Dangers of Presta Valve Core Removal with air in the tire

One of our viewers comment: ”I heard it is dangerous to remove a Presta Valve Core. Is this true?

Well, that depends. Most of the time, no problem. But if the tire is filled with air as maybe the case with a broken core tip on a clincher or a clogged valve core on a tubeless tire, the air released may cause the valve core to become a dangerous projectile.
00:44 Let’s demonstrate using some long nose pliers.
01:14 To solve this, don’t use pliers or those valve core removal tool similar to Park Valve Core Removal Tool but rather one that hold the end of core, surrounding it to keep it from flying off, such as the Stan’s No Tube Core Removal Tool or the Motion Pro. If the valve is on very tight, use long nose pliers to loosen the core, then continue with a core removal tool such as those mentioned. When removing the valve core in any of these cases also:
1. Use Eye Protection
2. Put the valve at 12 o’clock (facing down and away which also allow the remaining sealant to gravitate to the bottom away from the valve.
3. And as we’ve mentioned, use a valve core removal tool encompasses the end of the valve tip.

One of our viewers wrote in and said he Had heard it’s dangerous to remove a Press the valve core Well that depends Most cases deflated tube or Tire take Out the valve core no problem however in Certain circumstances that is when There’s still air in the tire and let’s Say the tip of the valve core broke off And you want to replace the core or Maybe you have a tubeless tire still Filled with a lot of air and the core Has come gunked up and you want to Remove that core and clean it You better be careful let’s go ahead and Demonstrate using some long nose pliers So I’ll take my long nose pliers Find the flattened edges And start to Take off the valve core All right let’s see if we get the core Off [Music] In those cases where there’s still air In the tire do not use long nose pliers Or core removal tools such as this where You apply the end to turn and Remove the valve make sure that you’re Wearing safety glasses I’ll put mine on and use a tool such as This one is from stance or other ones Out there that are similar that will Encompass the end of the valve core as You remove it we’ll show you how

With your safety glasses on Take the Wheel place the valve at 12 O’clock position pointed down and away From you if you’re dealing with a Tubeless tire this also has the effect That any residual sealant will settle Down towards the bottom and not spray Out in your face with the stand or Similar valve core removal tool notice How as we turn it fits over the entire End of the valve we can now unscrew it And remove it Slowly letting the air out [Music] Be patient now we can fully remove the Valve core And either clean it or replace it as Needed Well that’s only about five bucks and I Didn’t even have to remove the tire and Tube quick If you have any additions things you’d Like to add please comment below Subscribe keep up with our latest videos Is Tony of Tony 10 speed safe cycling

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