climbing Champion as we Saw and that is confidence inspiring Knowing that if you are taking advantage Of the 400 pound payload capacity as Either a larger Rider or someone Carrying a lot of cargo on the wide rear Rack that this motor is going to be able To propel you to the top of most any Hill and take over for when your legs Start feeling tired now of course like Any e-bike there are a few drawbacks and Certain things that were just kind of So-so in my book the LCD display is Pretty basic the brakes are mechanical And not hydraulic and the gearing on it

Could maybe be a little bit larger in my Book to help you spin and enjoy pedaling Up to 20 miles per hour but again those Are all okay or like good enough for me I think the value of that roughly two Thousand dollar price point is in the Utility of this bike and the motor the Utility again comes from the fact that This can replace your daily vehicle it Has the fenders it has the front Suspension Fork big headlight in the Front and rear integrated tail lights it All makes it a very viable option for Taking day in and day out Now if you have found this review Helpful please consider giving this Video a like if you haven’t yet Subscribe to electric bike report Channel and we will leave links in the Description below where you can navigate For current pricing as well as a full Detailed written review back at the EBR Website again I’m Griffin Hales and We’ll see you on the next review [Music] Foreign [Music]

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