apeman SEEKER R1 4K Smart Cycling Camera Review

BikeFolded reviewed the apeman SEEKER R1 4K Smart Cycling Camera. apeman is a Californian and Shenzhen based technology company with many outdoor lifestyle and consumer products like action camera, dash cam, or projector.
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I’ve used many cycling gadgets but most Of them are not really useful in Everyday use I’ve seen many cyclists use a gopro Accent camera mounted on their helmet to Record footage on the road However it doesn’t offer anything else 8-man seeker r1 Is a 4k camera but it also offers a lot More useful features for cyclists The product was introduced at ces 2022 And launched a few months later on Kickstarter and their official website Once opening the box you will be Surprised with lots of accessories There are a carrying case and two other Boxes In the first box you can find the Handlebar mount for your smartphone The second box comes with a rubber cover For the camera port A spot protective frame And some mount to attach the camera to Any surface The seeker essential case Feels very tough and durable Is where you can keep the camera with This housing Two batteries To usb c cables Zip ties a lanyard And a bike mount The sql r1 Is the heart of the device

It comes inside a buggy housing Which adds a red led tail light around The perimeter Laser light to mark a virtual backlink And a 5000 milliamp rechargeable battery For additional 5 hour run time You can remove the camera from its Housing and it becomes an independent 4k Action camera Then you can use the protective frame And mount it on the handlebar or your Helmet This camera Has a weatherproof design Dual screen Image stabilization and can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second Is a versatile camera That you can use not only on your bike But also out of the bike Therefore you can capture any movement Of your bike cheap Setting up the seeker r1 is quite Straightforward I just mounted it to the seat post of my Bike By turning hand knobs to tighten the Screw No tools is required during the whole Setup Next i installed the go app app on my Phone and finally connected the camera To my phone via the wifi connection Of course you can use the camera without

The app but you won’t be able to use Best features named realview e-mirror The r1 camera is combined with your Smartphone to provide a live feed of Incoming vehicles from the back So that you can simply change lane or Make a turn without checking over your Shoulders This is like a review camera on your car You can see everything on your phone as You ride It also displays some other information Like battery life Current speed direction or altitude As mentioned earlier the camera housing Has laser length indicators on either Side of your bike this creates your own Bike lane So that other vehicles could keep a safe Distance from you The virtual backlink is bright and clear So i feel much safer riding the bike at Night Another nice safety feature Is the smart tail light Is a solid light when i ride my bike but Once i slow down it begins flushing to Notify others and avoid real and Accidents To conclude here are all pros and cons Of the camera Pros Easy to set up Virtual lane

Large 5000 milliamp battery Useful app Suitable for all weather conditions In rain and snow All accessories amounts are included Cons Average video and audio quality Micro sd card is not included Bike safety tech seems to be the trend For buy gadgets in the upcoming years The seeker r1 Is an appealing product for cyclists and Bikers And it comes very close to an essential Gadget for them At the moment It has a hefty price tag of 429 And i only recommend it if you really Like those safety features You

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