Best Ways to Remove Stuck Bicycle Pedal

In a previous video we showed you how to remove bike pedals as well as service and installation. But what can you do if the pedals appear to be stuck pedals that don’t budge when you try to remove them? Here are some tips on how to remove stuck bike pedals or seized pedals:
00:33 How to loosen bike pedals: Place the chain on the large chainring so as to protect your hands. Spay with a penetrating solvent around the area where the pedal spindle attaches to the crank arm. I find Konck’er-Loose is better than WD-40 in removing rust and corrosion. If you have the time, let it sit overnight. Best to have the bike on the ground either with a floor stand or have someone hold the bike but make sure the rear wheel rests on the ground. On the ground you can get more torque then if on the stand where everything can move or bend. Also, don’t flip it upside down or you’ll just get confused as to which way to turn the pedal wrench. If you have a choice of using the pedal wrench vs a hex key on the pedal, the pedal wrench will give you more torque. We to remove the bicycle pedal by rotating it toward the back (clockwise on non-drive side, counter clockwise on the drive-side) as we show you in the upper right. Get into a position toward the rear of the bike and get a good grip on the pedals. If this fails continue below.
01:18 Use your foot: Make sure the back wheel rests on the ground or a floor rack. Get the pedal wrench or open-end wrench (usually 15 mm) parallel to the ground. Holding the brake levers so the bike doesn’t move, place your foot over the wrench and pedal. Step down as if to pedal but back with your foot. This way by using your whole body, you are applying a great deal of force to the wrench. Works well with BMX, flat pedals, and most Look and spd as long as they have “wrench flats” for a pedal wrench rather than a hex key.
02:06 Try a ”Cheater Bar”: Piece of piping that sits over the pedal wrench. Try to remove the pedal as above. Some may suggest tapping the pedal wrench or cheater bar with a mallet or hammer. But you have to hold the crank or cheater bar with one hand and hit it with the other. You better have some heavy work gloves because the crank or cheater bar will vibrate like crazy and may bruise your hand.
The following are recommended for steel or titanium but beware on alloy or carbon fiber where you can do more harm than good.
02:32 Tie one crank to the chain stay and apply leverage to the stuck pedal with your cheater bar. Again good for steel or titanium bikes although I have had some success on a couple of alloy frames.
03:18 Board to secure opposite pedal as shown by RJ the Bike Guy who also uses a cheater bar (upper right). Several problems with this method. The board my damage the paint. You may be applying enough torque to snap the pedal spindle leaving part in the crank. Again, don’t use this method on alloy carbon fiber frames which is easier to damage.

To prevent binding or seizing of the pedals:
1. Check the pedal for markings of R and L
2. Always grease the treads (or use carbon paste or anti-seize depending on the material) and tighten firmly but not hard or with gorilla force.

In a previous video in the upper right We showed you how to remove service and Install pedals Number of viewers and other people wrote In with suggestions about stuck pedals And how to remove them we’d like to show You those as well as a few of our own Tips on removing stock or seized pedals Spray around the pedal spindle with a Penetrating solvent some use WD-40 My preference is something called Knocker loose which is a penetrating Solvent that removes rust and corrosion You do is we want to place some of the Knocker loose right around The Where the spindle connects to the crank I prefer to leave it overnight if Possible and respray in the morning Before I remove the pedal depends on how Much time you have Always make sure you’re in the large Chain ring so don’t cut yourself on the Sharp edges of the chain ring itself Some Petals have Flanges that allow you to remove it with A pedal wrench others require a hex key Some have a choice of either if you have A choice and their flange is present Use your large pedal wrench you’ll get a Lot more torque Now for some of these techniques you may Need a floor stand as I have here in the

Back or somebody holding the bike Which will make it a lot easier My favorite technique is that which we Use for BMX and flat pedals but also Work for look and SPD pedals place your Wrench On the flanges of the pedal spindle Bring the wrench flat Take your foot as though you were going To cycle Only Instead of pushing down with the toe Push mostly with the heel And we can see right away The pedal becomes loose our next Technique is again using our pedal Wrench But this time long piece of piping a Couple of dollars from Home Depot Foreign Place it squarely on the pedal get a Nice firm grip on the back and then push Down With enough Force to release the pedal One of our viewers who works a lot on Vintage and old bicycles Ties down the pedal to the chainstay Opposite the one you’re trying to remove To keep the crank from moving With one of the cranks tied down he then Uses This pedal wrench And cheater bar and then goes ahead and

Pushes Until he frees up the pedal This is probably fine for steel and Titanium I would caution you about using it on a Bike with thin aluminum And not use it on carbon fiber for fear Of damaging the chain stay One methods just by RJ the bike guy see It at the upper right let’s use the two By four Go ahead and attach your pedal wrench We’ll also use Our cheater bar Pushing on the cheater bar while holding The two by four May get that stubborn Pedal off There we go Probably the downside Of doing this Is you may chip or damage the paint On the seat post You definitely don’t want to use this on Carbon fiber so if you go for this Technique it’s the last resort and I’d Be very cautious If you have other ideas that have worked For you please comment below and let us Know subscribe to keep up with our Latest videos this is Tony of Tony 10 Speed safe cycling

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