Denago Commute Model 1 Review | Electric Commuter Bike (2022)

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In our review of the Denago Commute Model 1 we dig into this Class 3 e-bike’s features as that make it a capable commuter. With its 653Wh battery, 500W brushless hub motor, 8-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, the Denago Commute Model 1 is a very capable and affordable Class 3 e-bike.

What separates the Denago Commute Model 1 from Denago’s City Model 1 is its addition of a headlight, rear rack and front and rear fenders, making it ready for a daily commute with changeable conditions.

While Denago is a relatively new company, their crew is experienced in the e-bike world and the Denago Commute Model 1 shows the depth of their knowledge. This is a speedy and comfortable e-bike, thanks to big tires and a suspension fork, that handles well at speed.

We are also impressed that Denago went so far as to build the Commute Model 1 in two frames—a traditional design as well as a step-thru version—and both frames come in two sizes in order to fit a wide range of riders sizes. It’s an impressive bike at a terrific price.

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Hey everybody Griffin Hales here again Today and I have with me the dinago Commute model one now did not go is a Little bit of a newer company but this Is the second bike we’re reviewing from Them they’ve made a really good first Impression with us and a lot of that Continued here with this commuter that You see we’re gonna dive into it and Talk a little bit more about the spec Sheet value and of course how it Performed in all of our testing so stick With us through the review [Music] Thank you [Music] So with the dinago community model one This is a bike that actually does show a Lot of details throughout that showcases That the team behind the bike does know A lot about cycling Dinago as a brand is a little bit Younger they first released a bike in April of 2022 and we reviewed that as The city model one and we liked it by And large Now with this one we actually had some Expectations this time around instead of Curiosities but I think it actually Delivered on most of our expectations Now for me that all started with the Comfort of the bike as you can see this Is a step through frame and there’s a Traditional High Step option as well

Either frame style comes in two Different sizes but I love what they’ve Done with the sizing on these bikes it Comes in either a small medium or a Large extra large variant the reason I Think that’s worth pointing out is Because it changed the Comfort level for Me personally drastically with this E-bike oftentimes manufacturers who are Trying to make something that is Adjustable to a lot of different Riders They will make a small medium and medium Large frame what that does is it puts me Kind of always on the margins 6162 is The cutoff for a lot of bikes and Sometimes I feel it a lot of bikes that I ride are good they’re not great in Terms of comfort I don’t get the arm Extension or the leg extension that I Like and it just feels a little bit Cramped every time when I first hopped On this I was actually really surprised With with just how comfortable I felt You can sort of just see it in this bike Overall it just seems a little bit Taller and a little bit larger than a Lot of other rides it comes down to the Head tube being a little a couple inches Larger than most a very large uh stem Here that’s adjustable as well and for Me it just added up into a great feel I Was upright and happy out on the roads Now of course there is more going on Besides just the sizing of the bike

Though they’ve equipped this to be a Very capable commuter as the name would Suggest that starts of course with you Have a front suspension Fork as well as A suspension seat post here that just Makes the ride that much better if you Have your typical things that you expect To find on a commuter with the fenders For coverage when riding out in the rain As well as a rear rack here that’s Capable of hauling up to 59 pounds and Then of course it’s got a very fun and Punchy motor here that is good for Speeds I found that Riders will be able To kind of dial it in if they want a Slower me medium or blazing fast ride on This now we’re going to dive into all of The different specs and features that I Think are notable and worth pointing out But just know that if there’s anything Not covered in this section we will have A section for that back on the EBR Website from the link down below [Music] When it comes to the notable specs here On the commute model 1 we of course want To start with the motor powering this Bike is a 500 watt shangy rear hub motor It is very fast very fun and really is a Testament to the fact that you don’t Need a 750 watt motor to have speeds and Hill climbing we’ll look more at that Later on in our testing to come now this Pairs with a 653 watt hour battery

Integrated into the down tube it is Removable but there it just looks pretty Sleek and nice in there adds a little Bit to the styling of the bike with that Black bar at least I think so Now riding around you have the eight Speed micro shift drivetrain with an 11 To 32 Tooth range here in the rear overall I Think this is provided very adequate Gearing for the types of speeds you are Capable of on this bike and it does Pretty well overall when it comes to Hill climbing and even Hill descends Now the brakes on this are provided by Some Zoom hydraulic disc brakes with 180 Millimeter rotors we’ve been pretty good We’ve been pretty big fans of the Performance of Zoom brakes that’s also Going to come in a test here shortly and Then just overall it’s a fairly standard But good and solid cockpit The Handlebar Is a little bit more of that bent and Angular Cruiser style it’s very Comfortable it’s decently responsive I Like the grips on either side that are a Nice soft rubber with wings that kind of Help rest your palms on there Comfortably in the middle is an LCD Display it is very utilitarian it shows You all of your relevant ride data from Speed to battery life and of course your Odometer it’s maybe one of my few gripes With this bike is it’s just a little bit

Basic compared to the rest I think the Bike does look like it’s out of current Model year the LCD display just looks a Little bit dated for me personally But of course these are all fairly like Minor gripes it’s nothing too alarming And then of course helping you ride Around are these two uh 27 and a half by 2.6 inch wide tires these tires have Held up pretty well I don’t think we’ve Had any Flats over the course of our Testing which we got about 100 miles or So on this bike uh By the time Everything was done So those are the notable specs and as I Mentioned before anything I’m leaving Out you can find back at the EDR website But the specs are great but how they Perform is better so let’s go ahead now And take a look into our testing process Starting off with our brake test To better understand the safety of E-bikes we want to know what the braking Capability is like so with all the bikes We test we put it through our braking Test what we do is we bring the bike up To 20 miles per hour and then stop as Quickly and safely as we can we do this Multiple times so we can get an average Braking distance and then we sort of sit Back and assess that result and take a Look at it overall so we got 24 feet to Stop this e-bike which is a little bit On the longer side I think the brakes

Perform very well when you come to a Stop it slows the tire down it doesn’t Lock it or put it into a skid which is Nice I always appreciate that fact I did Expect a little bit shorter braking Distance Zoom breaks in the past have Always done really well on the Performance side their longevity is Where I would say they need a little bit Of improvement we find that we have to Service them a little bit quicker than Tech drill breaks for example but Overall it’s a it’s a okay to good Performance just not on the upper tier But I think the fact that you can stop Under control means a lot as well so Overall okay performance from the brakes We also put this bike on our circuit Test now the point of this test is to See the speed profile We want to make sure that writers are Always able to kind of find a pedaling Speed that they would be happy and Comfortable at and feel safe riding now For this test we will take it out to our Circuit which is a one mile Loop Consisting of four right hand turns and A small 30 foot climb I’ll do this six Different times in total one with no Motor power and then one across the five Levels of assist starting things off I Had a 13 and a half mile per hour Average with just using my own legs as Soon as we engage the motor we saw very

Small incremental improvements across Pas1 and 2. Really for me around PS3 is where the Motor truly kicks on three and four were Good differentials and then five I Treated kind of like the After Burner Mode because as you can see there you go Up to a blazing 25 miles per hour on the Circuit now overall I do like this motor It is very fun and very Punchy to be Able to put it into pas5 and just take Off like that is a lot of fun and if That doesn’t sound like your speed you Can of course just stay at PS4 or you Can even adjust the speed settings down To lower it from that class 3 28 mile Per hour max to something a little bit More your comfort level now also all Around this test I kind of like to Evaluate the drive training to see how That engages with the motor and I do Like the eight different gears that they Offer here with the micro shift eight Speed for me I think that it was Possible to kind of keep up with the Speed of the bike up to only the very Top end speed and at which point I Didn’t really want to push the bike Faster than 28 miles per hour anyway so I think that was adequate and good there Overall very impressed with the Capabilities in terms of speed from the Shangy 500 watt rear head motor Of course when you’re buying something

With e in the name for electric bike you Want to know how long will it be able to Power you for so we conducted a range Test now here at EBR we do this range Test twice we do it in the maximum level Of motor assistance and then the minimum Level of motor assistance where we feel It’s constantly helping the rider which In this case was at pedal assist level Two this helps establish a real world Test kind of give you the book ends of What you can expect in terms of battery Life now on the commute model one we got Between 27 and 38 miles of range which Is a fairly respectable result at 653 Watt hour battery when paired with a 500 Watt motor means you should expect about An hour of ride time which we got it is A little bit under denaugo’s claim on Their website they listed 45 miles now Of course there are a host of different Factors that affect range from Rider Weight to writing conditions and how Much elevation you’re clearing but I’d Say that overall 27 to 38 miles is a Good amount for a commuter such as this I think it’s going to be able to get Just about any anyone from A to B in a Day solidly probably even two or three Days at the time overall pretty happy With the result And we’ve saved our best test for last We have the hill test here at EBR we Take each bike we review out to hell

Hole which is a third of a mile long and A 12 average grade now we’re going to do This test two different times we do it Once with just the throttle and one more Time with the max Pas and of course Using the help of our legs now we chose This hill specifically because it’s a Very extreme example of the hill we Don’t expect every bike to make it to The top so if anyone does it’s a happy Surprise for us but this one made it to The top with relative comfort and ease On our throttle only test we had a time Of a minute and 37 seconds with an Average miles per hour of 11.2 and then With the help of our legs on the max Pas Test those times improved to a minute And nine seconds with a 15.2 mile per Hour average now those are all really Good and satisfying results a lot of People sometimes will write off a 500 Watt motor thinking it’s not as powerful As a 750 watt motor but a lot of that Comes down to programming and how it’s Been set up and we can see that dinago Has really allowed this bike to just Cruise through Hills now because it’s Such a strong motor sometimes you’ll Forget that you actually have eight Different gears to choose from most of The time you’ll be living in that eighth Gear but again just kind of having that Micro shift 8-speed drivetrain with the Options of making Hills a little bit

Easier is great to have NC overall I’m Very happy with the results of the Hill Test for the dinago commute model one [Music] So here’s my biggest takeaway from my Time reviewing the denago commute model One I think this is a very well Assembled and thought out e-bike there Is a lot going on that I think Riders Are going to appreciate now for me I’m Going to speak directly to any fellow Six foot Rider out there when I say Having a true large and extra large Frame made a world of difference in my Book it felt like a long time coming to No longer be on the margins of comfort Where things were good but to feel like It was truly great having a bike with Sizing that really did truly fit me that I could be comfortable on get good leg And arm extension and then just feel Comfy and cozy overall that does of Course come down to having the Suspension here and here in a pretty Soft overall saddle but it’s just a well Thought out and well-assembled e-bike From everything from the 8-speed Drivetrain and then of course what has Got to be the absolute star of the show With that 500 watt rear hub motor it is Very Punchy and fast in the higher end If you want it to be and you can of Course dial it down if you want Something a little bit slower slower

That you’d feel more comfortable at it’s Very easy to adjust the bike’s settings To change it from a class 3 to a class Two and I just think that people are Going to find a lot that they can enjoy With these with the commute model one Here now of course there’s no such thing As a perfect e-bike there are a couple Of things such as the slightly dated Looking display and then of course the Braking performance I wish would have Been great instead of okay to good but Those are minor nitpicky gripes and you Find those uh from time to time with any Bike overall though I think denago has Crushed it with their first commuter and I can’t wait to see what they have next In their lineup now if you found this Review helpful please consider liking And subscribing to the electric bike Report Channel if you haven’t checked Out our website yet we’ll leave a link In the description below as well as a Link to current pricing for this bike And then of course you can always leave Us any questions and comments on this Video and we’ll be chatting with you There again I’m Griffin Hales thank you And we’ll see you on our next review [Music]

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