Blix Ultra Review | Electric Fat Tire Bike (2023)

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The Blix Ultra is an aggressively-styled addition to the company’s lineup of generally Dutch-inspired designs. Our Blix Ultra review covers the bike’s specs, riding experience, and performance as measured during the usual Electric Bike Report testing process.

The Ultra’s cargo and passenger capacity can be expanded greatly through the wide range of available accessories, including seats, racks, and baskets.

With Bluetooth functionality, the Ultra pairs to the Blix Bike app, allowing riders to switch between Class 2 and Class 3 modes with the touch of a button.

The Ultra is a speed demon with no cargo, but really feels like it wants some weight to haul around. A dual battery model offers the ability to carry that cargo even farther.

With its weight and wheelbase, the Ultra’s ride feels remarkably smooth and stable.

Check out our video review for a deep dive into the Blix Ultra!

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10:14 Battery / Range Test
11:55 Motor / Hill Test
13:24 Blix Ultra Review Conclusion

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Hi I'm John with electric bike report And I've got the Blix Ultra here today This is a fat tire e-bike that's super Powerful super fast and it's also Ultra Customizable through blix's range of Optional accessories and also it's a Bluetooth functionality so we're going To do a deep dive on the specs and the Performance stay tuned [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Before we dive in uh don't forget to Subscribe hit that notification Bell That allows you to know when we upload New contents you can see more reviews Like this So let's talk about Blicks briefly as a As a company their lineup of bikes uh Generally features a lot of Dutch style More classic looking e-bikes so the Ultra is really a big departure from That we've got these uh big knobby front Rear tires got that front suspension Fork and a 750 watt rear hub motor those Things really let the ultra go anywhere Do a little bit of everything to a point But the functionality is also really Expanded with blix's range of Accessories for the bike you can add

Both front and rear cargo racks front And rear baskets and you can actually Add seats to the rear rack so you can Expand your passenger capacity as well But one of the biggest things is the Ultra's capacity of handling two Batteries you've got the main one in the Down tube there and then a slot for a Second behind the seat post our bike did Not come equipped with that but our Testing kind of backs up blix's claimed That that really doubles the range The ultra also connects to your phone Through the Bluetooth app that allows Your phone to double as sort of a Secondary display on the bike we'll Cover it a little bit more later but the Ultra has a very small minimalistic Display so if you're inclined to want a Little bit more to look at a little more Information available pairing your app There is is a great function Your phone can also switch the bike from Class 2 to class 3 mode which is great You can do that on the Fly that brings You from the class 2 limit of 20 miles An hour up to 28 with class 3. Uh for anybody that likes speed great Feature Let's talk a little bit more about the Cargo capacity on the bike Um as I mentioned front and rear cargo Racks the rack that we have here uh did Not come sorry excuse me does not come

Standard on the bike but ours did come With it as you can see it's really well Built well-constructed uh gives the bike A 150 pound capacity that allows you to Handle those extra Riders Uh but when you have weight on there I Think the bike actually handles a little Better I love the speed I love the Handling anyway but with some extra Weight there uh it really feels a little Bit more balanced But speaking of balance when you're at a Standstill when you're stationary weight On there can make the bike feel a little Tippy uh fortunately though the sort of Hybrid frame design we have here Compensates for that a lot you don't Have to swing your bike sorry your leg Over the bike you can just sort of Step Through that that hybrid frame that also Allows you to hop on and off as needed Uh when you're traveling so with all of That said let's talk about the specs and The components So when we're talking about the Ultra Specs let's start here at the back end Of the bike we've got that 750 watt rear Hub motor it's got 90 newton meters of Torque so with all of that you've got Plenty of uphill capability Uh you have an eight-speed micro shift Drivetrain uh while that is not like a Shimano or a SRAM it is compatible with Both of those so that's a great feature

The batteries are both 672 watt hour 48 Volt uh power is going to be there when You need it and if you have both Batteries installed again you've got Awesome range Moving up to the front of the bike we Have uh Zoom 180 millimeter hydraulic uh disc brakes We've got the same 180 millimeter rotors On the front and back the fork is also Made by Zoom that has 80 millimeters of Travel and and really performed great Like we took this thing off-road And I just really loved its its ability To handle rougher roads without causing Any you know discomfort on the way uh We've got a nice headlight there is a Tail light although ours for some reason Is unconnected uh but that's okay Talking about the cockpit then we have The again Pretty small minimalistic display that Comes standard on the bike That will display either your battery Level your pedal assist level uh or your Speed but not all three at the same time However if you're say on the speedometer Setting and you do change the pedal Assist level it will show you what level You're at for a short period of time but I do recommend picking up a phone mount The bike does not come with one I wish It did but when we were out and about Testing we threw one on there and it you

Know allows you to see all of that Information simultaneously which is Really great And we've also got the throttle lever With it being a class two and the thumb Shifter which I really appreciated uh You you know whether you're shifting up Or down you've got the same motion it's All very smooth it's great so let's talk A little bit more about the bike's Performance in our testing [Music] So the first test that we're going to Talk about is our brake test uh for that We bring the bike up to the class 2 Speed limit of 20 miles an hour we come To a stop as quickly as we can while Maintaining control of the bike And we measure the distance as we as we Do come to a complete stop we repeat That process three times that allows us To get sort of an average that allows us To compare and get a range for all Similar bikes so with the ultra here We've got those Zoom 180 millimeter Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes That resulted in the ultra having an Average stopping distance of 22 feet 8 Inches That's pretty good it is a little bit on The slower end uh similar bikes are Averaging about a foot less than that But when you're on the bike Honestly you don't notice it it feels

Great it feels very solid and I think Part of that is helped by the fact that The the ultra has this really long Extended wheelbase Uh so one thing to note is that if you Do have extra cargo on the back of the Bike your stopping distance is going to Be extended so if you have cargo if you Have extra passengers you know apply the Brakes a little bit sooner and uh you'll You'll be good to go so with that said Let's look at our circuit test data So for our circuit test we take the bike Through a one mile Loop that's made up Of four right turns and it also has a Small 30-foot climb We do that at each of the bikes pedal Assist levels and also in a lap with no Motor assistance whatsoever just we can See how the motor engages uh and also What the bike feels like if you run out Of juice So it's worth pointing out that with the Ultra we tested it in class 2 mode That's the way the bike ships that's the Way you would get it if you if you Bought it so we wanted to see just the Baseline with that At pas0 Uh you're pedaling a big heavy bike That's that's no motor assistance uh You're gonna move slow this thing is is A bit rough to get up hills especially But once the motor engages at pedal

Assist one you're good to go uh you Really do feel that input you feel sort Of the uh the weight of the bike Disappear and I know our data shows I believe around 14 miles an hour but you You really do get up to speed easily Even at pas1 which is pretty cool uh That's not something that's super common Going up from there in pedal assist 2 if You have any cargo on the back that Really takes the weight of the cargo off When I tested the bike with some cargo I Think I had about 40 to 50 pounds on the Back and it felt as though that was not Present at all Once you get in pas3 you start getting a Little bit more help on Hills you can Still get up hills in Pas one and two But it's definitely a lot more difficult In three you start getting that a little Bit of extra assistance that helps you Climb and then in pas4 going up hills Gets even easier And in the fifth setting uh everything Is just pretty effortless effortless Speed it does kind of feel like the bike Is tuned uh for class three mode if you See the data the jumps in miles per hour Uh between four and five it's it sort of Tapers off a little bit so once you have That in class three mode you really do Get those jumps again brings you back up To that 28 miles per hour speed limit uh

So with that said let's move on to the Range test and see how it did All right so for our range tests uh we Take the bike out we run it until the Battery dies we do that both in the Minimum and the maximum Pas settings That allows us to get sort of a real World range of battery performance and How many miles you can get out of a bike On a single charge uh so with the ultra With r Ultra here we actually just had The single battery option although uh Blix's marketing kind of focuses on the Possibility of having two batteries so They Market the bike as having a maximum Range with two batteries up to 80 miles Now with uh just a single 48 volt 672 Watt hour battery uh our testing Definitely supports that in minimum Pas Setting we got a maximum of 51.7 Miles Uh at pas5 we got 24.3 miles so if You're taking that maximum the 51.7 Thinking about that with just a single Battery it's entirely possible to exceed The 80 mile range Claim by Blix it's Also worth pointing out that with that Pas1 again you're getting a lot of motor Input you're getting noticeable power From the motor and you're also getting Great range so uh you know if you're not Dealing with a lot of hill climbing I Really think that pas1 Even even pas2 if you have some cargo Like those are definitely the sweet

Spots on the bike they're more than Functional they're they're great uh all Right let's move along So for our Hill test uh we take our Bikes up a local Hill called hell hole It's about a third of a mile long with An average of 12 grades and it really Presents a pretty extreme Challenge uh For most e-bikes not all the bikes that We test make it up the hill so if one Does we generally consider it successful And the ultra had no problem at all on That Hill uh we tested it both with Throttle only and also in pedal assist Five with the throttle it conquered the Hill in a minute and 22 seconds with an Average of 13.2 miles an hour in pedal Assist five that came all the way down To a minute and eight seconds uh with an Average of 16 miles per hour so again This thing really has no trouble at all It is worth discussing uh that while the Bike is sorry where the motor uses Cadence sensors it really feels a little Bit more like a torque sensor Um In that It feels like a bike first and an e-bike Second and that is pretty pronounced When you're when you're on Hills You can kind of customize your Experience on Hills because of that Though if you're in pedal assist one Through three uh you're gonna be putting

In a majority of the work you may be Wanting to rely a little bit more on That throttle but then in pas4 and five Uh the bike is you know again having no Trouble at all [Music] My biggest takeaway with the blitz Ultra Is that it's just really easy to Customize and that's not only talking About the accessories that Blix offers Uh but just like the feel of the ride Itself it is something you can really Tailor to your needs and that's great For anybody that you know wants to take It either off-road or into town you know Load up cargo or an extra passenger Um anywhere you want to go like this Thing is going to be able to do it and You're not really compromising a whole Lot anywhere Where you might with with some other Bikes Um ultimately Pros that jump out at me This bike is super fast it loves speed I Loved it for that reason it was a lot of Fun to ride Um you actually get a lot of power from The motor at that first pedal assist Level which again is pretty uncommon so That was really nice to see here And then just in general it was Comfortable to ride for even longer Periods of time uh and it handled well During that

Things to know that uh you know just Things to keep in mind with the bike Um they're minor but the minimal uh Display that comes on the bike It seems to at least for me encourage The use of a phone uh Blix did not offer A phone mount on their website I'd love To see one included with the bike or at Least on offer there it's something you Can easily find on Amazon and pick up uh Which I definitely recommend doing but It doesn't come standard on the bike and Then also just the cargo capacity of the Bike it's it's good to keep in mind that That center of gravity is a little bit Higher than on like dedicated cargo Bikes Is that a problem again the frame design Kind of helps out with that but it's Just just something to think about when You're using the bike so Again I loved it uh this is great this Is a super fun bike Um If you like this review if you want to Read more check out the links below you Can see my full written review you can Check the website on the Blicks page for Their best price and uh that's it we'll See you next time I'm John with electric Bike port and this is the Blix Ultra [Music] [Music]

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