Electric Bikes Made in America, USA Factory Tour

Recently I visited the Electric Bike Company headquarters in Newport Beach California. This is an ebike company that actually builds and assembles their product in America. They make their own wooden fenders, spoke their own wheels, and even have a custom paint shop! I was blown away by the attention to detail, amazing warranty, battery repair facility, and the expertise that each of the 100+ team members offer. The company started in 2012 as Madiba Bikes and changed their name in 2012. They continue to work with a program called Wastepreneurs Independent trolley operators recycling trash in Southern Africa by donating electric drive systems. They have five buildings totaling 80,000 square feet. This is a company that I’ve visited and reviewed in the past, and their facility is even larger now. They have several buildings that each focus on a specific step in the process, or a specific bike model. This video was created for fun, for free, to share for anyone who cares about products that are actually made in the United States.

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Hey guys we're in Costa Mesa right on The edge of Newport Beach I'm here with Sean lufton Smith at the electric bike Company man it's good to see you it's Been years good to see you too yeah so You've got like a new headquarters and We're going to look at the model A the New affordable model during this trip But it's fun to get a tour and so how Long have you been in business man yeah We started in 2012 roundabouts wow and We started with a small little location Just down the road and yeah now we've Moved into a bigger location so it looks A lot bigger yeah business is good let's Let's check it out here Wow So this is like a showroom yay so this Is we found it really uh helpful for for Our customers to come in and actually See the showrooms see some of our bikes On display but also it's given us the Opportunity to to offer this to our Dealers we have over 200 dealers Nationwide now and they find that it's Kind of a little bit cumbersome to have A whole bunch of different bikes all Over the floor sure we know the retail Space now so expensive so we found that We started with a design wall where it's Really it's one foot out by eight foot Across and eight foot higher so it's Really eight square feet of space and we Put this touchscreen display in this

Yeah in the in the uh in our dealers Where the customer then can come up and Start designing their own bike and then Get to choose out of all the different Things that we do here at the factory These are all the colors you can do here Correct you know they can see the colors That we have and they can see the Different finishes some of them have got A little Sparkle and some of them are Matte finish some of them little pearls Finish and when that gets when a Customer gets to actually touch and feel There's a kind of connection with with The customer and the bike and it's not It doesn't become ebcs by now and now It's their bike yeah well my bike I like To have the yellow and or the rigid Forks or and then I want to kind of see Well what is that so we have all the Different parts of our bikes and in this Design wall area wow this some of this Is really Pretty custom man I remember visiting Part of the reason this is sort of a Special tour thing and you know more Than a lot of companies you create this Stuff yourself and and it's so custom And you do it here it's like a lot of This stuff's happening I mean I can't Wait to see behind the scenes what's Going on but Um what's going on up here too it's got Like a new helmet huh yeah so we have a

New helmet program and one of the big Deals with the helmets we found it's It's there are people that want to match The color of their bike or the frame With the color of their helmet of course Yeah of course right hey you gotta match It exactly so we do have a helmets Customize it oh wow you can see it's Cool it's got its cpsc a pretty safety Approves got a front lines a Backlot With different functions it's got a nice Trim it's got It's got the strapping That you can choose different tops and So if you go to the the design helmets You can then also choose of course your Sizing and everything that I spoke about But then you can go back to the colors That we offer and then you can go ahead And choose the you know he Max your bike It's the same colors yes exactly that's Awesome there are a lot of colors I Don't know if this has changed Sean but I remember you can even do other like You can do custom colors is that right So the only color if you've got a nail Um color that you like or your car color That you want to match yeah or anything Just send us either a Swatch of that Part of that color or you can go to Pantone.com or you can go to one of the Paints suppliers just send us the code It will match it perfectly it's I mean I Remember when I first learned about These bikes I don't know this was years

Ago we've been doing this for a while And it was just like yeah you can pick Your bike color and at first it didn't Sink in but it's not just the bike I Mean it's like okay the basket the mesh The battery pack the rims the racks the Chain I still really love this I'm glad You guys are carrying carrying that Forward and I think this one kind of has This is a perfect example where you've Got the purple basket with the white and The white kind of ties in Sean this is This looks like is this a special Version of white yeah so so this is did Spade it's a it's a company out of Nevada and they've got a really unique Painting oh paints where it actually Will change color with a lot pearlescent Kind of restaurants yeah it's a small Little touch of the purple that will Match the baskets huh yeah and it's a Really nice at first I thought it was Just reflecting the basket but yeah That's a that's amazing and then it's Tied into the rack back here and you got The fenders matching the the chain cover Uh so tell me about the rack a little Bit more too because this your rack is I Remember pretty strong it's it's got a Lot of strength compared to some of the Rack stuff like that correct we Partnered up with MRK mounting is key It's a batch company and you know the Dutch they love their biking yeah and

They love the cargo they love taking the Kids along with them they love to do the The chores and they're grocery shopping And maybe even use it for work so we Popped up with them and they've got a Really unique system where it's a click In their Court of mounting is key where It's a clicking in clicking out system So really it's just an adapter plate That you can attach to any one of your Accessories and then it just clicks into Place so for instance this one is a Really nice waterproof saddlebag and you You'll you'll just click that into a Unique design on on the wreck now this Wreck is an HD so that's heavy duty so This will be able to also take on EU Approved child Perfect really nice for to taking the Kids along with it it's also got the Sort of the like the integrated Headlights here and it's got this the Spring loaded things and it's got bungee Loops and you can adjust the height and I mean this is a really good rack I um Again for me I get I'm doing the reviews Right so I see a nice part and it's like Cool yeah no choice yeah and Evolving one of the Other it was fun and everything but what Happens where what about all this space So they came up with this unique cool Thing called the double decker which Then attaches to the adapter plates and

Now that then mirrors the pattern that's On this rack and these racks are Available on all our backs and then of Course you can take another one this we Put on for the crates but you can put Any accessory that you wanted just you Just attach the the adapter plate to it And there it goes it'll just slip into Place it's nice and sturdy yeah yeah We're walking in it's like I will any of These work yes these are on our website So basically like for instance this Trunk bed you can use any trunk bag Which you like it's just the adapter Plate this is a universal adapter plate That you can you can purchase it from Our website so you can go to Amazon or Wherever you like adapter plate itself Is quite Universal having it with all Our bikes is what we feel is really Unique to us so you can add you know a Dog carrier yeah of course the crate This is a nice wicker baskets some People like to take it off so clicks off And you can carry it with you I could See that with your and the other I mean The tires they've got really good Puncture resistant stuff the new bike it You've got your own in-house Tire right Correct the Rhino the Rhino yeah you Have an accent where are you from again Originally South Africa South Africa Yeah yeah I try to talk like an American But

You do a good job But the Wicker Basket paired with you Know these front baskets are pretty Unique and I'm sure a lot of people love Those yeah the one thing that's unique About we feel about our company too is That we try to make the Box still look Classy still you you utilitarian but one Of the things is the is the headset We've actually modified the headset to Be part to do the record to be part of The headsets and we attach the basket to The headset and that then doesn't Compromise your steering obviously when Your bike is the kick stands down the The contents don't fall out of the Basket yeah but it's still classy Looking and it still it still looks like A nice beach cruiser took us a bit of Time to get a drop that we filled with Nellumin you've done a great job again Nailed the hit the nail on the head with The mounting because a lot of times I'll Cover a bike and you put the kickstand Down and then the the basket it's Connected to the fork it would like dump The stuff out and then the lights I Don't want to forget that I mean you've Got two lights up here I'm gonna put my Finger Over the sensor Whoa so this is this is our upgraded Technology package where the sensor well Keep it all over that I want to show

These back lights here too there's that Wraparound one that we were talking About earlier this is a great demo Because with the panniers that rear Light even though it wraps around on the Rack a little bit it kind of gets Blocked and so adding these I mean I I've seen just a couple other bikes in The industry do this and most of them Cost a lot more and they maybe they Weren't quite as utilitarian the Accessories on your your bikes are Really you know I like to Surf it looks Like a surf rack on that one yes right There and we just talked about all the Baskets and stuff is there anything else That oh I think the handlebars you're Starting to do it where people can get Custom handlebars yes the customizing That's the beauty of building our own Boxes we wait till the order comes in And how the customer would like to have They buy configured yeah and we've we've Had some people really like the the Sweat back handle right seating position Other people want more attacking seating Position other people like the BMX style The handlebars yeah so on our website You'll you'll start noticing that you Can have the choice of any kind of Handle four choices of handlebars some People also want to say you know there's Some throttle I prefer if I had it Because I used to ride motorbikes I want

A Twist throttle oh yeah we offer that As an option we've upgraded our our Optional grips so our grips we feel are One of the best in the industry you know It's a leather handset leather grips Yeah really nice and comfortable it's Kind of like your your wallet or your Handbag over time it gets nice and kind Of fits the the style of your riding and Your hand yeah but other people would Prefer to have more of a rubbery sort of Cushiony grip so while you're designing Your bike you get to have those options Too it's pretty fantastic man but all This customization Uh it probably takes a little bit of Time what's what's the lead time I mean The the shopping experience that I'm Most familiar with is like they have a Website you do the customizer and then It gets shipped to you and I think there Is a shipping charge for that kind of Depends on where you're at a couple Hundred bucks few hundred bucks and then But you have these stores and you also Have these showrooms so what's it like For a customer who comes to a showroom Or a store yeah so so if they go online Of course they can they can build their Bike and we ship it fully built you know The raster customer fully builted Particularly people that aren't that Technical they really love that nice all They do is they twist their handlebars

Talk to them to how they lock and They're ready to ride when they go to a Store to your point then they can Actually browse the store and they can See the box and they can get that Feeling they can go take it out for a Test run yeah and they don't have to pay For the shipping for the bike because The dealer then would take care of it The customer gets to have a have a Relationship with the dealer yeah that's What they like and I we feel our dealers Are wonderful good part you get it Through the dealer does the extra charge For the shipping to the dealer or Something no the dealer you know the Nasty with the dealer he is he absorbs That cost and he would then the sticker Price on the floor would be the Customer's price for that you know this Is fun and we're in the showroom but There's more here we're going to take me Backstage or what yes so here these are Some of our Our top sellers which you can look Online you can customize your own bike The way you want but sometimes if you're Buying a you know a gift for somebody And you're not really sure you want a Second what's the most popular we've got The top sellers on our website cool Which throughout the years we figured Out who what are the best sellers and we Those are the ones we pre-make and here

They are so you can actually without Weights no lead time you call us we'll Package it up and we'll ship it to you In in fully built to your destination of Choice this is this is a nice one Um several years back I reviewed a bike And uh my aunt ended up buying one and She chose these colors a lot like this She still loves it rides it so that's Kind of neat now this is uh underneath To you Court dude you are united the big The big reviewer of of of e-bots oh wow Yes Jack he's our chief R director hey Jack yeah and what we do of course we Try and evolve with the business then we Are now we've got the upgraded Technology package with where it comes With the lights and the brake lights and All the other things but then we also Look at you know evolving and developing Our frame our frame styles and also the Sort of Trends in the marketplace yeah Okay yeah and we we primarily a with the Number one we feel best beach cruiser Electric cruiser in the country yeah but We find that there's a there's more Youngsters you know we only serve 16 Year old and up but the 16 17 18 sort of Teenagers you know college kids are Looking for more sort of like a Utilitarian type of bike yeah where they Can go over curves and is this a Suspension Fork too love that got the Nice so this this isn't out yet but it's

Something are we going to see this Eventually or is this just a tease well Again you know it's a tease and this is One of a few frame styles that we're Looking at yeah of course what we'd like To do is you know the the our choice is 24 inch to 26 inch we see that some of The industries some people actually like The 20 inch wheel yeah that's that's Where we want to get to a smaller wheel With a thicker tire then the frame Style All kind of depends on on how Jack and His team developed it this has got a lot Of uh good comments and we do a you know It takes us six months to a year to Actually roll out a new model so There'll be a lot more work on this yeah We'll get a lot of input uh we as I said We've got a couple more frames similar To this and when that arrives and we we The Jack and his team is happy with it We will then choose the colors and the Beauty is that even color choices and Color trends are changing the beauty of Us having our own paint facility is that We can then move with those yeah Trends Quite quickly and we don't get stuck With a whole bunch of inventory and old You know old colors and I think what Jack has got going on over here I kind Of get Goose flesh about it because I Think magic he's he's almost I think Captured the magic we've got great Responses so far and and we'll keep

Evolving it that's another thing it uses All his knowledge his whole team he's Got a whole team working with him and uh Yeah we just uh head of head of the Trains he's got a special job man yeah It's almost like unlimited Parts here And creativity yeah yeah it's uh the Creative freedom is Kind of part of the job you're doing a Great job well shall we continue yes Thanks for giving it I hope this is okay We can keep it in the video if you see This you like the bike you have any Tips leave a comment and this is where We do all our packing wow you can see we Do This is for the bottom wheel and all These are custom made for our bikes We've got the side okay so here we are Is this a packed up bike correct these Are this is actually two bucks so oh wow First bike would go in that side the Second bike would go in there we'll just Twist the handlebars so the bike arrives Nice and sturdy on a pallet oh wow and It's got the nice strong ribs on the Side with the strapping so all you do When you get the bike when you get the Shipment you just cut this all off slide The bike out twist the handle glass and Go right and you've got that great tool Kit it just comes with everything you Need we probably about Wow so very few returns ever this is

Intense you're moving a bunch of bikes Out today huh Yeah well good luck thank you thank you Thank you so much We do our woodworking wow this is where We make our beautiful Uh chain guards wow and fenders for all Different models And we make them from scratcher we take Our ripped Oh my gosh yeah and we we take each one Of the each one of the pieces and we Layer those and then we put it on a mold Over here we put this on a mold oh That's what that is yeah so this this This Completely matches the circumference of Our wheel then it goes into the CNC Machine so once it's been Properly shaped for the CNC machine once It's been cnc'd it'll just Be sort of nicely curved yeah trimmed Out then we send it over to our paint Facility and I stain it and then that Waterproof it and then the finished Product is something that fits perfectly On our bike with the hardware and it's It goes well with our beach cruiser sort Of look And everything rust resistant one with It when I came in I it smelled so good In here and I just thought oh it's the Wood out in the the kind of the lobby Area but this is I feel like I'm going

Back in time here to be really made in America yes it's amazing and I'll show You through here okay So we do some of our outdoor outdoor Area where the shipper comes and picks Up the bike nice this is due to our Where we feel one of our claims to fame Is we build all our Wheels in-house and What that allows us is we can spec the Rooms to ensure that they're double Walled that there's no little pieces Left inside they're nice and clean so Those if and and if that's if somebody Else is doing your wheels for you Sometimes they can forget that so they Don't look at the little pieces that are Going to give you a puncture of course The front wheel needs to be you know the Back wheel needs to check the front Wheel it needs to be dished correctly it Needs to be tensioned correctly it needs To be true to 100 so us getting this Perfect room yeah inspected before we Even build it and the Ender Hub and the Spokes and we we uh can we get closer Here is this actually happening we're Smoking a wheel ratchet this is our A-Team right over here wow and you'll See how everything works So this protein and the lacing of the Wheel and you can see what we do is we As we soak all our brass these are brass Nipples that are soaked in a mineral oil To make sure that those things actually

Screw on perfectly onto the onto the Spoke yeah then that is that's a whole Business in itself it comes onto onto The railing and they slide down here to Our our shooting machine on either side Oh wow yeah if you've got two tracks set Up here this is amazing and it's really Good it's a really important part of the Business it's sort of underrated I feel The actual building of the wheel how Important that is you got 36 folks 36 Nipples you've got the you've got the Driver side the non-draft side the front The back yeah and this this machine over Here of course it gets programmed with The different types of wheels and There's a laser inside this machine here That actually control The tolerances closer than I can see so This is a really important part of our Business is that what it's doing now is Like spinning it and adjusting that it's Kind of tightening the spokes and Exactly making sure that each boat You've got the right tension that it's Stitched in the right way then that's Completely true Look at this Sean I mean I've never seen One of these before I've seen it done Manually at bike shops we started Manually Of course and that does help sometimes You know you get a repairing and you Don't have to start the machine up so

You can actually do that by hand but Overall a typical lacing of a wheel can Take about 20 to 25 minutes if you've Got a pro yeah this will do it in under Four minutes wow so this really helps This machine and I love that you have Silver and you have black and even the Motors I was looking down here it's like He's he's lining them up and then maybe Passing them to the next station where They connect them yes so we have the Silver Um Motors and we have the black motor of Course in the silver The Hub front hub In the back Hub yeah and then then the Different types of Spokes and we're also Then color customized the rooms oh Something's happening yeah so that one's Now finished so you and you can color Customize do you do that before you Spoke them around yes yeah so if Somebody wants to have their their will And we do that for corporate branding Particularly you know they they're very Picky on the color that they want so They want the the bike the certain color But then they also want the room that Particular corporate brand is kind of Like a Home Depot orange or something For sure just any old orange so then We'll paint that at our paint factory Yeah and then bring that in and then We'll lace those by hand and then run it Through the lacing machine if it's just

A one-off or tool it's pretty unique That I mean not only can you match the Colors and stuff but you can set these Bikes up for companies to do the fleet Thing and then you you have that terms Of use now so anyone who rides the bike Is is sort of agreeing to those safety Standards can you tell me a little bit More about that real quick yeah so what We find is once somebody buys a bike Sometimes it's for your own personal use Which is fine yeah but once you have an Airbnb or you have a you know a resort Or a hotel or or just even just in your Company you've got different people Riding the bike at different times you Really want to make sure that the waves Are in place and also your insurance Companies especially on e-bike so form I Will recline it more and more where's The liability here so what we have on Our display now if when you order the Upgraded technology package is you'll Get the display where you have to Actually accept the terms and conditions Of basic service or off the bike sure so That's then that then reduces your Exposure to to lawsuits in the future if Something had to go wrong and I love That you have some settings in there you Know I was just covering the new Affordable model the model A and I was Just I was accepting the terms and Sean Said well we can shut that off if you're

An end user we can also set the bike to Perform as class one class two or class Three so there are a lot of really cool Options in there and those are kind of Locked behind your your password or Something if you're the fleet owner and What's what's sort of the government Officials are saying to us Nitsa and Dot And you know the rest of the Regulators On e-bikes yeah I'm saying it shouldn't Be easy to change it it's not to say oh Well you're not we're going to say that Any sort of you know 6 16 year old can Go to the back and place a couple Buttons and change the settings yeah Then if it has to actually be a harder Way of doing it so now what we've done Is we've put in a code that only we have At our disposal and then you call in and You say listen I would I want to change The code I want to go all Friday Off-roading or I want to use it in some Other country where this where this the System is different yeah then we send Them their code but then of course we Get all the paperwork written down so There's a long there's a process to it It's not just a willy-nilly little Change of setting it's very Detail-oriented and this whole process Is unique but it it also speaks to the Replacement parts and the really good Warranty you guys have like the Five-year comprehensive warranty

Including the battery and then the motor And the frame you were saying it's 10 Years if you're a fleet owner you know They might get a lot of a lot of use and There are little things that can break You need Replacements on just looking Around and this tour you've been taking Me on has really um I mean that's really Impressive we've got a 3D printer where We do some of our r d and you know we Have 720 different parts and we have it All obviously between our different Facilities wow so this is where all the Wheels get hung after they're all spoked It's just amazing all the frames and Stuff here Sean yes it is and and here We have our expert Builders every Builder goes to a training program and Then they become a certified builder so The order would come in they would take The frame and here's she has the Building station we have specific tools Every one of our stands has has the Tools for that particular build for Instance on this one here We we found this a very important Details this is a torque wrench yeah and We can set the torque settings people Might think that that's not really Important but if you over tighten or Under tighten a bolt that is actually a Problem so we make sure that we have all Our settings and that each bike is put Together with the correct tools for

Starters nice then some of the hardware And you'll notice on this part here our Hardware is something that we really are Passionate about I mean it's just not Only the piece of Hardware uh the Material that it's made out of the Fastening the fastening um pattern here Also that it has Loctite on it's the Right length each one of these pieces of Hardware is how we feel our claim to Fame because it's in the details that Really when you put the bike together it Doesn't you know it doesn't rattle when You ride it and it doesn't corrode over Time I've covered you know thousands of Bikes at this point and a lot of times I'll get one I bought a couple just like Online on Amazon or something it's super Cheap one just to check it out and Yeah Stuff isn't quite set up as well and you Realize some of the hardware isn't Working and then it starts to rust You're by the coast here uh Newport Beach area and I remember you pointing Out your chain for the the model A was a Little bit more rust resistant and You're thinking about that kind of stuff Here yeah correct I mean it's more Little details like the the headset Making sure that the bearings are sealed Oh yeah and you know those are things That you know that in your headset you Don't get that kind of wrecking over Time totally have that yeah exactly yeah

So it's all it's all these this is where This little um each each Builder has Their own station where they can pull The correct yeah we're moving so fast I Mean it's really I'm always impressed With the safety thing so reflective a Little mud flap at the end of your Fenders even with the logo it's it's Pretty pretty neat man you really Scrutinize the details each one of the Parts are inspected before they go on The bike and you know just a small Detailed A Bit Lots oh yeah you know This would be a three you know it's got The three LED lights on the length of The wire each part is is specked by us For our Builders when you have two of Them I was like trying to find one of The there's like each one of the seat Stays you have an a three LED unit plus The tail light you know it's it's kind Of Overkill but for safety that's a good Thing yeah and you're here of course we Can customize anything you can have just A regular yes standard Fork rigid fork And what we also do is we offer a Suspension Fork but we can also Customize that you know you can you can Choose any color that you like if you Wanted this this the rigid Focus you Could get it but they are the suspension Fork too I think I see the the matching Fork that's kind of the colors are all Coming together over here with these wow

I just want to get a look at these Beautiful colors up here And all these frames that are hanging so What's going on at this station yo so Here India Transit with his team and We'll get a we'll get it just the frame And this is where his team actually then Would look at the order and then put all The basically the guts the the internals Of the bike yeah and then you know that Obviously includes all the wiring but Then obviously the brake lines the Anti-theft alarm system oh yeah that's a Big thing you do that and it's built Like into the frame so it's pretty tough Correct tap to get you and it's also Part of the controller so the controller Will be hidden up inside there and we'll Inspect the wiring to make sure Obviously the wiring is water resistant And here's an example where we'd put the Controller inside there this is where The battery brackets that gets connected To to for the other side there's Obviously a little switch in our lock All this gets into installed here with With Elliot and his team it's neat to See the sort of integrated battery Design you know very beautiful but I Keep coming back to the model A we were Looking at it has the just kind of the Traditional plastic battery on top of it But I love that you were thoughtful that That's cross compatible with some of

Your other models and that keeps it Affordable too and you have multiple Battery sizes for a lot of your like Right that we were looking at it was Like 12 amp hours 48 volts and and you Can also get a 14 or maybe even a 21 amp Hour yeah so we Step It Up of course we Use we use the high quality battery Cells yeah we've got the battery Management Systems that's compatible With all our different batteries and Then of course we have the charger we Don't go 36 volts we don't got 72 volts All of them are 48 volts so we use the Same charger for all our models it's Nice so we can actually then bring the Price down because of that also our Charging port a three-prong charging Port very important for us so then That's sort of standard on all our bikes Too so we can get the economies of scale By having the best technology and we Just roll it out to all our different Models that's awesome I mean I'm at I Really appreciate it too because you can Get the details right on that charger I've seen it has aluminum casing at the Fan and it's got I think a couple fuses Too for your charger so that if there's An issue and your battery has a couple Fuses and so there it feels a little bit More modular and Um a repairable comes to mind for all Your products great yeah it's fixable

You know fuse blows you pop a new one in It's not just trash yeah and you know You don't necessarily need to have Anybody of of you know electrical Engineer doing that what we do is if you Have if I have a problem we will send You a brand new battery as a replacement You take your battery that you have an Issue with put in the return box which Ships back to our engineering department Which is here which puts the whole Casing together that will then up the You know disassemble it with all the Hardware the tools the experts the Electrical engineers and then they'll Diagnose the problem and if it's fixable It's a small issue they'll just they'll Fix it so we can actually offer in a Long-term warranty for our batteries That's huge service and I think your Base warranty is that is five years for The battery that's correct really Good that's higher than most and then Being able to recycle them too is Right Very important what's the rate on that You know in terms of Um You know broken batteries and then the Fixability how fixable are they usually You know it's a very fixable I don't Think people actually realize how sort Of how simple it is if it's done right You know once the battery case there's Two things that we say it's a battery

Pack and then the battery case and then Everything else so the battery case Itself is actually pretty simple it's Just the cells nickel plating battery Management system and a little bit of Wiring within that we don't do that we Get an expert together to send us the Battery case either the battery pack Then what we do is we take the case then It's all these guys they can take the Case put the hardware put the switches In put the lights in and together that's Really where the maintenance comes in so We can open that we can check everything The actual pack itself we don't really Touch if that's if there's something Wrong with that we'll go see that to Recycling and we'll bring in a brand new One and then we can assemble that so we Can bring down our repair and Maintenance costs and pass it on as a Saving really to our customers yeah it's Great that you and you recycle the ones That don't work too man good job so we Walked upstairs and they're actually Assembling batteries up here well we Also we have the tools here and we have The experts here yeah these are the guys Right rock on good job guys what are Your names what's your name Ignacio Wow these you guys are awesome just on One of the switches it's it's one of the Connectors that are inside the battery You'll you'll have

You know the the quality of the Connection the gauge of the wire the What the what the polarity of each of These parts are so there's there's many Parts in a battery but when Apache does Come back for service it's important That you have the people the tools the Knowledge the drawings yeah to be able To service it quite quickly within a few Minutes and hence the five-year warranty So you're saying it's basically a Five-year comprehensive warranty Including the battery and then 10 years For the motor and the frame correct That's really that's awesome so this is The basket room are you a basket case Sean what's going on This is something that really Differentiates you guys and it's not Just a basket but it's also like a Battery option and so you have bikes Where it almost doesn't look like an Electric bike because the motor you know It's silver it kind of Blends in with The spokes or black and then you have The you have the basket and that's where The battery is you've got this really Sturdy bracket there's the little on off Switch and the power plug Um it's has that been pretty popular who Who likes that very popular you know the The woman really want to have a basket Yeah I don't want it to look like an Electric bike so the battery gets then

Hidden on the bottom of the baskets yeah So they get their baskets they get the Electric bike but it doesn't look like One no no this is reserved for the Baguette and the flowers right you know If you're tall and you're in your Sunglasses oh right it's a beach towel How could I forget that's great man and These are rated even with the battery How much can they carry yeah so extra on This one it's it's because of the the Brackets we've beefed up the bracket so This once the brackets on top once the Bracket has been test is also 50 pounds Wow 50 pounds that's pretty solid that's A lot of rear racks that we're just Waited the nice thing is it's a test Directly to the frame and the frame has Been modified to have that headsets a Bracket on there yeah so then it doesn't Compromise your steering exactly and When your kickstand is out it doesn't Fall down even all the contents for it Why don't we go off to paint and I'd Love to show you I'm excited to see that That's one of their highlights here so Excellent so here this is the paint shop Huh yes welcome very excited to show you The paint factory Let me show you through here how it Actually works okay one of our claims to Fame of course is we wait until the Order comes from the customer and then We then we start yeah so we start with

The raw frame and here's the raw frame It's got a small and primer finish on it You can touch it yes you can touch it I Don't want to mess anything up for these Guys so so it's exactly it's no problem Because if from a raw frame it'll come Over here to our prep team wow and this Is sort of an unsung these are unsung Heroes in our business because behind The scenes what they're doing here is Critical they've taken each part that Gets custom custom painted and they They're sanding it down making sure that Any blemishes or anything is taken off The product before it goes into into the Paint booth beautiful and that's each Part the frame the fork the fender the Chain guard the back rack every part of The bike it's a lot of work I mean you Guys you do that for all your parts Every part yeah So we put them in separate areas and When the order comes through The uh our painting would then take the Parts She has a helmets for instance geez yeah I know it's like here's all the stuff Here's the the chain covers the battery Cases yeah the fenders even the plastic Fenders yes repaint the plastic finish Wow so so for instance here this is a Beauty again of building our own our own Products is we don't before the battery Case is actually assembled we can paint

That so we don't have to take an Existing battery case disassemble it Paint it yeah reassemble it re-hook it Up we did it wait we do it before we Even build so we'll prep the battery Case we'll make sure that it's nicely Sanded down and cleaned primed yeah so This is where all the magic really Happens as well I can smell the Magic in The air let's see it's uh you know we Normally have our fans blowing and we've Got we've got a whole bunch of Extraction fans and obviously to paint Paints here you have to get all the Clean Air permits and everything else Going on so here where the team would Then take the And then prime it once it's Probably they'll go into our booth Didn't ask for get a nice coating of Prime on it and then it dries Then after it's dried then it gets Painted any color the customer would Like so here are some of our custom Color paints you want if you wanted Faded from colors different colors this Is like a one of a kind so this is done By hand yeah this is all done by our bar Painters here oh my gosh good job guys This is amazing and yeah you can see how Beautiful every part looks all the Fenders and the chain guards and the you Know people get really creative it's Kind of fun I would probably not choose

These colors but this is a you know a Unique type of color combination if That's your style we can do it I like That that goes with all our baskets our Back racks Our suspension forks and any type of Frame style you like I I like the colors Man and it's just just raw frames and Stuff I see helmets through here too Kind of poking through yes so the Helmets is also really nice we will just Get the raw shell and then we prep that Prime it and then also choose get the Customer and the customer can choose any Color that they like and then we paint That and assemble it And send it with a bike I feel like I'm In Detroit hanging out with like Henry Ford or something here you got this Amazing and really yeah high quality and Yeah this is processed it's a it's a Technical process because of course you Know you want to get it dust free you Want to make sure that you're mixing the Right paints together yeah you've got Hardness and you've got reducers this is Ellen the Maestro hey how's it going Hello Yeah nice to meet you nice to meet you Yes you're in charge of this Kingdom in Here this is my color Kingdom my safe Zone right here yeah I like that you got Like the bunny suit uh everything got The whole outfit

Trying to play the part That's fantastic are you the one that Helps to blending the colors and Actually painting them and stuff yeah Any uh any of the you know painting or With a blending or you know single color Special colors that uh happens here and Take care of it he mentioned hardeners And stuff and I suppose in some cases You're doing decals for companies and Stuff do you put like a clear coat over That so that it's you're not peeling off A sticker or something correct but if It's if it's quite a simple process Ellen it's very talented in his team They can airbrush it on and or paint it On oh cool if it's a technical decal We'll get it printed and then of course You will paint the uh the frame and the Fork and everything the corporate colors And then we'll take the logo and then Stick that logo on normally it's a Die-cut logo yeah and then Ellen and his Team will then take a clear coat and a Couple clear coats to make sure that It's nicely sealed so it doesn't corrode Peel or fade wow what's your favorite Part of the the process here Um I don't know I I like the the variety Right yeah every day is different you Don't you do the same thing you know day After day yeah today I'll paint you know Paint blue tomorrow maybe I'll do a logo The day after you know we'll blend yeah

Elements I mean it's just it changes Every day and there's creativity Involved too this the artist it's neat To speak with someone like that I bet You have some sort of custom bike Yourself or a car you've painted I mean I uh Tinker with things here and there Sure sure so nice to meet you good job Nice to meet you This is I just there's all kinds of cool Stuff in here I feel like a kid in a Candy shop Or are you guys getting ready to Actually do a paint job yeah exactly wow That's what they do is they the devil Come in if it's if it's a lighter color It gets a lighter primer so it'll get a Whites primer if it's obviously a darker Gets gray and if it's a really dark Color like a black or or a dark maroon Yeah then it gets a black a really Deeper color primer so this will be this One over here has got the whites priming So they'll have a we'll have a orders For some lighter colors which they're Busy prepping for there's a level of Care there I mean I wouldn't have you Know you get a chip on something you see The undercoat and the fact that you have Three different colors instead of like Like every undercoat is white you know That that's it's just so much detail Sean it shows the Brilliance of the Colors depending upon how the uh oh okay

Electric checkout electric bike report They're probably gonna have a review on That bike soon They do a good job there's a you know It's a wonderful space everyone's so Positive and it's hard to get on on a Bike and exactly the more the merrier Though we've got lots of competitors and We always kind of compete us and compare Ourselves against our competitors yeah Quite frankly the more people on the Electric bikes the better yeah this is Our helmet display which will be going Out to all our dealers with all our Different helmet colors and I'll give You I'll show you inside our little Helmets room here well it's really nice To try a helmet on in addition to all The colors so giving that to the dealers It's another really just like the little Kiosks that we looked at back at the the Headquarters there yeah that's right for For people to walk in and see the Brilliance of the colors and to see the Bike and to see that they can color Customize that which is great but then You need a lock and then you might need A cup holder and then you need the Helmet so yes the helmet itself we chose We feel the best helmet that's out there It's got the front and back lights and It's you know it's got all the different Kinds of functions on it and also you Can just do the back yeah and it has

That USBC charging port Um and the the fact that your bikes also Have a USB port means you can charge Your helmet right off your bike that's Really helpful that's great and this is Just another uh added advantage of Working with us at electric bike company Is because it's a personalized Customized sort of accessorized product Yeah having one of the having a key part The helmets we also now offer their talk To us dealers that's fantastic Sean but I feel like we've seen so much and all Of this has been kind of just for the Moment walking in making some friends With all the different employees he said He'll be like 150 people 120 yeah 120 Currently wow obviously as we get busy Our busiest times of course are kind of Coming up now with Valentine's yeah Really beautiful products really okay That makes sense yeah that's a great Gift actually yeah biking with with my Girlfriend you know it's been a fun Thing so I just wanted to say thank you This was just sort of a long run video Adventure you're very special unique What your company does it's been fun Just to check out the new products too You know electricbikereview.com I Covered most of the models some of my Reviews are a little bit out of date but It's a chance to check out a little bit More in depth on a particular bike and

You do work with a number of companies You have a great website with the Customization tool and I wish you well I Mean this is just it's fun and and I Hope it helps other people too and maybe Dealers if you're a dealer and you're Like thinking about Brands to carry it's It's nice to see the level of care that They bring here every company has Something special to offer and you you You're just like the whole Spectrum Right here right now Memphis you know it's a really big team You're honoring your team good job man Yeah very nice to see that Sean but Thank thank you so much and until next Time hope uh things go well yeah you too Boy thanks for coming yeah Foreign

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