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In our Aventon Aventure 2 review we appreciated how much of what worked has remained the same, while they changed enough to make this e-bike feel new again.

The highlight feature of the Aventure 2 review is the addition of a torque sensor this time around. It fundamentally changes everything. It’s still a powerful bike, but it feels like your power, not solely the bikes. The range increases without increasing battery size thanks to a bit of engineering magic, and overall the handling just feels intuitive.

The Aventure 2 comes equipped with a 750W hub motor, 720Wh battery, hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors, a 80mm suspension fork, and of course the hallmark of anything you call a “fat bike,” big ol’ 26” X 4” tires.

The Aventure has developed a bit of a fan following. It’s a bike that is fun for newbies and e-bike veterans alike, and it has a stronger spec package than most with a similar price tag. That you can get different color options now is al the better.

Make sure to watch our full in-depth Aventon Aventure 2 review to get the full scope of how it performed in all of our testing.

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Hi everybody Griffin Hales here with Electric bike report and today I’m very Excited to bring you our review of the Event and Adventure 2. now in the Original event you debuted back in 2021 It really wowed us and largely reset the Bar for what we thought was possible for An electric fat bike under two thousand Dollars now this time around event has Kept a lot of what worked so well with The original while adding some new and Noticeable improvements that Fundamentally change up the ride quality In very welcome ways that starts with The inclusion of a torque sensor for a More natural pedaling experience and Better battery efficiency they’ve also Made it possible for Riders to have a Speed profile that matches what they Want if you want to be a little bit more Aggressive and faster if you wanted a Little more tame and manageable and then Of course they’ve made very subtle Tweaks to the look in the design that Actually do help with safety and of Course it is still one of the most Versatile e-bikes on the market today There is a whole bunch to unpack with This review so let’s go ahead and take a Deep dive into a look at the event in Adventure 2. Foreign [Music] [Music]

Get to our overview of the Adventure 2 If you haven’t yet please consider Subscribing to our Channel and don’t Forget to hit that notification Bell It’ll alert you to anytime we come out With new content and just keep you Updated with everything we’re taking a Look at here at EBR now moving back here To The Adventure 2 it’s important to Understand that when this bike first Debuted it really helped set a new bar For what we expected from Fat Tire E-bikes in this price point and really Any e-bike in this price point to be Honest it was doing a lot of things that Weren’t necessarily common at the time There was a lot of black and white Displays they gave you a color display a Lot of seven speed Drive trains and they Gave you eight gears instead Hydraulic disc brakes when even a lot of Fat Tire e-bikes were still just doing Mechanical it just kind of gave you like A complete and total package didn’t Really leave you wanting for much more It’s one of the reasons it’s long been One of our most recommended e-bikes here At electric bike report Now the good news is eventin has still Been able to make meaningful Improvements to what was already a great Bike they have had sold I believe they Said about 300 000 bikes to date and They do have a key advantage that they

Talk to us about in the marketplace they Actually own their own Factory and Manufacture the bikes themselves that Allows them to actually Tinker with and Make improvements without substantially Increasing costs which of course flow Down to the consumer anyway so the good News is this Pike is still under two Thousand dollars and as of this filming Actually closer to 1900 so it’s still a Pretty good total package value that we Really really like now Part of the feedback they’ve gotten from All of their customers is let’s make it A better more natural ride experience And that’s maybe the biggest key feature Here on the Avenger 2. the addition of a Torque sensor is going to fundamentally Change how this bike feels when you have A Cadence Sensor e-bike they can be a Lot of fun and if they’re dialed in Correctly they can match your pedal and Kind of Desire traveling speed pretty Well but there’s really just no Replicating a torque sensor without Actually equipping a torque sensor the Inclusion of that will better meet you Where you’re at and what I mean by that Is if you’re a little bit more of an Aggressive Rider like me you can go Pretty fast pretty quick but you still Feel like you’re contributing to the Process there’s more purpose in your Pedal and if you’re someone who likes to

Kind of slow down take it easy it’ll Match you there too but the entire time If you’re slower or if you’re faster it Feels like you’re helping to move the Bike which is just such a really good Feel and we’re going to come back to Some more things that the torque sensor Does because it actually works some Magic with the battery as well but Another thing to kind of move on to and Like point out would just be the fact That it is still a very powerful and fun Bike it does very good on hills and if You’re the type of person who what I Just described and about and always Pedaling feeling good and you really Don’t want to Pedal too much you still Have a very powerful very use useful Throttle as well it’s just a pretty good Overall package making it so just about Anyone can really enjoy riding around on The adventure Now This is something that’s kind of Subjective and I realize that but the Look of this bike is still amongst my Favorites when you just look at it it’s Got very good clean looks to it it’s a Little bit more of a boxy or angular Design here on the frames but it’s Something that I love not only that but Event is even giving you color options This one here is their slate gray They’ve also got a cobalt blue midnight

Black and Camo green I believe I’ll Leave a link in the description where You can navigate to to see all those Different colors for yourself but it’s Just a very good looking bike even Moving down to the rear end here with The integrated tail lights now Beforehand there was just one on the Left side you now have lights on either Chain stay which increases visibility But also adds some functionality this Times are this time around event has Made it so you can operate those as turn Signals it’s just a cool little feature And just an example of a little add-on That event and still looks at doing with The Avenger which is just so awesome now Spike still has a whole lot more going On so we’re going to dive a little bit Uh deeper into the full spec sheet just Remember anything that I might leave out You can find the full comprehensive Report back on the EBR website from the Link below as well Now as we take a look at the overall Spec package here it’s really kind of Apparent that this is a bike that can be Used by just about anybody matter of Fact in my own daily commute when I take My kids to daycare and then come here to The office I pass a guy in his 20s who Rides around on a venture and I pass an Older couple who look like they’re Retirees who do a lot of writing also on

Adventures but they’re on the step Through model really is a bike that it’s Got such a good compelling and value Driven package that it can be written And enjoyed by just about anybody now Let’s go ahead and start with of course The star of any e-bike which is the Motor it’s a 750 watt rear hub motor the Peak is also capable of up to 11 30 Watts I believe and that pairs with Eventin’s battery which is of course the Housed here in the down tube it is a Very clean and integrated design it is a 48 volt 15 amp hour or 720 watt hour Battery now that is the same motor Battery pairing that we saw in the Previous Adventure but this time around Is actually more efficient it’s a little Bit more of the torque sensor magic and I’m going to talk more in depth on that In our range test to come here in just a Few minutes now moving on to the safety Of the bike that starts of course with Brakes the brakes on this one are Provided by tektro HD E350 hydraulic Disc brakes with 180 millimeter rotors The previous bike that we tested had Bangle Aries rotors or sorry mangle Aries brakes and that performed and Functioned really well but I actually do Kind of like seeing Tech draw on here It’s just a little bit of a more common Brand name found in virtually every Bike Shop I’ve ever been to I’m a big fan of

These brakes overall Now talking gearing in the drivetrain It’s an eight-speed Shimano Altus Um it’s shifted pretty nice and reliably The front chain ring here is a 48t I Believe it’s 46 tooth on the previous One so that’s actually an expanded Gearing range which is pretty nice to See and something I’m also noticing is This time we have a little bash guard For the derailleur adds a little bit of Extra security and safety I don’t have To worry about getting that uh two Mangled off-road or putting on a bike Rack or something like that I Appreciated seeing that there as well Now it is a fat bike so let’s talk tires These are 26 by 4 inch Innova puncture Resistant tires Um so far it’s lived up to the puncture Resistance we have logged 160 miles so Far on this bike I haven’t had any Flats Yet so it’s been really nice to see that Um I like the tread pattern on them a Lot it’s got a good chunky tread to it Thanks to the motors help you can kind Of Glide over paved paths and then once You hit off-road it’s got enough Um chunk of the tread to kind of help You navigate some looser terrain it’s Also really nice that four inch wide Platform adds a lot to the stability and The overall hand billing and feel some Of the comfort is provided by the front

Fork it’s an 80 millimeter Zoom fork With event and branding and of course This Velo saddle here which is amongst My favorites because it’s the perfect Blend of sporty but uh cushy so I really Like that a lot just for adding a little Bit more Comfort to the ride I’m talking a little bit about the Accessories we of course have this rear Rack designed by Venton looks very nice I think fits the overall aesthetic of The bike better this one appears the Optional front basket the rear one holds 55 pounds this holds 20 pounds up here Really nice and convenient uh the Ability to just kind of have a little Bit more of your gear with you as you go I always love that now the overall Payload of this bike is actually 400 Pounds so that’s really nice you know You can load it up with some gear if You’re a larger Rider it you know 400 Pounds is pretty good payload capacity It’s amongst like the class leader I Would say Um the frame of course is a 6061 Aluminum as I mentioned before good look You can get it in multiple different Colors and really kind of like find the Color that uh looks best to you Um and then lastly we have the Integrated headlight and the taillight That I mentioned before they provide Pretty good visibility kind of help keep

You safe out there on the roads now last But not least I want to walk through the Cockpit of the bike we have a 680 Millimeter aluminum handlebar Um this particular bike that we got into Review is the large frame I actually Really like the reach I find it to be Pretty comfortable I’m a six foot one Rider it fits me very nicely on either Side these grips are ergonomic rubber Grips I like them a lot they’re pretty Good that doesn’t feel like your hands Will slide off at all and they’re Comfortable enough for longer extended Rides Um brake levers of course control the Brakes I mentioned before on the left Hand side there is the thumb throttle uh Press it down a little for a little bit Of help press it down a lot for a lot of Help up to of course it’s those class Two speed limits of 20 miles per hour And then in the center here we have a Bright and colorful LCD display it’s Really bright and easy to read out there When riding around in the daytime you Get your speed you get your battery life Your odometer things like that and of Course it can actually be paired with a Venton’s app that has an app with this Bike it’s where you can most easily Adjust it from class 2 to class three Settings if You’re riding on roads where class 3 is

Accepted and just makes it really nice Overall not to mention that but it’s Actually a bike that handles class three Speeds Frugal pretty pretty well I’d say But we’ll talk about that here in just a Minute as well so again at the end of The day I think it’s a really awesome Package you’re getting here you get a Lot of good value in all of the Different parts and componentry and I Think it is something that sets Riders Up for success and makes it easy to Operate for just about anyone willing to Hop on now talk a lot about what it Comes with but let’s talk more about the Feel this is a bike where the hole does Feel greater than the sum of its parts So let’s go ahead and dive into our Testing so we can talk a little bit more About that [Music] Now as I mentioned eventin actually Pairs an app with your Avenger uh it’s Kind of nice to have that enhanced Functionality gives you a little bit of Some extra details and some metrics Which is like pretty cool to see so once You’ve got the app paired to your bike Um when you first come in here you’ll See just a whole bunch of different ride Data it shows your total running like Cycling time your your odometer the Amount of calories that you’ve burned And of course even got a little uh

Estimate for total CO2 reduced for Having chosen to ride around on two Electric Wheels as opposed to four gas Powered ones so that’s pretty cool to See there as well now Um the adventure was shipped as a class To e-bike for us should be how you get It as well you can easily adjust that to Class three you just go into the Settings you can adjust the speed limit There also some other things for Adjusting screen brightness and setting Up things like when you want the bike to Power itself off it’s nice as well There’s also the ability to record your Ride so there are several apps that kind Of do this but event sets it up so you Can do it within their ecosystem you can Log your rides kind of keep it like a Running list of all the different rides That you’ve done they’ve even got some Community features so if you are someone Who when you get into a product you Really love it and you want to geek out With fellow event owners they do have Community features for that where you Can come in and see some comments people Can upload Um you know pictures of their bikes and You can kind of just find your tribe as It were And then of course there’s a few extra Things like some some metals and other Bonus items like that that you can

Achieve and unlock now I think it’s a Very nice kind of like bonus add-on and The thing I think I might like the most About the app is it’s optional I have Seen some e-bikes that kind of force the Writer into using their phone as the Display instead of giving you a good Quality display I don’t love that Usually just because I’m on an iPhone That’s almost three years old and I’m Starting to see that battery life wear Down so being kind of compelled to use An app and bring my own phone into play I don’t love it but it is kind of nice That it’s like there and just kind of Like adds a little bit extra enhances The overall ownership feel when you are Riding around on a vet and product so Overall nice little bonus to have in There [Music] All right now when it comes to e-bikes They are of course very fast very fun Very powerful but you want to make sure You have your counterbalance in place And that is of course talking good Brakes Um so with the adventure like all E-bikes that we test we put it through a Brake test we bring the bike up to 20 Miles per hour before stopping as Quickly and well as quickly as we can While maintaining control now we run This test three different times so that

We can take an average total braking Distance and we kind of analyze the Results so again the Adventure 2 Here Comes spec with tektro HD E350 hydraulic Disc brakes with 180 millimeter rotors And overall I was very happy with the Result we got we stopped in an average Of 18 feet 11 inches now that is a Stellar result compared to some of the Brake tests we’ve seen of late a few Months back we changed a protocol for Braking and since we made that change And how we perform the stop we have seen An average of 22 feet 6 inches for other Fat Tire e-bikes to come to a stop so That beats that out by uh quite a few Feet which is really good to see now Because it is a new brake set here on The Adventure 2 versus The Adventure one We tested before and the adventure one Was tested under different circumstances Where we used to break as hard as we Could even if it sent the bike into a Skid I did test that one back to back With this just to better see where the Brakes are at the old adventure with the Bangle Ares three brakes came to a stop In 17 feet 6 inches so it did stop Technically a little bit sooner but Either way we’re seeing a bike that is Performing better than most of its peers And stopping a lot sooner Um as for the white had a better result On the old one versus the new one

Could be due to a host of factors the One thing I did notice though since I Did test them back to back I do feel That this current uh version of the Avenger here the Adventure 2 stopped With a little bit more control I didn’t Feel it try to slide on me as much as The old one did so I’m I’m a big fan of Good stopping power with good stability And control [Music] Now to better get to know a bike’s motor Engagement and the speeds you can Achieve with it we have a circuit test Here at EBR we have a one mile Loop Consisting of four right hand turns and A small 30 foot climb and we take a lap In each of the different pedal assist Modes as well as one lap with the motor Off to record our speed averages so Starting things out I got 12.6 miles per Hour using just the power of my own legs This like most fat tire e-bikes is Pretty heavy and unpleasant to Pedal so I always encourage people to make sure They have plenty of juice in the tank But as soon as you’re able to kick that Motor on you go I went from 12.6 miles Per hour up to 17.3 miles per hour Nearly a five mile per hour increase Now I have a couple of different Thoughts about the results that you’re Currently seeing on your screen because As you can see from there everything’s a

Little bit clustered together only Separated by about two miles per hour Total again the overall theme of this Bike is the torque sensor the bike wants To meet you where you’re at as a peddler So for me although I do this test at About 70 to 75 percent effort I’m a Little bit more aggressive naturally Than I think most Riders are and the Bike was trying to meet me there which Is why I had such a big speed increase With the motor on but John who also Extensively tested this bike on the Range test said that for him in eco mode It was closer to about 13 or 14 miles Per hour again the fact that you can go Fast if you want to or slow if you want To it will meet you halfway which is Awesome now we have a test and as they Ship them policy so since this bike was Sent to us as a class 2E bike that’s What we did this test in but I was a Little bit curious about how this Handled higher class 3 speed since it Did feel so well going up to 20 miles Per hour I did a bonus lap where I did a Class 3 Turbo lap and this thing Absolutely can fly I got a 24.6 mile per Hour hot lap which is the fastest lap I’ve ever recorded on a 750 watt motor So a couple of thoughts number one the Bike’s handling is Rockstar solid Oftentimes with e-bikes I feel Comfortable up to about 22 or 23 miles

Per hour usually beyond that things get A little bit more shaky a little bit More like vibrations can be felt Throughout the bike but honestly this Thing felt great pedaling all the way up To 27 miles per hour and it was just a Confidence inspiring knowing it could Handle those speeds now again class two Class three speeds that depends on your Local laws so make sure you’re operating It within the limits of the law but this Is a bike that feels really good at Either speed setting [Music] Now anyone looking to buy an e-bike Wonders how many miles you’re gonna be Able to get out of it and that’s why we Take the time to run two different range Tests we do one test with a fully Charged battery on its highest level of Assistance and again we charge that Battery back up and run it again on its Lowest level of assistance really try to Establish that floor and ceiling value For you so you know the type of miles You can achieve on your adventure too Now again what is really interesting About the Avenger 2 compared to the Adventure number one is it’s the same Motor and Battery pairing so you Could have realistically expect the same Results this time around but the torque Sensor makes a pretty big difference as It’s able to disperse power as you need

It as you’re pedaling harder or softer And so it’s just a much more efficient Pairing and it we typically see better Results and that was the case this time Around as well Out on a rage tests we got between 31 And 59 miles here on the Avenger 2 which Was an improvement from 24 and 53 miles That we got the last time we tested one Out and that’s an improvement of seven And six miles I love to see that kind of Efficiency it gets really awesome and It’s a huge benefit to the consumer the Fact that you can go a little bit Further on this one than the last Model Without increasing the battery size Which would of course increase the cost That’s just some good battery efficiency And good Wizardry there not only that But it’s pretty comfortable bike John Even remarked that he was probably about 50 miles in on that long range test Until he started to feel really fatigued Which can happen anyone after four hours In the saddle so overall the saddle and The fork and the grips they all seem to Work pretty well and then of course the Readout was very consistent it is a Percentage-based readout and it had a Very gradual decline which we don’t Always see sometimes that first half of The battery seems to last longer in the Second half second half drains a lot Quicker but he said it felt like it kind

Of decreased at the exact same rate over The duration of his ride which again Something we appreciate overall all Event did really well here to give Customers more mileage without Increasing cost [Music] And now for our final test we have the Hill test here at EBR with each bike we Review we take it out to a beloved local Steep known as hell hole it is about a Third of a mile long and a 12 average Grade it’s a very very Steep Hill not The type that most people would take Willingly on a bike without a motor but We chose it specifically because we want To see what a motor can do and stretch To its absolute limits now in the past The adventure had always been a pretty Good hill climber and I’m happy to Report that here in the present it is Still a good hill climber with the Avenger 2. now we do this test two Different times we do it once with just The throttle and then once in the Maximum Pas now our throttle time we got A minute 19 seconds and 13.7 mile per Hour average to reach the top and then With the max PS we did minute 13 with a 14.9 mile per hour average now the Reason I’m really happy with that is It’s very consistent and it almost Mirrors the last result we got when we Tested the adventure one stepped through

On the same Hill with that one our Throttle time was a minute 22 at a 13.2 Mile per hour average and the Pas was a Minute 10 with a 15.5 mile per hour Average as you can see they’re very very Close now while the performance is Roughly the same the feeling is not the Overall theme of this bike the torque Sends are making such a big difference This time you get to the top of the hill But it feels like you’re a little bit More involved in the whole process feels Like you really earned it with the old Cadence Sensor e-bike it did have a way Of just kind of taking over for you you Would very lightly pedal and go very Quick and very fast up the hill the only Real analogy that I can find that sort Of works is it’s kind of like the Sensation of being on a moving sidewalk As you’re walking along it you can and You look to the side you see you’re Going very fast you’re not putting forth A high effort level it’s just the ground Is helping move beneath you as well Whereas this time around with the torque Sensor it’s kind of like you’re going at A brisk walk or kind of like a light job Jog to keep up with your friend who is On the moving sidewalk you’re going a Little quicker you’re not breaking into A huge sweat or anything like that but Like you’re definitely earning the speed That you’re uh traveling at kind of the

Sensation and feeling here you really Feel like you earned your way to the top Now if that sounds terrible to you good News is the throttle is still as quick And Powerful as ever Now the only other like note I would Have on Hills would be how it feels Better this time around in low Pas eco Mode I feel was a lot more helpful on Hills than the old pas102 was on the First Avenger I like that you can have Some efficiency without having to Necessarily crank up the pedal assist on Steeper Hills overall I think eventon Did well here to keep things similar to What we’ve seen in the past with really Good hill climbing performance Thank you for watching Along on our Review of the event and adventure and Hear what I can tell you at the Conclusion about my time on the bike is This was just such a fun ride experience And I appreciated every time I hopped in The saddle and took it out on the roads The event Adventure has long been a bike That we’ve recommended here at EBR Basically since its debut and event has Found a way to make improvements Basically across the board for me this Bike felt both familiar and yet new and That’s what gave it that exciting Edge To it the torque sensor really does make A world of difference I’m the type of Person who I love feeling purpose in my

Pedal I absolutely hate ghost pedaling And things like that feeling like the Bike has done everything for me I love How it feels on this that I can go fast When I want to on the roads and then I Can have that power kick in when I Really need it if I’m riding around on Some loose terrain the responsiveness is Just phenomenal not only that but I Still think this is one of the better Looking designs out there I love the Angles on the the frame the color Options that you have either this gray Or the other ones that they have Featured on their website I think They’re all really good looking and even The inclusion of that second tail light Helps with the looks but of course the Safety of having two lights and the Functionality of making them turn Signals it’s just really good to see Event in thinking through through Different things like this and finding Ways to make those small incremental Improvements that do add up Not only that but it’s a very stable Ride I love how this thing feels at Almost no matter the speed in higher Class three speeds it felt steady as a Rock it handled things well and it feels Good if you’re just kind of riding Around at slower stuff too be it through The pedal assist or even when using the Throttle those four inch wide tires

Really offer a lot help you feel planted And secure Almost at all times if there’s anything To knock about this bike it’s really not Even about this bike it’s just kind of The nature of Fat Tire e-bikes it is Definitely heavy it’s 77 pounds it’s Going to be a lot of bike for some People but just remember once you get This thing moving you do not feel that Weight and or if anything the weight Kind of probably helps add to that Stable and secure feeling I was just Describing Overall I still think this is one of the Better total packages you’ll find out on The market for less than two thousand Dollars it does not leave me wanting for Much if anything and I’m very impressed With the value that event is giving Their customers here with the adventure 2. now if you found this review helpful Please consider giving this video a like As that helps other people in YouTube Find it if you haven’t yet do subscribe To the electric bike report Channel and Hit that notification Bell just to be Alerted anytime we upload new content And then if you have any further Questions of course put those in the Comments below we’ll also leave two Links in the description one where you Can navigate to eventon’s website for Current pricing and then one back to the

EBR website where we go a little bit More in depth and showcase some of the Data we’ve collected on this bike back There again I’m Griffin Hales thank you So much for watching [Music] Foreign [Music]

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