Fix Clamp Slippage: Lights, Garmin or other bike attachments

What to do with old bike tubes? In this hack, we show you how to prevent bicycle light slippage (or other bike attachment that may be loose) using a used bike clincher inner tube in this DIY bike inner tube project. It’s fast, easy, and cheap requiring only an old bicycle inner tube, scissors, black electrical tape (or other tape), and some rubbing alcohol to clean the tubing.
1. Cut a stip of clincher tube lengthwise as shown; long enough to wrap around the handlebar, chainstay or other area of attachment.
2. Clean the clincher strip with rubbing alcohol.
3. Wrap around handlebar or other part of the bicycle. Hold in place with tiny piece of electrical tape.
4. Secure light, Garmin or other attachment.
If the clamp of the light or attachment is a fraction too big, use a longer piece of clincher as a shim and wrap several times to the desire thickness.
We’ve heard about old inner clincher tube (bicycle inner tube) use for chain protectors, straps, lock cover, bike protection and bike storage. But what ones do you actually use besides what’s in the video? Any tips.

My friend complained that no matter how Tight she made the clamp for the light On the handlebars when she went over to Bump it would jiggle and start pointing Downward Here’s a quick fix What you’ll need to fix this problem is Some rubbing alcohol and a cloth Scissors An old inner tube quencher tube and a Little bit of electrical tape or other Tape cut yourself a piece of tubing We cut it off at one end here And to wrap around Several times you may need a longer Piece Cut it here We don’t need it quite this wide This is what we use to wrap around The Handlebar Let’s clean off The rubber a little bit of rubbing Alcohol There is some powder on the Rubber tubing itself Or remove the light And the clamp We’ll wipe the handlebar with our Alcohol And then we’ll take our strip of inner Two Wrap it around And then to keep it in position To add our clamp we’ll take a tiny strip

Of the electrical tape Place it right here To hold it in place we put on our clamp Now some of you may say why not just Wrap electrical tape all around if you Notice electrical tape when you deal With this really slippery and it’s not Going to hold the clamp in place All right now we’ll add our clamp Now when we tighten up The clamp itself When you get it nice and tight And that’s not going to go anywhere Put our light back on Make some fine adjustments tighten a Little bit more And that’s really solid If the clamp you’re using is a little Bit too big it won’t fit on the smaller Bar or wherever you’re making the Attachment use a longer piece of tubing Go around several times to make up for The difference in diameter this will Also work for chain stay and seat post Mounts for rear lights to get them in Place even on the bumpiest of Roads Even my Garmin attachment has a strip of The Clincher inner tube to keep this Garment from moving around even on the Roughest roads Some clamps will come with some spacers Uh summer soft rubber will work fine but Many are just a hard plastic and will Still slip

And this trick will take care of the Problem If you have any comments or have used Inner tubes old inner tubes and cut them Up for various reasons uh let us know We’ll be interested subscribe to keep up With our latest videos it’s Tony Atonyten speed safe cycling

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