DYU S2 Mini Foldable E-Bike Review

BikeFolded reviewed the DYU S2 Mini Foldable E-Bike.
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Most be bikes i’ve tested are really Bulky and not suitable for small spaces It’s difficult to carry them to public Transportation or take it to places in Your car chunk The Dyus2 is a mini e-bike that could meet The demands The dyus2 came pre-assembled out of the Box Basically i just needed to install the Seat post and pedals before my first Ride It was in really good condition There was just a small crack on the Plastic body But this doesn’t affect operations The bike includes fenders Front light tail light And a kickstand So you don’t need to buy anything else To start riding it This is probably the smallest e-bike I’ve ever used My recent e-bike came with 12-inch Wheels while this one has just 10 inch Wheels I am just 5 foot 7 tall But it already looked tiny for me Even when i set it at the maximum seat Height My 7 year old daughter could sit Comfortably on the bike Therefore if you are taller and bigger

Than me You should consider carefully before Making the purchase I really like its compact size I can fold the handle post down and Lower the seat post Then it can easily fit into any car Chunk There are just a few controls on the Handlebar You can find a light switch a horn A power button And a right twist grip There is also an led display showing the Current battery level The s2 obviously is not designed to use Without electric assistant This is a single speed with low gearing So it’s very slow when you just use Pedals to move forward You should always turn on the model And then ride the bike in full throttle Or payload assistant mode I use the bike in full throttle mode Most of the time And the pedals are just like footrest For me Riding the dyu is actually much more Comfortable than i expected Dubai uses a double shock reducing System Including a suspension seat post and Thick tires It can smooth out rough terrain pretty

Well So i can ride it on paved road For more than 30 minutes without feeling Significant discomfort Besides the 240 watt model is good Enough for me As i mostly ride on flat roads And clamp some low inclines The battery could last more than 20 miles for normal usage Now let’s check our pros and cons Pros Compact design Comfortable ride Good battery life Cons Not suitable for big riders Slow speed with our motor Overall the diy us2 can’t impress me as An e-bike But is a great alternative to E-scooters is still compact while being Much more stable and comfortable So we can ride it for a longer period of Time I’d highly recommend the e-bike if you Can get it in the 300 to 400 price range

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