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The Evelo Atlas we reviewed is an unusually capable mid-drive commuter. Its 600W Bafang motor produces lots of torque for climbing hills. It has more range than most e-bikes we review and is spec’d with an Enviolo continuously variable drivetrain.

The Enviolo gear system allows tiny changes to gearing so that it’s easy to always have the right gear.

Rider comfort is a big priority with the Evelo Atlas; among the details worth noting are 2.8-in.-wide tires, a suspension fork and a gel-filled saddle. As with any good commuter it comes equipped with front and rear lights, front and rear fenders and a rear rack.

Any rider looking for an e-bike with exceptional range will want to take note of the second battery that can be ordered with the bike that will extend its range to a full 100 miles on a single charge.

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Hey everybody Griffin Hale’s back again With electric bike report and today We’re bringing you the review of The Velo Atlas now this bike features a lot Of Premium componentry that adds up to a Very luxurious feeling ride that’s a lot Of fun that fun factor is provided by The mid-drive motor and efficient Battery pairing and then of course this E-bike inspires a lot of confidence it’s Built to last with one of the industry’s Leading warranties showcasing that the Brand has a lot of faith that you’re Going to go very far on this e-bike I’m Excited to get into everything this bike Has to offer and show you what it can do Let’s go ahead and dive into our review [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign now the atlas here is far from a Cookie cutter offering which is Something you’d expect from a bike That’s priced a little more on the Premium end of the spectrum as opposed To the budget end now with that higher Price tag you’re kind of getting a lot More bike here it is a very versatile E-bike it is built as a hybrid and Touring bike you can kind of see that From some of the ways that it’s put Together and we’ll kind of walk through Those a little bit more but avello Definitely built this thing to last so

Much so that actually they partnered With a cyclist by the name of Robert Fletcher who’s attempting to break the Long distance e-bike touring record by Traveling from the North Pole of Alaska All the way down to Panama now clearly That’s not a feat you would try to Attempt if you didn’t feel you were Writing something that is going to get You there and get you there in relative Comfort and ease under those Circumstances now everything about this Bike would start of course with its Performance now a Velo specked it with a Buffang m600 mid-drive motor paired of Course with a torque sensor now that Combination provides a wonderfully Natural pedaling experience you just Kind of feel like it boosted up Superhuman version of yourself you go Faster on flats and you climb Hills more Easily Now the bike also features a bunch of Fun Tech as a matter of fact one of my Favorite bits of tech in the whole world Of e-bikes and that is the nvolo CVT Gearing system now it’s a pretty Intricate bit of technology I could go On at length about it I’ll put more in The written description back at the EBR Website in the link below but just Suffice it to say that this system is Very intuitive and easy to use it is Shiftless gearing you can shift under

Load it is all internally housed back Here it’s virtually maintenance free and It cuts out some external Parts such as A derailleur in the back that would pair With a cassette one less thing to have Damaged one less thing to worry about It’s really a fun bit of technology and Then of course they pair that with a Gates belt drive now belt drives have a Lot of advantages over a typical chain Drive they last longer no chain grease To worry about less maintenance Chains Don’t drop out At the end of the day it’s just a very Good setup that feels luxurious and Premium now of course it’s a versatile E-bike as well ivella builds this as Something that you could take on city Streets you could commute with it or you Can go off-road go camping and a huge Reason you’re able to do that is thanks To these Schwalbe Supermoto tires here You have 27 and a half by 2.8 inches They are a good tread pattern for Carrying speeds but they’re also Burly Enough to actually withstand some of Those off-road riding Now if I was trying to accommodate a Bunch of different writers here Riders From five foot six up to six foot three Can ride this bike it does have a 28 Inch step over height and even Riders up To 350 pounds are rated to right to Right around on this bike it is very

Well put together it’s very well thought Through and again it’s built to last so Much so that ivello actually has one of The best warranties in all of the e-bike Business it is a four year twenty Thousand mile warranty that’s not Something you hand out lightly that’s Something you hand out when you know the Bike will last Again yvelo kind of set out for comfort For performance and for versatility and Longevity and I think they checked every Box with how they brought this together Now that’s a little bit about the Overview of the bike and some of the Features but now let’s really dive into The spec sheet and understand what You’re getting with this and anything I Don’t mention here I’ll include in our Written description back at the EBR Website [Music] Now in terms of some of the key Components you’re getting here on the Avello atlas again it is a class 3 E-bike meaning the motor is capable of Taking a two speeds up to 28 miles per Hour I think thanks to that m600 buffang Mid-drive motor it has a 1200 Watt peak And 120 newton meters of torque meaning It is capable of great speeds and great Hill climbing which we’re going to be Testing later on now here in the down Tube of the battery is a 720 watt hour

Samsung battery it’s ivello claims it Goes up to 60 miles which will show you What our range test results Revealed about that but if that is not Enough battery for you and you would Like to double that you can do so with The optional second battery that we have Featured here it becomes housed in this Rack here just situated over the rear Tire and it is very nice the system is Set up to actually let one ride and have The other one kick in it’s a seamless Transition you don’t even have to worry About Now providing the stopping power for This bike are uh is zoom hydraulic disc Brakes with a 180 millimeter rotor in The front with 160 millimeter rotor in The rear but I thought being you want More stopping power up front and maybe a Little bit more control in the back and That’s why there is that setup Now the fork up front is a zoom 100 Millimeter air suspension Fork air of Course is a more premium style of fork Offers just a better experience as a as Opposed to coil spring counterparts and I can attest to how much this changes The ride quality some of that riding Footage that you’re looking at we did a Lot of riding off-road and actually when I started I still had the fork locked Out and I was wondering why it was so Uncomfortable out there and then once I

Opened that up and allowed for the Travel to engage it made a huge huge Difference it really does a good job of Absorbing a lot of that abrasiveness of Some of those roads Now kind of walking you through the Cockpit uh setup that ovello has given You here on either side there are some More durable than comfortable rubber Grips it’s a nice wide platform for Resting your hands on there I don’t find Them particularly comfortable but with Gloves uh kind of mitigates that on the Right hand side again is the envelope Shifter it’s really kind of fun it has a Little diagram showing you how you Should operate it the little cyclist on A flat Road for when you’re on flats or When you change it and you shift up Changes it into a hill again it just Kind of makes it an intuitive feature That you’re able to utilize and enjoy Now the center display on this is Awesome this is a color LCD display here In the middle it has all of your Relevant ride data it has a Percentage-based readout which I love Time the amount of wattage that the Motor is producing that’s something that I wish was on more displays actually It’s kind of nice to have that to Actually see how much motor you’re Riding or demanding out of the bike Because you know if you’re using a lot

Of motor you can expect the bike’s Battery to die quicker now the only Thing I don’t like about the this Display is the battery read on the top Right hand side when you dip down to I Think it’s 20 it goes from a green Battery with white lettering to red and Actually becomes a little bit hard to See I was struggling to see it out there In bright daylight so just one very Small minor gripe but other than that I Actually love the cockpit It is Well set Up for Success it kind of has a more Angled almost Cruiser style handlebar Again this is a hybrid e-bike it does Have certain traits and features such as The frame looks a little bit more like Mountain bike geometry but with Versatile tires that let you go on or Off-road a little bit more comfortable And relaxed neutral body positioning I Would say you’re not too far forward You’re not too far upright really makes Us even take it just about anywhere you Want to go Now when it comes down to the overall Spec you’re getting here I’m actually Very happy with the way that developers Set you up but I do think that there is Pretty good value even though you are Paying a little bit more than your Average e-bike but again value isn’t Always determined by paying less it’s by Are you happy with what you’re paying

For and I think avello is providing you With enough premium componentry here to Keep writers happy so we’ve talked a lot About the spec of this bike but of Course how it feels and how it comes Together matters infinitely more so Let’s go ahead and move on now to our Testing section With the avello atlas being a class 3 E-bike capable of 28 mile per hour motor Assisted speeds you want to make sure That there is a good counterbalance in Place for stopping all of that speed Which is of course provided by the Braking system now here on the avello Atlas it is zoom hydraulic disc brakes The Hb875e break specifically which means it Has 180 millimeter rotor in the front With 160 in the back the larger rotor up Front is for better stopping power it’s Smaller in the rear for just a little Bit better control Now to perform this test we bring the Bike up to 20 miles per hour before Doing a full and complete stop as Quickly and under as much control as Possible and we do this test multiple Times for braking average So on this bike we got an average Stopping distance of 19 feet and three Inches I’m actually very happy with that Result we recently changed it to how we Perform our braking test where before we

Were out of the saddle throwing our Weight all the way back that we’ve Changed it up to be a little bit more Reflective of how most people will be Riding these bikes which is remaining in The saddle and just slowing down under Control so that sort of performance is Really good to see especially for a bike That says it can accommodate Riders up To 350 pounds if you’re carrying extra Weight on this bike the more weight you Have going at higher speeds you want to Make sure you can come to a stop and you Can definitely do so safely here on the Available Atlas [Music] The next test we did with the atlas was Our circuit test here at EDR the circuit Is a one mile loop with a small 30-foot Climb and we do this test a total of six Different times now what we’re trying to Evaluate here is the speeds you can Achieve on this bike now the reason that Six times is it’s once without any help From the motor and then ones across each Of the five different levels of pedal Assistance now starting things off we Saw about a 13.3 mile per hour result With no motor help as soon as we engaged It jumped up to 17 miles per hour and Then smaller incremental increases up to About 21 miles per hour on the high end Now a couple of thoughts I had about the Speed profile breakdown of this bike

Number one those results look a little Bit clustered but I’m actually really Happy with the performance mid-drive Motors with torque sensors like this are Trying to match the effort level you Bring each lap that I performed I did it At a similar pedal Cadence and similar Effort and even though it didn’t make me Go crazy crazy faster crazy high jumps We did of course see a little bit less Effort required on my part I noticed my Heart rate was coming down it was just Easier every time not only that but it Was actually just a really good natural Pedaling experience this bike kicks on Almost instantly as soon as you put some Effort into the pedal and it just Provides such a nice and smooth feel you Can almost forget that it’s an e-bike You just feel like a little bit more of A souped-up version of yourself but it Is definitely taking a lot of that Strain off of you Again I’m a huge proponent of pedaling On e-bikes I like having e-bikes with Throttles and you can actually spec this With a throttle as well but it’s just a Really good pedaling experience that I Think people will enjoy [Music] Now anybody looking to buy an e-bike Wants to know how far they’re able to go On it so we put the atlas through two Different range tests we did one on

Maximum pedal assist and we did once on Pedal assist one where it’s giving you a More conservative and measured Um Amount of motor power now again the Atlas comes stock with a 48 volt 15 amp Hour Samsung battery or 720 Watt hours Which pairs with the 600 watt mid-drive Motor it’s pretty efficient pairing Overall because the battery only gives The motor as much as it’s asking for It largely depends on how hard you’re Pedaling and riding around out there so What we saw were results between 32 and 60 miles across our tests I’m very happy With this for a couple of reasons number One 60 miles is what ivelo claimed on Their website and I love it when what The brand is claiming is what is Actually what you’re going to get so Kudos to available on that front now not Only that but this is a Touring bike it Is something that you can take for very Long distances and if you want to be Able to go a week Plus without having to Worry about a charge you can double that Battery life as you can see this Particular bike not only has the battery In the down tube but avello sent us the One with the second battery that comes Here in the rear rack now for the Purposes of our testing we did it with Just the one battery we can safely say That you would double and see battery

Life improve substantially if you add That there overall it’s a very Comfortable e-bike it’s easy to ride This and not worry too much about Whether or not you’re getting fatigued It’s just an enjoyable experience and You’ll enjoy the miles you’re going to Get on this bike [Music] Now of course anyone looking to buy an E-bike probably wants to do it for a Little bit of help on the Hills so we Tested that here at EBR with each bike We review we take it out to a hellhole Which is about a third of a mile long And a 12 average grade it’s a very Steep And extreme hill far from something most People find on a daily commute but we Chose this hill specifically as we Wanted to test what a motor could do and Push to its absolute limits this m600 Motor by the thing is capable of a 600 Watts of power of sustain power with a 1200 Watt peak and a whopping 120 newton Meters of torque we had really high Expectations going into our Hill test Now typically we do this twice we do it Once on the max pedal assist setting and Once on a throttle only Power if that’s Available now the atlas does not come Stock with a throttle it is something You can add at checkout though but for Our results on the max Pas we saw a time Of a minute and 21 seconds and 13.4 mile

Per hour average as we climb the hill Now I’ve got a few thoughts on this Number one I think this is a great hill Climbing e-bike now if you’ve watched a Lot of our reviews those numbers in Terms of just where they stand in the Packer about middle however context is Key with this torque sensor it is trying To match your effort level and our test Writer Justin is always trying to make Sure he gives the same amount of effort On each Hill test that he does so it was A little bit of a more mellow result but He did remark how pleasant and smooth it Was I know from my time riding around on The bike I’ve very much enjoyed how it Helps out on Hills it still feels like I’m in control I’m riding the bike the Bike isn’t dragging me along but overall It just leads to a wonderful sensation I Think the only gripe I have about it is The fact that we couldn’t test it out on Throttle Um it was a little bit strange because With a lot of the class one or class 3 E-bikes we get I kind of accept my fate That it doesn’t have a throttle The Velo Does say that you can add that at Checkout I almost kind of wish it came Standard so we could take it off if we Didn’t want it as opposed to have to get It second hand but that’s okay overall Though in terms of what I can do on Hills it gets two thumbs up from TBR

[Music] Bottom line takeaway from this ivella Atlas review is this it is a premium E-bike that feels like a premium e-bike In terms of the overall performance and Of course some of the features on this It is an absolute joy to ride around on The motor on this feels wonderful it Feels like a natural extension of Yourself you go faster on flats and you Climb Hills with ease I’m very happy in Terms of the battery life that it Provides across all of our testing I’ve Noticed how it took a very long time for That battery to whittle down and that is Just so good knowing that people can go Out and go on Long tours with this bike And of course if the standard battery Isn’t enough for you you can easily Double it by adding the second battery In the rear rack at checkout Not only that but it features one of my Favorite bits of tech with the nvolo Drivetrain system it’s so intuitive it’s So fun and it’s just one of those things That feels luxurious on your bike the Comfort on this is almost Second To None Thanks to that 100 millimeter air Fork Up front and the versatile tires mean You can take this bike just about Anywhere you want to go Now the only real gripe that I can found With this bike is knowing that it could Have been a class two meaning it could

Have had a throttle that is something You have to add at checkout I kind of Just wish it came standard instead but Other than that though I don’t think This bike had any glaring flaws or Anything to point to to say I think that Needs to be improved I think you’re Actually getting wonderful value for Your dollar here Now if you found this review helpful Give this video a like if you haven’t Yet please subscribe to the electric Bike report Channel and for any other Things you don’t feel we covered here in This review we’ll leave a link to our Written description down below where we Go into more detail there again I’m Griffin Hills of electric bike report We’ll see you in the next review [Music] Foreign [Music]

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